Profit & Productivity Apps for Entrepreneurs (video)

I love being able to work on my business on the go, so for this week Jumpstart Your business session (video replay below) I shared my personal MustHave Profit & Productivity Apps for Entrepreneurs.   Discover the mobile apps I use to run my web business on a daily basis for my: Profit, Sales and […]

3 Tricks to Blogging More Consistantly (audio)

Blogging is like exercising for most web entrepreneurs. You know it’s good for you, but its so hard to get good at it! Do you find it hard to motivate yourself to blog on a consistent basis? Figuring out what to post or finding the time to write posts can be challenging. For our latest […]

Delete Vs Refresh: 5 Ways to Generate New Profit from Old Products

We are still talking about Show Me the Money: How to Maximize Your Profits + Make Extra Money this year. On this topic one of the things I see entrepreneurs do all too often is get frustrated, delete EVERYTHING and then start a new business. At some point you’ve got to STOP starting over and […]

Client Attraction Strategies that Work (audio)

Most folks think designing their website is hard work, but truth is the real work begins when you start attempting to attract clients. Competition is everywhere! Plus with big businesses trying to look like small businesses these days, you’ve got to really step up your game because your customers have options. Beyond getting their attention, […]

Monetize Your Blog: 31 Day Challenge

Remember my Sistas Who Sell Challenges? It’s been a while since I created one of these, so I decided to put together this great 31 day challenge answering a popular question among bloggers and entrepreneurs, “How do I Monetize My Blog?” Click here to browse all 31 Days of the challenge. Keep in mind, this […]

Best Place to Find WordPress Themes

As a web designer (review services here), apart of my job is finding the right wordpress themes for my clients. For those who want to be more involved in your website / blog setup here is the site that I use the most when looking for themes: ThemeForest, the Amazon of website templates and themes… […]

5 Ways to Monetize Your Blog

Blogging for Profit always seems to be a topic of interest among those who aspire to blog their days away and make a living from the comfort of their own home. As an entrepreneur who blogs, I’ve divided my laundry list of ‘money making activities’ into 5 categories that you can use as point of […]

Podcasting Profit (part 3): Adding an MP3 File and Audio Player to Your Blog Posts

  Do you see the audio player below? Would you like to upload your mp3 files to your wordpress blog and have your readers be able to listen to them via an audio player? If yes, you are in luck! This post includes a video that I created to show you how to do just […]

Podcasting Profit (part 2): Recording Audio MP3s – The Tools I Use

When you are ready to get started recording mp3s and podcasting on your blog the first thing you will need is a good microphone. I have 3 different ones that I use for various reasons, but the first one I can recommend is a Logitech USB headset. I recently purchased the white, ‘Logitech H150’ as […]

Podcasting Profit (part 1): How-To Increase the Maximum Upload File Size on WordPress

If you have ever tried to upload a large file to your wordpress website, maybe a long audio mp3 or video file, you may encounter a file size error message. It’s frustrating, I know, but it’s not a wordpress issue. Most hosting companies set the upload file size pretty low, but it can be changed […]

Creating a Mobile Friendly Website or Blog using WordPress Web Tools

One of my web clients, creator of Ann-Nahari Clothing Collection recently asked me how to make her website “smart-phone” friendly. If you have ever tried to browse websites via your tablet or mobile device you might have noticed that some sites are very large and hard to view, which often times requires you to do […]

(video) When Your Passion Becomes A Pain

If you are a service professional like me I’m sure at some point you personally have experienced a moment when your passion becomes a pain. Maybe you are going through that kind of a moment right now because of slow sales, frustrating customers or people who don’t simply want to pay you what you are […]