Profit & Productivity Apps for Entrepreneurs (video)
Photo Editing + Creating Your own Web Graphics and Banners (video)
WordPress Plugins: Banner Ad Space, Audio & Book Appointments (audio)
Profit and Productivity: Essential Web Tools to Run Your Online Business (audio)
3 WebTools to Create eBook Covers
How to Set Up Your Own eJunkie Store (video)
Building Your Website on a Budget – Tips and Tools for Entrepreneurs
3 Essentials to Building Your Best Website
Hosting A Live Event Offline: Event Planning Tips and Tools
Video and Social Media Marketing Tips for Shy Entrepreneurs

Profit & Productivity Apps for Entrepreneurs (video)

I love being able to work on my business on the go, so for this week Jumpstart Your business session (video replay below) I shared my personal MustHave Profit & Productivity Apps for Entrepreneurs.


Discover the mobile apps I use to run my web business on a daily basis for my:

  • Profit, Sales and Banking Needs
  • Communication with Clients and Partners
  • Content collaboration with Clients and Partners
  • Productivity Needs (appointments, tasks, to do lists, reminders, etc)
  • Social Media Marketing – Updates and Time-Friendly Check Ins


Inside this webinar replay I also share:

  • How Members can Promote the PowerUp 90 Day Pass via my Affiliate Program
  • The Best Way to Make Use of the Power Circle Community as a New Member


Watch Webinar Replay Below:

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Browse previous posts on other web tools that I use.
Review my current promotion: $450 Web Design ReFRESH or eStore Setup.

And if you want to pull back the curtain even further and find out what web tools I use to create my information products, click here for access to my PowerUp Plus become an Information Product Pro series!

Photo Editing + Creating Your own Web Graphics and Banners (video)

As a web woman entrepreneur there are times when you’ll want to call on a professional to design web graphics for you, and then there are times when you want to quickly put together something on your own.

I recently received the following question in my inbox from Rhonda W:

I am loving the PowerUp Plus Sessions. I am learning sooooo much! I’ve gotten to the point where I have now created a “LaShanda Mentoring” Vision folder with all the notes in it … Anywho, I have a quick question for you. I was wondering, do you have a tutorial on how to create a flyer through Pixlr? I remember in a past training (I think it was during the ProWebinar Series) you explained how to make flyers with PowerPoint, but I remember you also mentioning Pixlr as well. Last night, I went online to try to create a flyer through both pixlr and photoshop and was lost….lol. I even looked up some tutorials on youtube but they weren’t that helpful.

As a matter of fact, I did a thorough tutorial on this topic during the last Summer Circle Master Mind Group. Since our JYB sessions are all about answering your questions, this week I’ve decided to replace our weekly live call with an information packed webinar (watch below) on how to set up your own web graphics and banners.

Watch Webinar Replay Below:

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Another session you may like to watch is the one I did on Video Blogging: How to Create, Edit and Post Your Videos Online. This session is currently only available as part of my 8 Part – PowerUp Plus! Workshop Series – full details here.

Custom Graphic Design By SistaSense
If you need a flyer, header banner, eBook cover or other graphic, click here to review my design services. Plus you’ll find a few examples of some of my latest client projects below.

  • gc_bermuda_flyer_med
  • 2014-SisterFriends-GetAway-
  • activatepr_flyer_bet
  • build-your-temple-bnr-03c
  • printflyer230dpi
  • activate-pcm-flyer

If you’d like to boost your web entrepreneur skills watch even more webinar trainings inside the Sumner Circle Mastermind, ProWebinars Training Series, and/or my PowerUp! Plus Workshops.

WordPress Plugins: Banner Ad Space, Audio & Book Appointments (audio)

Would you like to peak behind the SistaSense Curtain and ask me about some of the plugins and tools that I use to run my web business? -LaShanda H.

As I work on the redesign of SistaSense.com all this week my Insider Circle Private Clients have been asking me questions about the different web tools that I use on my website.

