What happened to the days when all you needed was a snazzy business card, an impressive resume and a firm handshake to represent yourself in the business world?   Those days are almost as passé as getting TV reception using a “rabbit ear” antenna.  Just as there is digital TV revolution afoot nationwide,   Crain’s New York reported in 2007 that 20 million African Americans were on the internet.  Now you need those same interpersonal skills in addition to the ability to communicate online.

“In today’s information/technology age you need to be online in some shape or form if you want to be able to communicate with most people,” says LaShanda Henry, web developer, entrepreneur and graphic designer.  “Whether it’s the television or magazines or newspapers, every industry is seeing that more and more people are going away from traditional media and moving to the internet.” One of Henry’s businesses Multiple Shades of You Online is a web portal that promotes and highlights African American web content.

While millions have embraced going online for shopping, networking, socializing etc, many professionals still wonder just how far they should go.  Does every business or professional individual need a website? What about Twitter and blogging etc, aren’t those activities good enough?  In a recent interview with TNJ.com, Henry suggested that small businesses and professionals create a website of their own.

“You definitely need to have a space,” asserts Henry.  “Twitter is great, as far as social networking, but I think the secret to social  networking is that eventually when people build relationships with you, you want to invite them on to your primary space so that can’t necessarily be Twitter.”

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