MadMimi Shares: 6 Simple and Free Ways to Grow Your Email List
Travel Tips for Treps: Get This Before Your Next Business Trip or Speaking Engagement
Busy Entrepreneurs: Task and Scheduling Tools Worth Trying
Free and Low Cost Stock Photos for Your Business Website
(video) 3 Great PayPal Features Every Entrepreneur Should Try
(video) 7 Must Have Mobile Gadgets
Domain Registration and Web Hosting Help for New Entrepreneurs
Perfect for Podcasting: The Snowball Microphone
Fire Start Her Business Workshop – Make Money Doing What You Love Online
How to Make Your Website Pop: Essential Pictures, Programs and Plugins

MadMimi Shares: 6 Simple and Free Ways to Grow Your Email List



MadMimi is my email marketing platform of choice, especially for new web entrepreneurs on a budget. MadMimi gives you everything you need to send out emails easily. I love it!

I also love their newsletter, as they tend to send out great marketing recommendations worth sharing with you – my fellow bloggers, service professionals and online entrepreneurs.

Read this great MadMimi post on:
6 Stupid-Simple (and Free) Ways to Grow Your Email List

Great point from this article: “Most sites never actively ask for their readers’ email addresses. List Builder solves that and more. List Builder allows you install a pop-up that finds the best time to show to a reader (less annoying). … Install List Builder in less than 60 seconds via SumoMe.com or grab the WordPress plugin.”

I personally find that having a pop up on my site works really well so that tip is spot on AND I always tell clients to give people an opportunity to try before they buy, so the tips on well-placed bonus offers and giveaways are worth trying too.

Let’s talk more: Email Marketing Tips and Techniques Featured on SistaSense


Travel Tips for Treps: Get This Before Your Next Business Trip or Speaking Engagement



As a mommy entrepreneur, there are quite a few perks to traveling for business. Frequent flyer miles, writing off business trips on your taxes and getting a break from the kiddies are a few perks that come to mind.

Here is another great perk and helpful travel tip for my fellow entrepreneurs: Before your next business trip or speaking engagement be sure to sign up for eBates.com; a rebates program that gives you cash back on all your purchases.

Before I make big purchases like hotel reservations, car rentals and booking airline flights, I log into my eBates account and then go to great travel sites like Orbitz, so that my purchases are tracked and I get anywhere between 2%-5% cashback. Plus there are times when they offer double cash back rewards too.

If you haven’t signed up yet, register for eBates today. FYI – I am an eBates Affiliate. I only share affiliate related offers with you that I personally use. I highly recommend their rebates program.

I get cashback checks in the mail all the time. And for me, using eBates.com is just a smart way to keep more of the money that you make. Wouldn’t you agree?

Busy Entrepreneurs: Task and Scheduling Tools Worth Trying


As a solopreneur it’s important that I make the most of my day. Here are a few task and scheduling apps that I think are worth trying:

The Calendar App by Readle: This is my personal VA. Every morning I check my calender app, which is synced to my Google Calender to see what calls and activities I have scheduled for the day. Calendars is the most elegant and easy to use calendar application available on the App Store. It works perfectly with Google Calendar and built-in iOS Calendar.

Calendly: Say goodbye to phone and email tag for finding the perfect meeting time with Calendly. It’s 100% free, super easy to use. I recommend this tool to my clients who are just starting to set up scheduling pages for the consulting services.

Acuity Scheduling Service: Online appointment scheduling software. Clients schedule appointments, pay, and complete intake forms online 24/7.

You might also like to watch this video: Profit and Productivity Apps for Entrepreneurs

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Free and Low Cost Stock Photos for Your Business Website



Stock Photos and Graphics: Entrepreneurs are always asking me where they find great images for their projects.

Here is a short list of websites that might be helpful to you:
Death To Stock Photo
Adobe Stock Photos

FYI: If you use the canva.com platform to edit graphics, they also have an extensive collection of stock photos that you can purchase.

If you have any other stock photo companies that you would recommend entrepreneurs on a budget try, feel free to post them via the comment box below or click here to join our stock photo conversation inside my Facebook Power Circle group.

(video) 3 Great PayPal Features Every Entrepreneur Should Try

If you use PayPal to handle your online invoicing and sales transactions, today I’d like to share 3 essential Paypal features worth setting up and/or checking.

#1 – Upgrade to a Business Account, so you can take advantage of PayPal’s extensive collection of payment tools for entrepreneurs and business owners.

#2 – Get Your own PayPal.Me link; its a personal link that you can quickly share with anyone so they can send money to your PayPal account in seconds.

#3 – Check Your PayPal reports to track your annual and monthly financial summaries; this is a great way to manage your funds and be mindful of your slow / peak periods along with your best selling offers.

Enjoy the video above and be sure to watch my Triple X Success Virtual Workshop for an extended list of PayPal features you should try along with SistaSense marketing and sales solutions.

(video) 7 Must Have Mobile Gadgets

Every entrepreneur needs to have a few GO To gadgets that you can grab when you need to work on the run. Watch the video above so I can share a few of my favorites with you.

If you haven’t already done so, follow me on periscope @sistasense for more GREAT Fire and Focus sessions.

And if you want to get event more Fire and Focus, be sure to grab my 28 days of Fire and Focus Challenge for action steps you can use RIGHT NOW to grow your business.

Domain Registration and Web Hosting Help for New Entrepreneurs

Are you starting your business online? Do you have questions about getting hosting, registering your domain name? Or whether or not you should get a FREE hosting plan vs a premium plan that you pay for? Review some of my startup answers below.

