[Day #9] Create Your New Normal


Clear out the clutter in your life and make room for something better.

This is day #9 inside 12 Days of Fire and Focus.

Girl I did it! I opened my shop and took down 40+ items. There are now only 8 available.

A bold move I know, but this is actually an end of year tradition for me.

When creating a New Normal in life, we first have to let go of a few things (sometimes more than a few).

Steve Harvey, said it best in the video linked below, “When you are asking God for something, you have to make ready to receive it.”

I have personally asked God to give me the strength to manifest my new vision this coming new year and I am making room to receive his blessings.

When I look back at the last ten years of my life, I know that with Faith and Fortitude I’ve been able to successfully see my way out of dark hours and turn dreams of better days into reality.

When you look back, do you feel like you’ve been able to successfully manifest desired new normals you want in your life? In other words, are you where you want to be?

If you still aren’t quite there yet, don’t spend another year dreaming your life. Let me share with you the steps that I take each year to actually live the dream.

Months in the making, I can finally present to you The New Normal; a practical life design guide for positive change & success seekers who embrace the power of divine right timing.

Your New Normal 7-Part audio book, plus printable workbook is waiting online for you.

Essentially, I am hoping to help you take a good look at your desires, goals and fears while creating an easy to follow, step-by-step, personal roadmap for the future.

Embrace the words: I Can. I Want. I Will.

Prioritize you and place yourself on the right path to becoming the change that you seek.

Enjoy these links today and I’ll be back tomorrow with more Fire and Focus.

To your continued success,

LaShanda H.

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