Fall Into More Sales: Smart Marketing Questions to Ask Yourself (audio)

This past Tuesday marked the 1st Day of Autumn, so I thought it was fitting to put a fun and informative ‘Fall Spin’ on our weekly Jumpstart Your Business Calls. This week’s topic (replay below) was “Fall Into More Sales: Smart Marketing Questions to Ask Yourself.”

For this session I talked about pivotal points in my business when I personally wanted to make more sales and the questions I had to ask myself in order to find effective solutions. This was a two part 3 hr session. I touched on different products and services I have sold over the years and how I figured out how to:

Attract More Consultation Clients as a Mentor to Online Entrepreneurs
Sell More Services as a Graphics Artists / Web Designer
Sell More Books as a self-published author
Sell More eBooks as an information entrepreneur
Sell More sign ups on my Niche Networks and Membership Websites

Having years of experience to tweak the various profit projects mentioned above, I had a lot of insight to share. I hope you find clarity and targeted questions you can reflect on within the two part JYB audio sessions below.

A Few Thoughts On Our Sessions from Power Circle Members:
“Was listening to the call riveted; you always seem to tap right into the subjects that I am wondering about. I have been puzzling about my intuitive counseling practice for a long time and here you were talking about how to do it without being certified or licensed or calling yourself a coach. Right on time, LaShanda, at least for me.” -N.W.

“Great session tonight. I am narrowing my focus … (and)… I wrote down content areas, service offerings and a few mktg options. Thanks LaShanda, I have refocused and stopped whining. (My New) videos are public on YouTube. I am working off of a daily checklist and am in the process of determining the outcomes I want to accomplish before the end of the year. I will have a plan in place before we talk next. That is what I would “coach” my clients to do. I hope to make the 2nd part of the call tonight I missed last night’s – dang it.” -M.B.


Listen to TeleClass Replay Below:

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