[Day #12] Fire Start the New Year: A Message for Women Entrepreneurs



Do something today that your future self will thank you for.

This is it, day #12, the final message inside 12 Days of Fire and Focus.

Have you ever noticed that for most people, nothing really changes, but the day?

I think this is true because most people don’t believe they have control over their lives or truly understand the steps required to actually live the dream.

You see, the moment that you and I open our eyes in the morning, we begin the process of living out a choice…

Do the same old things the same old ways, living the same old existence or work towards creating new, doing different and becoming the change that we seek.

I’ve been sharing these Fire and Focus messages with you for the past two weeks because I personally have a strong desire to light fires that require your immediate attention.

It’s time to make moves, monetize your magic and manifest your vision.

My personal mission at the start of each year is to host my Fire Starter Circle NC workshop for women entrepreneurs. Will you be there?

If you’ve been telling yourself maybe next year, well this might be your last chance, because nothing in life is guaranteed to last forever.


Together we will create one great offer, new videos, success maps and more.

With Christmas knocking at the door (only a few days away), be sure to read my ‘Gift of One Year’ post too. Chock full of food for thought, I hope it proves to be an eye-opener for you.


I’d also like to take you through my ‘Live the Dream’ process, which you can find inside The New Normal; a practical life design guide for positive change & success seekers who embrace the power of divine right timing.

Your New Normal 7-Part audio book, plus printable workbook is waiting online for you.

Become the change that you seek. Your path to creating new normals starts here.

Happy Holidays and continued Fire and Focus to you,

LaShanda H.


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