Inside our latest Jumpstart Your Business Call (replay below) I shared some of my favorite wordpress plugin picks for:

  • Adding Ad Space to Your Website Sidebar
  • Adding Audio Players and Playlists to Your Site
  • Setting Up Appointment Systems
  • Social Media Sharing

Listen to TeleClass Replay Below:

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Plus don’t forget to join our weekly PowerUp Calls chock full of solutions to help you work on your blog and building your profit and productivity skills online.

Profit and Productivity: Essential Web Tools to Run Your Online Business (audio)

See A Need… Fill a Need

I truly believe that behind every solid web business is a collection of power house web tools that help things run smoothly. Think about your business right now. What does it need? What’s working? What’s not working? And how do you plan on fixing it?

To continue our conversation on creating your End of Year Agenda, the latest Jumpstart Your Business call was all about ‘Profit and Productivity: Essential Web Tools to Run Your Online Business’.

For this teleclass I share different tools that help me:

  • Communicate with Customers
  • Host TeleConference Calls and/or Private Consultations
  • Improve SEO and Visible Via Google
  • Store / Track Important Business Information and Passwords
  • Automate Information Sharing with new / potential clients
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+More on Productivity, Profit and Progress

3 WebTools to Create eBook Covers

In the audio video above I talk about 3 web tools that you can use to create your eBook Covers. The links mentioned in this video are detailed below.

- Graphics Services by LaShanda Henry

Below you will find two more web tool links including a cool app I recently found, it’s $20 and you can use it to quickly turn ebook cover templates (with best seller book covers in mind) into custom covers for your digital projects.

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eBook Covers I designed for Results By Renee

+More eBook Tips and Tools
Use Code ’50OFFB3′ to register for our 11/12/13 Books.Buzz.Business Webinars
Both men and women author entrepreneurs and writers are welcome. Registration includes access to all replays in case you miss any sessions or want to watch them again at your leisure.

7 Steps to Setup and Sell eBooks
Audio series in which I share how I got started selling eBooks online and how you can too. Note that Books.Buzz.Business. registrants (first 25) get this audio series as a bonus.

How to Set Up Your Own eJunkie Store (video)

Where should you sell your digital products and/or services online? The easiest solution is to setup paypal ‘buy now’ buttons. But using this simple solution once people pay, you have to manually send them the digital product they purchased.

If you want a more automated sales process and if you are looking to build a relatively small, simple ecommerce store I recommend using ejunkie in combination with your paypal account. You can set up your own store for as little as $5 and securely sell your digital products. I personally use e-junkie to sell my ecourses, ebooks, virtual event tickets and even my most common web design services. You can take a look at my store here.

Generally when I recommend eJunkie to clients, they have quite a few questions about how to actually set up the store, so I decided to walk you all through the process as part of my Summer Circle Mastermind group series.

In this webinar training I discuss the following:

  • How to Sign Up to eJunkie
  • Create Your Product ‘Buy Now’ Page
  • Upload your digital downloads (pdf, mp3s, etc)
  • Add a buy now button to your web page
  • Add products to eJunkie Store
  • Setup Affiliate links using eJunkie
  • Setup Discount codes using ejunkie

This training is one of 6 from my summer circle mastermind group (watch the replays here).

Enjoy the video above. If you’d like to sign up to ejunkie through me, here is my link to their services.

If you are an author or write and would like to learn more about promoting or creating your own books, ebooks and magazines online be sure to check out my Books.Buzz.Business Webinar Conference.

Building Your Website on a Budget – Tips and Tools for Entrepreneurs

As a work at home mom I know exactly what it means to build a website on a budget.

I actually spend a great deal of my time working on new ways to share quality, affordable website solutions with the entrepreneurs and small business owners in my circle, which is why I decided to do the video above as part of my new ‘Build It On a Budget‘ series.

In this episode I talk about some of the tools that I use when developing websites + my current web design offerings.

