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Get Things Done: SistaSense Circle Weekly Calls
7 SistaSense Resources to Know
Motivation and Moving Forward + New SistaSense Tees (video)
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5 Easy Ways to Use Banners to Build Your Brand
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SistaSense.com has a new look!

Sistas Who Sell 30 Day Challenge (affiliate marketing made simple)

A little birdy told me that you want to learn more about affiliate marketing and/or how to improve your marketing skills, so I FINALLY created the Sistas Who Sell – Clicks to Cash – 30 Day Challenge for webpreneurs who want to learn more about affiliate marketing.

This challenge is very different from my 7 part series on Affiliate Marketing, which by the way, you get as a BONUS if you are one of the first to participate in this new Challenge. For 30 days I want to show you how to make extra money online with my affiliate products (or any affiliate products you like) by learning my simple, but very effective affiliate marketing strategies.

This Challenge is like no other that I have created! For the first time I want to not only show you my marketing strategies, but give you the chance to test them out by trying your hand at generating affiliate sales with my affiliate products and/or ones you are interested in learning how to promote. Everyday for 30 days you will get …

Daily Audio Sessions
Weekly Clicks to Cash Projects
Easy to Follow Internet Marketing / Social Media Marketing Solutions
Weekly Check-In Sessions
Opportunities to Ask Me Questions

Similar to my very popular $7 – 7 Day Challenge, this challenge is $30 for 30 days and it is FULL of great information and easy to follow solutions. The best part is all the sessions are designed to show you how to market specific products, so you have the chance to potentially make extra while you participate.

To sign up visit http://sistaswhosell.com

Join SistaSense Circle For $30: Special Ends in 3 Days

It’s back to business time and I’m ready to help you get more things done in your online business! Are you ready to make some changes? I hope you saw this post on sistasense.tv last week. There are only a few more days left to sign up and get access to the SistaSense Circle weekly calls + my money and marketing training videos on SistaSense.tv for $30. Don’t miss out. This is your chance to join my master mind group, watch my online business videos, and get on live calls with me every week. This offer will not be available in September, so don’t miss out.

Visit my video / audio training website – http://www.sistasense.tv

Need A Web Blog? Call LaShanda

I recently wrapped up quite a few personal projects these past few months and every week I get a few people who ask me, “Who did your website and if it’s you can you do mine?” Truth be told, I only do about 3 client web projects a month BUT I have decided to clear off my schedule and get back to my roots.

If you would like me to create and/or redesign a website for you, a blog, perhaps a social network, then visit my web design space – PrettyProfessionalWebsites.com. There you can get more information about the web services I offer, see my portfolio, and find out how to schedule a 30 minute consultation with me so we can talk about your web project.

I am in the process of building a new web client list between now and August. I normally only do 3 web projects per month, but I have cleared my schedule to take on 10 new clients. Two of those spaces were filled this week, so if you want me to start working on your project sooner than later connect with me asap.

Website URL: http://www.prettyprofessionalwebsites.com

Get Things Done: SistaSense Circle Weekly Calls

Back by request, I have decided to reopen the sistasense circle as a new platinum level of membership on sistasense.tv. In addition to all the perks of being a gold member (access to my video library + live video chats), when you join the sistasense circle you will get access to our weekly calls. I have discovered that quite a few of the ladies in my circle would like to learn my time management and productivity systems so they can GET MORE THINGS DONE, so that is essentially what this new circle is all about.


During our weekly calls lasting at minimum 30 minutes to 90 minutes if necessary, my goal is to help you get focused, map out your ideas, and define realistic projects that will help you stick to the sistasense true objective: build your list, get new clients, and keep your current clients happy.


Every week I will offer easy to follow marketing solutions, help you ask the right questions, and share my weekly goals to help you stay on top of yours. Every week I will also provide simple group tasks as a way to keep us all motivated AND to help optimize your time online so you can get more things done!


Go to the sistasense.tv membership signup page to join. For the next 5 Days you can join as a Platinum Level Member for only $47 and lock in that rate. As of 6/27/2011 Platinum membership will be $97 for all new members. This is a reoccurring subscription payment and you will automatically be charged $47 (regular $97) every 30 days.


Any questions, let me know. See you on our first call set for 6/28/2010.

7 SistaSense Resources to Know

The video above is entitled 7 SistaSense Resources for those who want to keep up with me and discover the different money and marketing resources I have to help you turn your small business into a smart business. Any questions, leave me a comment. -lh

Motivation and Moving Forward + New SistaSense Tees (video)

Hello party people! I decided to do this quick video for the wonderful women in my circle who want to know what I am up to AND are in need of alittle motivation sistasense style to help recharge your batteries and keep you motivated to MOVE FORWARD.

ALSO note Last Chance to join Black Business Women Online for a one time fee of $30! Use code BBW015 to get in! Less than 15 codes left at this point – Sign up here.

