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Have I got something BIG for you today! As you may or may not know I am a full time work at home mom. My days are filled with web projects and mentoring other women while I pack lunch boxes, help with homework and manage everything in between!

Long story short I truly understand what it means to have your “Business Baby” and your “Real Life Babies” making a HUGE effort to manage EVERYTHING and EVERYONE!


Just For You:

  1. A 90 Day Access Pass to My PowerUp Circle (live weekly calls + more)
  2. My ProWebinars 5 Part Training (create your own webinars for profit)
  3. My Back to Business Webinar Series (8 Power Experts Help Boost Biz)
  4. Books.Buzz.Business Webinar Conference (for print and digital authors)
  5. Plus an Extra Surprise Goodie I know you could definitely use!


For $97 $372

My mission here on SistaSense is simply to help you make sense of making money online, so everything that I have learned is yours for the taking!

This for Moms in Business Bundle is essentially $372 worth of my BEST money.marketing.motivation information for those moms out there who are working hard to build smart web businesses on a budget!

One last thing … this wonderful Bundle is $47 for the first 72 hours and then it will be officially $97 for the Month of May until it goes back into my Power Vault until next year!

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Let’s get Happier together! Much Love!
LaShanda Henry a.k.a. SistaSense

p.s. Email me if you have any questions. Click here to schedule a clarity call with me. Learn more about my live webinar workshops this month.

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