Community and Cashflow Builders – Growth Strategies for the Web Entrepreneur

As a busy web entrepreneur, what items are on your to do list right now? Are you trying to build a community online, increase your cash flow, find a focus? If you said yes to any of these or all of the above, know that you are not alone.

One of my Power circle members recently asked a GREAT question. She said, “LaShanda, What do I do? I want to build a community and sell my trainings online like you, but what should I focus on? I can blog and I have a meetup group. Should I focus just on blogging, should I still do videos? Help?”

I decided to turn her question into the focal topic of our last JYB Live – Jumpstart Your Business Call (replay below). For one hour I hosted a lively discussion about all the things you really need to know to build your community and cash-flow online.

Also join this weeks Power Circle Conversation on Facebook – we are talking about our favorite web tools and social media platforms, perfect for online community building.

Listen to TeleClass Replay Below:

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This session is actually a great continuation to a previous call that you can listen to online ‘Creating Cash-flow, Community, Connections and Content.

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