(video) Play By Your Own Rules

Ladies its time to start playing by Your Own Rules. Fire Starter Circle mentee @YasmeenHayes invited me to join her and @JaiStone on a fabulous live scope session (video replay below). We had a wonderful, real talk conversation about what it takes to get out of the box, leave the 9 to 5 world and […]

Higher Love: Power Through the Panic and Work From the Heart

  To some degree, we are currently in a state of personal, political and professional panic. And panic is contagious. Between facebook posts, social and private conversations, at any given moment it’s hard to decide between crying or screaming, working or worrying, praying or preaching, giving up or getting up. Right now something has to […]

Good Stuff Ep02 : Entrepreneurs – How to Crush It And Crunch The Numbers

Today’s Good Stuff Morning Motivational scope session for web entrepreneurs was all about how you can Crush It and Crunch the numbers. This morning I took some time to reflect on: My Atlanta Trip, New Client Sales, and Social Media Milestones sharing recommendations on how to set goals for yourself with respect to the SistaSense […]

Good Stuff EP01: Get Back and Give Back Entrepreneurs

This morning I decided to jump on periscope (follow me) and start a new series, ‘Good Stuff’, morning motivation for my fellow online entrepreneurs. After my mompreneur duties are done, and my mini-me is off to school, I take the time to get ready for the day, check in on social media and get to […]

Get Unstuck: 3 Step Marketing Plan for Busy Entrepreneurs

If you are interested in discovering better ways to market your products and services online, today I want to share my 3 Step Marketing Plan for Busy Entrepreneurs and Web Entrepreneurs trying to get clearer about how correctly to market themselves online.

4 Steps to a Fresh Start #MaintainMomentum

Have you ever felt like you were in serious need of a fresh start. If you are ready to press the rest button and renew your web business vision – today I want you to watch one of my periscope videos on 4 steps to a fresh start.

3 Great PayPal Features Every Entrepreneur Should Try

If you use PayPal to handle your online invoicing and sales transactions, today I’d like to share 3 essential Paypal features worth setting up and/or checking. #1 – Upgrade to a Business Account, so you can take advantage of PayPal’s extensive collection of payment tools for entrepreneurs and business owners. #2 – Get Your own […]

Get Unstuck: 5 Steps to Fire Up Your Funds and Focus

Today let’s talk about smart ways to fire up your funds and your focus this year! I want to share my latest #FireAndFocus periscope session with you, in which we talk about 5 Steps … Essential clarity questions you need to ask yourself if you want to seriously work on your web vision and make […]

(video) Blogging For Business: New Year Smart Start Recommendations

When it comes to blogging for business you have to work on creating better blog content and developing better business ‘marketing and sales’ skills. Inside today’s video I share a few new year, smart start recommendations to help you do both. Related Post: PayPal Profits & Power Moves: Finding Your Sweet Spot! (video)

Make This Year Different: Create Your Own Success Roadmap

At the start of a new year our minds begin to race with all the possibilities of growth, success and positive change. Like kids eagerly awaiting gifts on Christmas morning, we dream of all the ways in which this year can be our year; we think about clean slates, do-overs, starting fresh and taking our […]

(video) 4 Steps to Keep Your Customers Happy

Return customers is the key to a thriving business online. In today’s video training below I am going to share 4 smart ways to keep your customers happy online. This video is actually apart of my Busy Work Vs Busy Business – Video Training series in which I share some of my BEST Fire and […]