Create Your own eCourses + Setting Up Autoresponders

As part of my SistaSense Summer Circle Mastermind group, I taught the following webinar (replay below) on Teaching Sells: How to Create Your Own eCourse + Easily Set Up Autoresponders. To review all the videos within the summer circle sessions click here.

3 Steps to Real Profits and Better Sales + Tips to Setup Your Be Blessed Vision Board

As part of my “Unblock Your Blessings 90 Day Challenge” – today I presented this free webinar, video replay above on 3 Steps to Real Profits + Better Sales online. You can also find this page here via my Unblock Your Blessings guide on creating your agenda for the next 90 days. As I mentioned […]

How to Find Customers Online (webinar replay)

Above you will find the webinar replay “How to Find Customers Online, especially when you HATE to market and/or pitch for sales.” This informative online marketing and sales training session is the one that I presented as part of my Back to Business Webinar Conference series featuring 8 experts and experienced women in business – […]

She said what?!? – Back to Business Replays + Praise

Robin W said, “The seminar was great! I was listening to the Back to Business Webinar Replays until 3:00am last night! Thank you to all of your (ladies) for a job more than well done. It was excellent!” The Back to Business Webinar series is all about connecting you to experienced, established, successful women entrepreneurs […]

Blessings and Business: How to Get What You Want + Live How You Please

As part of my “Unblock Your Blessings 90 Day Challenge” I recently hosted a webinar (replay above) on ‘Blessings and Business: How to Get What You Want + Live How You Please’. What do web women entrepreneurs really want? Based on my personal experience plus my time mentoring other women I’m pretty sure we want […]

How to Set Up Your Own eJunkie Store (video)

Where should you sell your digital products and/or services online? The easiest solution is to setup paypal ‘buy now’ buttons. But using this simple solution once people pay, you have to manually send them the digital product they purchased. If you want a more automated sales process and if you are looking to build a […]

Social Media Sales – Dawn Fitch Shows Women Entrepreneurs How to Sell their Products on Facebook and Twitter

When it comes to really making sales online, building your website is just the beginning. Dawn Fitch, owner of natural bath and body company Pooka Pure & Simple, was able to grow her business revenue by $95,000 and get on the issue of Black Enterprise by finding creative ways to generate sales through social media. […]

Passive Income and Affiliate Marketing Strategies for Busy Entrepreneurs

A new web client recently mentioned to me that she joined my SistaSense Online Training series because she was interested in learning more about affiliate marketing. With her in mind, I decided to share one of my latest webinar replays from my Summer Circle Group training series. Turning Clicks into Cash: Passive Income and Affiliate […]

Plan to Profit Online – Free Webinar Training

No matter what stage you are at in building your best business online, everybody could use a little extra help. Today I’d like to share my FREE 60 Minute ‘Plan to Profit’ webinar training with you. Let me help you get clear on what it takes to be profitable online. If you are a women […]

(video) How to Effectively Sell Your Products and Services Online

Today my social network, BBWO is officially 6 years young (anniversary goodies here). As I am sure you know, starting your own business online comes with its own unique set of challenges. Being able to pass the 5 year mark is not only a blessing, but the result of doing all that I can do […]

Explode Your Business with Mobile Marketing, Social Media and Great PR

Last week I talked about the value of creating solid systems that will work for your business. This week I’ve got 5 great videos to share with you from the 2013 Power Circle Conference, in which ladies like Pam Perry, Dawn Fitch and Richelle Shaw share their systems for success with respect to mobile marketing, […]

Webinar Workshops: Blogging, Sales, and More Customers

During the time I was planning the first She Rocks the Web Workshop and now several months later, people kept asking me about offering these sessions via webinars, so I’ve decided to host 4 fall webinar workshops during September and October. Each workshop is 3 hours long and is limited to 10 participants. You can […]