[Day #11] Active Talkers vs Action Takers


Take a page out of my book… literally.

This is day #11 inside 12 Days of Fire and Focus.

Today I’d like to share a message with you that comes directly from The New Normal Workbook.

There are two types of people in this world: Active Talkers vs Action Takers.

Make the most of your time.

Reduce stress by doing more and talking less.

Don’t get stuck in the past; longing for things long gone or lamenting over events that went wrong.

Don’t romanticize the future.

And avoid comparing your reality to a false perception of perfection in the lives of others.

We all go through stuff.

No one’s grass is really greener, so stop looking at them and start looking within.

It has never been about what was, or even about what will be.

What really matters most is choosing to diligently keep going, bounce back and stay on track.

Learn from what you have lived through while living in the now.

Find your way to live out your wow with no regrets.

Fly, fall then soar.

Try, fail then strive for more because everything will fall into place in divine right timing.

Are you ready to explore the 7 Steps that I take each year to overcome struggles, accomplish goals, manifest visions and live the dream?

It’s all inside The New Normal; a practical life design guide for positive change & success seekers who embrace the power of divine right timing.

Your New Normal 7-Part audio book, plus printable workbook is waiting online for you.

The only place success comes before work is in the dictionary.

Talk less, do more (period).

Enjoy these links today and I’ll be back tomorrow with more Fire and Focus.

To your continued success,

LaShanda H.

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