Recent Web Project Example – GracefulGirlz.com


SistaSense Web Design Services Mentioned in Video

Web Design Essential tips and tools Mentioned in Video

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Click here for my latest web design deals + a complete listing of my design packages

3 Essentials to Building Your Best Website

One of my newest website clients recently asked me a great question. She said:

“LaShanda, once I get my domain name and hosting, is there anything else that I am going to need?”

In response to her question, I decided to do the quick video above on what I believe are 3 Essential components needed to build the best website for your business.

#1 You Need GREAT Photos for Branding and Promotion

  • Do you have a logo? Click here to review my Logo Design Services (option c)
  • Do you have photos of your products?
  • Do you have photos of yourself?
  • Do you have royalty free photos you can use in your marketing? – Try iStockPhoto or BigStockPhoto

#2 You Need to Build an Email List to Stay Connected to Customers and Blog Subscribers

#3 You Need an Online Merchant Account + eCommerce Shop to handle Payments

My Latest Logo Design Projects



Learn more about my logo design services (option c) or browse the complete list of my web services


  • apluscare-01-lrg
  • brown-olive-lrg
  • cabell-publicity-lrg
  • cortez-lrg
  • ellechor--project-site
  • lidfsw-fb-lrg
  • surgnet-lrg
  • tsmart-site

Web Design Services | Graphics Packages | Landing Page Packages

Hosting A Live Event Offline: Event Planning Tips and Tools


Are you ready to host your own meet up, workshop, or conference? As an event planner “in training”, I have learned several tips and discovered several web tools that can help you get started.

This post is from the Socials and Sales Issue of SistaSense Magazine.

If you have experienced event planners in your circle or know of others who have hosted successful events, give them call. Using their know-how you can get answers to your most pressing questions and discover essential aspects of planning that you might not have considered.

Use Google as a resource to research “event planning” / “hosting your own meet up”. In the event that you do not have people you can directly call or if you just want more insight, Google is a great place to start.

On the topic of using Google, specifically search for local organizations or meet up groups in your area that are self-run or featured on meetup.com. With this list you can find people or groups you should join or use as case studies in your research. This list can also help you discover local locations that are commonly used for hosting meetups, workshops, or other group events.

On the topic of event locations, consider searching for different types of venues in your area that generally offer space for events like restaurants, hotels, art galleries, books stores, cafes and country clubs. Some spaces may have websites that include floor plans and pricing to give you a sense of what would work within you budget.

Its a good idea to sit down and think about your budget. Consider the following questions:

1. Do you plan on providing food?
2. How much can you spend on space?
3. How long do you need the space (hours vs days)?
4. How many rooms do you need?
5. Are hotel and travel options required?
6. Do you need promotional items (flyers, video, etc)?
7. Will you offer materials or promo gifts to guests?
8. Do you need to pay for speakers?
9. Do you need tech support – mics, projector, laptops, wi-fi?
10. Do you need a team for setup and event support?

Recommended Event Planning Web Tools

Organize your schedule and share events with colleagues and clients. With Google’s free online calendar, it’s easy to keep track of life’s important events all in one place.

EventBrite gives you all the online tools you need to bring people together for an event and easily sell tickets online.

Conference and festival organizers use SCHED to manage their website’s schedule of events, seamlessly integrate social networking and provide their attendees with tools like personal agenda builders, dynamic attendee directories and mobile applications.

Create, share, and exchange events with your Facebook friends and followers.

Plancast is the best way to discover events and share plans with friends.

Helps groups of people with shared interests plan meetings and form offline clubs in local communities around the world.

Are you a member of any ning.com social networks? My business network is BBWO. Did you know that most networks have a special page to post your events and/or find events of interest to attend? On my network I also offer eBlast services, to send out promotional updates to the community. For example, here is a promotional post I shared for Oprah’s annual Oh You! Event.

