We are still talking about Show Me the Money: How to Maximize Your Profits + Make Extra Money this year. On this topic one of the things I see entrepreneurs do all too often is get frustrated, delete EVERYTHING and then start a new business.

At some point you’ve got to STOP starting over and see what profit potential lies within the products and services you already created. Content is KING, but you can’t live off of creating content alone.

Let’s dig deeper today and talk about how to get smarter at making sales, specifically by generating new profits from old products.

Delete Vs Refresh: 5 Ways to Generate New Profit from Old Products: this week’s Jumpstart Your Business Audio Replay is below.

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Enjoy, take lots of notes, leave me comments and feel free to ask questions. See you on our next live call next week!

One thought on “Delete Vs Refresh: 5 Ways to Generate New Profit from Old Products

  1. Artiatesia Deal says:

    I definitely need to refresh content that I already have. During your Day one season on email marketing, I was thinking about going back to my ebooks that I created and how I can use them. It would be the easily things because the content is still usable, just need updated photos (cause WordPress has change) and maybe do video (cause they would be easy to update then photos). I need to sit with this idea for a little bit to work out all of the kinks.

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