What’s the difference between a domain name & hosting?
Your domain name is a unique address that identifies your website like www.yoursmallbusiness.com. Your web hosting is the space online where you will store your website data, which includes your html pages, blog, pictures, media files and other important information.

What service should you use for domain registration and hosting?
I use and recommend HostMonster, which offers quality low cost hosting plans starting at as little as $3.95 per month. Their services include unlimited space, a free domain name on registration and 24/7 customer support. Best of all, you can host multiple websites under one hosting plan; you just need separate domain names for each site. You can sign up to HM through me at HostMonster.SistaSense.com.

Is it possible to get started for free?
Free is possible. I built my first sites for free on blogger, but truth be told, everything comes with a price. You can create a website for free using popular services like Blogger.com, WordPress.com or Weebly.com. Most of these free hosting plans offer professional template designs that are relatively easy for beginners to work with. They are all great on the surface, but come with limitations.

For starters your domain name will include the name of your host company like mybusiness.blogger.com or mybusiness.weebly.com. For potential customers this is an automatic giveaway that your web business is built on a free site, which can be a turn off. In exchange for free services you give your host provider permission to market their business on your site. Free sites almost always feature logos and links that promote the host company as a way to help them get more business through you.

They give you free hosting in exchange for free marketing, but how do they make any money? Free hosting providers make money by charging for premium services like removing their links from your site, adding custom domain names and providing you with special features to make your site look and function better. These plans all start off free, but eventually you will find yourself spending money on premium services, site enhancements or the costs related to transferring your free site over to a paid self-hosted service like Hostmonster.

Content control is the biggest concern when it comes to free hosting. While you will always maintain ownership of your content, free hosting services can suspend or delete your content at any time without notice. Deletion only happens in extreme cases if your website content violated their terms of service policy, but it’s worth mentioning because many people have unfortunately lost websites with years worth of content this way. Paid self-hosting is the best option if you are serious about starting a business and want complete control over your content, branding and design.

This is an excerpt of my StartHerUp Guide on how to make, market and monetize your online business website.

Perfect for Podcasting: The Snowball Microphone

For the past three years my Logitech USB headsets have served me well with respect to audio recordings, webcam videos, and even Skype calls. Just the same, I’ve always wanted to find a quality micro-phone that I didn’t have to keep on my head. I hate the look of bulky headphones flopping to one side in my videos and I love the flexibility of moving around with-out the limitations of a microphone cord. After watching a few YouTube videos I discovered the solution to my problem was the Snowball professional USB micro-phone. It has crystal clear sound quality. It is ideal for podcasting. It is easy to use with no additional software needed.

For your Tech Needs my Recommend Tool of the Day: Blue Microphones Snowball Plug & Play USB Microphone Black Bundle with Pop Filter and Studio Headphones

Fire Start Her Business Workshop – Make Money Doing What You Love Online


Fire Start Her Business SistaSense Workshop is my latest creation! This past weekend I had the pleasure of hosting my first local workshop here in Greenville North Carolina sponsored by Herlene Ankar WhatUSay Productions and Miller Motte College. Guess what? I recorded it and it is online just for you.

– The SistaSense System to Turning Passion into Profit
– 7 SistaSense Money Makers to Know and Love
– How to Find Passion Projects that can fit Your Personality
– Best Free and Low Cost Web Tools to Use
– How to Set Your Money Markers & Create a Plan of Action
– S.M.A.R.T. Ways to Help Customers Find You

Click here
to get your access pass and watch this 90 minute workshop online.

How to Make Your Website Pop: Essential Pictures, Programs and Plugins

sistasense-biztips03Most aspiring entrepreneurs know to go get a logo designed when they are ready to actualize the vision. Some take things a step further by getting professional glam shots and product photos taken to really give their website and branding a polished look. As you begin blogging, creating promotional banners, flyers, social profile graphics and digital content you will also need to invest in stock photos; royalty-free professional graphics that you can use on your website and in your marketing. For low cost, high quality images I use and recommend:

Examples of Some Stock Photos I Have Purchased

As a graphics designer I am always looking for stock photos for my personal projects and those of my web clients – for eBook Covers, Flyers, Banners, Websites, etc…. Here are some examples:

  • sistasense-biztips06
  • sistasense-biztips05
  • mag-img-01
  • sistasense-biztips
  • b2m-callus-ad
  • sistasense-lifehacks
  • woman-holidays


As a designer I often use the Adobe Photoshop Suite to edit images and create graphics. Adobe software programs can be expensive. As an alternative you can sign up for the Adobe Creative cloud to access their editing software online at a lower cost. Pixlr.com and Canva.com are two of my favorite free online editors; you can use these for most of your basic editing needs. For projects that require a more professional touch, review my design services over at Graphics.SistaSense.com.

Beyond pictures and programs, eventually you will find yourself entering the wonderful world of WordPress Plugins; applications you can install on to your website to enhance or add additional features. To start with I recommend the All in One SEO Plugin for search engine optimization, Contact Form 7 for emails and Speak Pipe for Voice Messaging.

FYI* I am Dollar Photo Club Ambassador, so if you do choose to sign up through me I will make a small commission. I ONLY recommend those services that I use and absolutely love, so I hope you enjoy using DPC too. Let me know what you think.

You can review more of my WordPress setup, blogging and plugin in suggestions over at GoBlog.SistaSense.com.

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