Last Chance to Join BBWO

Keep reading to find out how you can make money online via social networking…

For the past few months I have been beta testing the (one time membership) fee requirement on Black Business Women Online – my social network created for women entrepreneurs of color and open to anyone interested in sharing businesses, advice, and networking online.

Today the registration fee has been changed from $30 to $45. For those of you in my circle who have been thinking about joining, but have not done so yet, this is a last call to join and get lifetime membership for $30. On the signup page, use the code BBWO15. This code will only work for the next 30 who use it and then that’s it.

If you have any questions about joining BBWO OR if you would like to share your experiences as a member, please leave a comment below or via our Facebook page. If you are interested in making money online then join my affiliate program.

When you join my affiliate program (which is free to join) you get a special affiliate ID to promote/share the BBWO network with your friends, via your blog, on twitter, and Facebook too! If you have a ton of connections online think of the extra revenue you could make if you invited them to join BBWO and they did! Plus if you want to learn how I sell my own products on social spaces like Facebook and Twitter then download my 7 part audio series – Social Media Money.

Oh and FYI: I as I am posting this to sistasense.com I received the following tweet from @LurieDFavors who just signed up and TWEETED there are now only 29 active codes left – so act fast ladies and gents. This $30 doorway is closing soon.

To signup visit the official website: http://www.mybbwo.com

5 Easy Ways to Use Banners to Build Your Brand

After completing a series of promotional banners for Lunaversoul Handmade Jewelry, I decided to jot down a few simple ways you can use banners to build your brand presence online.

1. A great banner can be used as your social profile image for your business’ Facebook Fanpage OR twitter page. For personal profile pages I always recommend you use your own image (people like to connect with other REAL people). However, when you are building a social presence for a brand its a good idea to stick with your logo or a custom brand graphic.

2. Now that the top of Facebook profile and fanpages feature your 5 most recently tagged images, I use that space to spotlight graphic images for my brand. (see example here). I want these promotional images to be one of the first things my new social friends and followers see. Note that each image description should include a link back to the page that closely relates to the image.

3. Clients who are new to video often are afraid to get started because they feel they either don’t have the right camera, software or skill set to get started. Using something like animoto.com OR youtube’s new animation creation tools you can turn some of your BEST banners and images into 30 second promo videos. Look at this video I created for a client.

4. Every entrepreneur knows they need to advertise on other people’s spaces at some point, but how often do you advertise on your own space? You can turn a custom banner into a header for your email newsletter or better yet add smaller promotional banners to the sidebar of your newsletter and/or blog.

5. If you have joined niche networks like Black Business Women Online, you might have noticed you have a text area on your profile page where you can write something about yourself. In that area you can add one of your banners OR embed option #3 – a quick promo video comprised of banner graphics and promo photos.

If you need a graphics banner or new header for your website, click here to purchase one of my custom graphic design packages.

Check out MyBannerRotator Script, which you can use to feature a rotation of banners on your website similar to the rotation ads featured in my sistasense sidebar. You can also get this script as part of the Black Business Starter Kit.

Want more banner tips? Read this post: Using Banners to Drive Traffic to Your Online Business

It Has Everything: The New Black Business Starter Kit

Big news for my the serious webpreneurs in my circle: I have recently beefed up my Black Business Starter Kit. In addition to 15+ money and marketing eBooks and eCourses the BBSKit now includes:

1) The Blogging for Beginners Audio Series

2) The Sistas Who Blog Video Series

3) 40+ Sistasense Audio Series on Information Sales, Selling eBooks, Affiliate Marketing, Video Marketing and Social Media Money

4) The SistaSense Talks Sessions on Google Adsense, Client Attraction, Time Management, Social Media and More

5) My Banner Rotator Creator Script and More Information packed material

This is the official launch of the new Starter Kit! I like to kick off all new launches with a GREAT promo code. Use code BBSK97. This code will work for the first 10 people who use it and allow you do download everything for $97. Keep in mind the new Starter Kit is $297 and it has ALL my howto ebooks, videos, and audio sessions to date.

GoTo: http://blackbusinessstarterkit.com

SistaSense.com has a new look!

I’ve been thinking about changing the look of sistasense.com for about a month now. After coming back from the BE Conference last week I started to get a new list of web clients, so I figured before I get too busy I would work on my website 1st (BIG SMILE). I am very happy with the new look and excited to share it with you all. As you can see from the images above, I wanted to maintain the brand colors and layout style but at the same time I really wanted to add a dynamic featured content rotator to the website in combination with a better top navigation. While I was setting up my dropdown menus I realized how much content was NOT accessible to readers because I didn’t use drop down menus before and there is only so much you can put in the sidebar. Well … I am still tweaking this new look, but so far so good.

As I am sure you know creating a new look for your website can be draining, but never think that your web design days are over. As site designs change, wordpress evolves and new widgets are created you have to make sure that your website is fresh and up to date. So ask yourself, is it time your website get’s a new look? If you ever need my web design services, you know where to find me. Just click here to send me a quick message.

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