Get It Girl: Get Paid. Get Clear. Get Unstuck. Get Back on track.

I’ve got one thing to say to you this week, “You Betta Go Get It Girl!” Stop all this foolishness. Stop being so far up in your feelings that you can’t see it’s time to do like the Mary, Mary songs says, “Go Get Your Blessings!”

This is a BIG one especially if you have been feeling stuck, frustrated and seriously off course in your business and with respect to your life goals.

Today let’s focus on creating your Get It Girl 30 Day Roadmap to clarity, profits, productivity, and success.

First dive into the quick clip video (above) on the first of three steps to Get Back On Track Quick Click for Busy Women Entrepreneurs. This is actually a 6min excerpt of last week’s Get It Girl Success Call (listen to the full audio replay below).

Today I want to provide you with solutions around 4 common areas that many women entrepreneurs struggle with.

Getting Clear.
Clarity for me is all about setting the right blog and business goals. When I say right, I mean practical projects you can start and finish monthly that will help you work towards your goals. Are you feeling fuzzy about what you need to do right now? I’d like to share my recommendations with you via the Get It Girl, audio session below.

Getting Paid.
In order to have a sustainable business, you have to know how to consistently produce offers, close deals, retain clients, bring in steady sales and generate revenue on a regular basis. Have you found your sales sweet spot or are you still trying to figure out how to get paid online? Let’s talk about 3 essential types of money you should be bringing into your business via the Get It Girl, audio session below.

Getting Unstuck.
Movement is essential. Every day you should be working on ways to expand your brand along with smart revenue generating activities. Feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, discouraged or in a constant state of analysis-paralysis can really slow you down. Are you looking for real ways to move forward? Let’s talk about the savvy solutions I use to get unstuck via the Get It Girl, audio session below.

Getting Back on Track.
Life Happens; ish Happens… we all know how that goes. The trick is to not fall so far off course that you can’t find your way back. I’d like to share how you can bounce back from any challenge, based on my personal lessons learned. Let’s talk about three ways to restart your commitment to your goals, getting what you want, and feeling accomplished by finally started or completing the priority projects on your list.

Here is another quick audio click on how to Get Clear by starting with setting clear blog and business goals for yourself each month.

SistaSense Circle Audio Session

Listen to the complete 90-min audio below: Get It Girl: Get Paid. Get Clear. Get Unstuck. Get Back on Track.

Listen to TeleClass Replay Below:

Can’t access the audio replay below? Click here to log in or click here to join the SistaSense Online Circle. For just $7 you’ll get access to this replay, my Jumpstart Your Business live sessions and more.

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