Facebook Group Convos and Social Media Engagement Secrets

  I have two things to share with you today. First: Power up your day inside the SistaSense Facebook Power Circle, we have some great conversations for my fellow web women entrepreneurs. Here are a few Power Circle Convos worth joining: Webby Women and Mompreneurs: Share Your Best Business Advice Web Tools Tuesday Talk: Share […]

(video) MadMimi Tips: Create A Sign Up Form with Link to Optin Offer

Do you want to setup your own opt-in sign up form on your website, but you are scratching your head trying to figure out how to give your new subscriber the offer they signed up for? I know how you feel. One of the ladies in my FireStarter Circle Mastermind group recently had the same […]

(video) Podcasting is the New Blog + The Best Podcasting Tutorials Online

They say orange is the new blog, but for us techie girls, podcasting is the NEW blog. Today I was featured on Rosetta Thursman’s new podcast: From Hobby to Full-Time Business for a Stay At Home Mom with LaShanda Henry. This new feature sparked the idea to host a scope session today on Periscopes, Podcasts […]

(video) First Steps to Convert Browsers to Buyers

For my fellow web women entrepreneurs out there today’s video is all about the First Two Steps to Convert Browsers to Buyers. I know the Struggle is Real… Most folks are struggling to get a few sales, let a lone steady sales. Are you in the same boat? I hope not, but if so I […]

(video) Social Media Power Tools for Entrepreneurs

Power Circle Expert Keisha Lewis Shares several amazing social media power tools that every entrepreneur should know and try. I am a social media nut and she surprised me, because there were actually quite a few I never knew about.   I would love for you to join me on our Facebook page – http://facebook.sistasense.com […]

Fire Start Her Business Workshop – Make Money Doing What You Love Online

  Fire Start Her Business SistaSense Workshop is my latest creation! This past weekend I had the pleasure of hosting my first local workshop here in Greenville North Carolina sponsored by Herlene Ankar WhatUSay Productions and Miller Motte College. Guess what? I recorded it and it is online just for you. INSIDE THIS WEB WORKSHOP […]

Profit & Productivity Apps for Entrepreneurs (video)

I love being able to work on my business on the go, so for this week Jumpstart Your business session (video replay below) I shared my personal MustHave Profit & Productivity Apps for Entrepreneurs.   Discover the mobile apps I use to run my web business on a daily basis for my: Profit, Sales and […]

3 Best Kept Traffic and Sales Secrets (video)

  Inspired by my latest Blog for Business 3 Hour Workshop, I decided to host this Google+ Community Hangout to share My #Truth: For the past 5+ years my blog – SistaSense.com – has been my #1 “Build My Business at Home” Marketing Tool. Your blog can absolutely work wonders for your business, but you […]

(video) 5 Quick Ways to Boost Your Web Business Income

  How lovely it would be for business owners if every day was like Black Friday, because its essentially one of those magical days when you can tap into a serious income boost! Inside my latest Jumpstart Your Business Weekly Session I shared 5 of my favorite ways to generate quick bursts of income within […]

(video) Setting Up RSS Feeds as Newsletters or to Sync Blog to Social Media Sites

As part of my BIG Spring Clean Your Business Initiative (6 tips here), I’ve asked ladies inside our weekly power circle one simple question: “What web skills would you like to boost this week?” Quite a few ladies wanted to gain a better understanding of how to best use their blog’s RSS Feeds, so I’ve […]

(audio) Be Happy: Building Your Business & Your Blog Online

I recently hosted my first PowerUp Call and talked about Being a Happy Entrepreneur: SistaSense Solutions to Building a Better Business and Blog Online. PowerUp Sessions are a new series of weekly Calls that I am hosting starting March 30th for women entrepreneurs who need that extra boost of direction and accountability required to work […]

Lucinda Cross Shares How to Turn Your Message into a Movement (video)

As we get ready for a new year with wonderful possibilities, I wanted to share this empowering session with Lucinda Cross on How to Turn Your Message into a Movement. This session was a part of our 2013 Back to Business Webinar Conference (full replays here). If you have a message in your heart that […]