Would you like to learn more? Read this:
How to Host Webinars for Profit or Promotion?
Socials and Sales Issue of SistaSense Magazine

Sign up for my next live session:
She Rocks the Web | SistaSense Power Circle | Online Tutorial Series

Video and Social Media Marketing Tips for Shy Entrepreneurs


I’ve always considered myself to be more of a typer than a talker, so I totally understand my fellow entrepreneurs who feel just like these two ladies who graciously shared their stories with me:

“I am reading your ebook. I have a quick question. I notice that some people have videos on their website. I don’t like doing videos. Are there any media alternatives?” –D.

“I have not shown my face for my business. My business is moving slowly, but it seems like its missing something. I want to make an intro video, but I’m kind of shy and I’m scared it might do harm to my business. I started wearing wigs because at age 25 my hair started to fall out and I always had thick hair. So wigs became my thing and I always got complements on who did your hair. So I wanted to get in the business to help other women feel confident and to show them how to style their wigs… If you could give me some advice or steer me in the right direction I would appreciate it.” -K

Have you ever read my post about “Successful Business Lessons I Learned from Lisa Price”, creator of Carol’s Daughter? As I mentioned in that article, building a business is a process and we all have to start from somewhere.

You do not need to be a media power house from the start, watch my 1st in front of the camera video below. I was nervous, my voice was very soft it was less than 60 seconds and it took me about a year to get the courage to finally do that!

Baby Steps into Video and Social Media for Shy Entrepreneurs

1. If audio or video really isn’t your thing, consider the alternative solution of becoming a Key Influencer; someone who shares insightful within their niche. Find videos by other people within your topic of interest that reflect how you want to help others and start sharing those videos on you blog. Some people find it hard to find what they are looking for, so you can become a Key Influencer by being the middle woman and creating connections for them.

Eventually you want to let your voice be heard through some form of media, but you can start off by letting your opinions be heard through the media you believe matters most.

2. They say you have to crawl before you walk. Online I took that to mean it’s okay to do audio before you get into video. If you are nervous about getting in front of the camera, start by sharing your views with your voice. Review my how-tos on creating your own podcast and adding audio to your blog, if you need extra help in that department.

3. The next thing you can do is transition into video by combining photos with your audio and turning that into a video. There are so many great web tools you can use like Windows Movie Maker or animoto.com. It’s OK if you don’t want to get directly in front of the camera, we all have to start from somewhere.

Being social and interacting with people online isn’t just about media. I was shy I didn’t want to do cameras, but as I transitioned from blogging more online and talking more I got comfortable with just putting my thoughts out there and then eventually I was ready to put myself out there via video too.

Consistently sharing who you are and what you do is important, so here are 3 things that know will definitely help you work on your visibility online and ease your way into video marketing.

  1. Listen to my increase your visibility and sales course (first audio replay below). I talk about different things that you can do to share your story online and start to build relationships with potential customers.
  2. Video Marketing Made Simple, watch this video in which I walk you through the process of how I got started. And simple things you can do to begin creating videos online.
  3. Getting Customers Back For More, in this audio replay post I talk about how  promoting online isn’t just about new people. Using thee techniques I mention in the audio, you can begin to build a stronger client base for return sales and even referrals.

Play Audio Below
Increase Your Visibility and Sales: Part 1 of 4 Part Teleclass Series

As a SistaSense Circle Member you get a complimentary download of this audio series, plus members get a new digital download each month!

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How She Does It?
As I share these recommendations with you, I wanted to spot light one NC Women Entrepreneur in my circle who I’ve watched build her business online and recently work her way up to video marketing. I remember when she didn’t want to be in front of the camera, so watching this video really solidifies to me that we all have to work with the marketing that works for us. and as you try new things your comfort level will change.

Promotional Video for Blue Soda Cake Bakery


These things may take a little time to build up momentum, but you have to do them to create a following for yourself and before you know it people around you will be motivated to share your views and your business too!

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