Throwback Thursday: My Business is a Family Business

One of the BEST parts of being a work at home mom is that my business is a family business. This week’s throwback Thursday photos highlights some of my SistaSense Weekend Workshops over the years, my boys (hubby and son) are always with me providing support, extra hands and lots of love. Beyond the freedom […]

(Google+ Hangout) Key Trends for 2014: What Women Entrepreneurs Need to Know

What do you need to know about online marketing and small business growth in 2014? Join me, LaShanda Henry and our SistaSense Power Circle Experts for an info-packed conversation on 2014 Trends Women Entrepreneurs Should know via a live Google+ Hangout this Thursday at 7pm est. The link for the live video broadcast will be […]

Starter Steps for Beginner Bloggers

One of my newest web clients is also new to blogging, so she asked for some insight on how to get started. I’ve created a few how-to posts on the subject, so I decided to share them in this post today along with some other key resources.   Pre-Blogging Requirements Before you can actually start […]

Upcoming SistaSense Events + New One -On- One Training Series

I felt inspired to do a quick video this past Friday just before I took my son to his orientation. Back to School for him always means back to business for me, so I wanted to let you know what I’ve got planned for you over the upcoming months. As I mentioned in the video […]

(video) When Your Passion Becomes A Pain

If you are a service professional like me I’m sure at some point you personally have experienced a moment when your passion becomes a pain. Maybe you are going through that kind of a moment right now because of slow sales, frustrating customers or people who don’t simply want to pay you what you are […]

Explode Your Business with Mobile Marketing, Social Media and Great PR

Last week I talked about the value of creating solid systems that will work for your business. This week I’ve got 5 great videos to share with you from the 2013 Power Circle Conference, in which ladies like Pam Perry, Dawn Fitch and Richelle Shaw share their systems for success with respect to mobile marketing, […]

Stop Playing! Create a System and Find Your Focus Like This…

The video above is of Richelle Shaw at the SistaSense Power Circle Conference (replays here), encouraging one of our entrepreneurial-minded attendees to stop playing, step into her greatness and start implementing. This particular young women was struggling because she had about 3 business ventures and wasn’t clear how to promote them all without confusing people […]

(audio) What’s Working Now for Women Entrepreneurs – Power Circle Replay

The audio replay below is from the SistaSense Power Circle Twitter Party and Conference Call I shared with you guys a few weeks back. Several of my Power Circle experts including Pam Perry, Beverly Mahone and Richelle Shaw were on the call answering small business questions from the SistaSense – BBWO Community. We talked about […]

(audio) SistaSense Money Mindset System

Turning that tiny seed into a thriving, growing business is what the SistaSense Make Money Mindset System is essentially all about. This is a way of thinking, the strategies that I personally use to consistently generate money into my business and correctly manage my budget. Creative entrepreneurs are often great when it comes to ideas […]

The Django Guide to Business and Living Your Best Life

After having my fill of our holiday feast and watching the children beam with excitement over their gifts a few of us jumped in the car to watch the premier of Jamie Foxx’s new movie, Django Unchained. It’s a Quentin Tarantino movie, so I expected to see blood, guts, glory and a little quirky humor […]

(video) Stop IT! Small Business Killers and How to Avoid Them

As always I have a great time when I get to host Google+ Hangouts with my Power Circle Experts. This past Sunday Yalanda Lattimore and Carol Sankar joined me for a great discussion, “Stop IT! Small Business Killers and How to Avoid Them.” Combining our years of online business building experience we discussed issues that […]

(video) Get Paid & Make it Happen: The One Thing Your Business is Missing

This is what you are missing! Two nights back I hosted a Live Video Chat via Google+ Hangout (video replay above – add me to your circle), so you could connect with myself, Pam Perry, Richelle Shaw, Dawn Fitch, Carol Sankar, Yalanda Lattimore and Jennene Biggins – our 2013 Power Circle Experts. Then last night […]