Attention Entrepreneurs Who Hate to Sell: Do you need help with your holiday sales?

Today I’d like to share one of my latest trainings on how to Jumpstart Your Business, Your Blog and Your Holiday sales by focusing on three core areas:

Creating Your Own Online Store – I use, Love and Highly Recommend Selz
Getting Into the Habit of Creating Quick Quality Posts On Your Blog
Creating Signature Seasonal Offers to Boost Holiday Sales


This is also that GREAT time of year when I share my Boost Your Business and Holiday Sales Bundle. It includes the following:

Download 10 MP3 Audio Sessions

Fire Up Your Holiday Sales
Drive Holiday Traffic to Your Web Business
Bring In New Business in the New Year
Boost Your Business Locally
Smart Partnerships Boost Business
Keep Your Customers Coming Back
Use Facebook and Twitter to Boost Sales
Boost Sales SistaSense Style
Boost Sales After Cyber Monday
Create Your End of Year Agenda
Fire Up the New Year Right
Get What You Want Every Year

SistaSense Scopes Fire
Watch 10 Client Attraction and Sales Videos

3 Things to Do Before The Month Ends:
Setting End of Year and Holiday Sales Goals
Smart Start: Holiday Sales Lessons
Return Sales: Keep Your Customers Happy
Boost Sales: Upsells and Natural Sales
Getting Paid: Attract Paying Clients
Busy Business Lessons: Client Attraction
Make the Most of Your Time Online
Set Money Markers and Cashflow Goals
Startup Capital Vs Working Capital
Converting Your Content to Cashflow

FIVE SistaSense Bonuses
Extra Marketing and Sales Sessions + Magazine Download

[Video] 21 Ways to Make Sales:
How 6 Figure Entrepreneurs to Multi-Million Dollar Companies Market Online
[Audio] Become An Authority:
Search Engine Optimization and Sales
[Video] 5 Steps to Power Up Your Week:
Setting Profit and Progress Goals
[Video] Monetize Your Website:
Passive Income and Affiliate Marketing Strategies
[Download] SistaSense Magazine:
Sales Secrets for Service Professionals Issue

And as a thank you for reading my blog here is an exclusive $10 Off my Holiday Sales Bundle, chock full of all my smart marketing and sales lessons learned. These are especially useful for those who are struggling with being shy, hating sales, and/or figuring out how to price products without freaking out your customers; all things I learned how to overcomin in my business.

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