Profit & Productivity Apps for Entrepreneurs (video)

I love being able to work on my business on the go, so for this week Jumpstart Your business session (video replay below) I shared my personal MustHave Profit & Productivity Apps for Entrepreneurs.   Discover the mobile apps I use to run my web business on a daily basis for my: Profit, Sales and […]

(video) 5 Quick Ways to Boost Your Web Business Income

  How lovely it would be for business owners if every day was like Black Friday, because its essentially one of those magical days when you can tap into a serious income boost! Inside my latest Jumpstart Your Business Weekly Session I shared 5 of my favorite ways to generate quick bursts of income within […]

Feel like you are all over the place? Find Your Focus + Making More Sales Online (video)

Thanks Giving is truly a time to be with your loved ones, so in place of this week’s Jumpstart Your Business call I decided to take this moment to talk to you about a few things. The video above is for those of you who feel like you are all of the place and trying […]

Monetize Your Blog: 31 Day Challenge

Remember my Sistas Who Sell Challenges? It’s been a while since I created one of these, so I decided to put together this great 31 day challenge answering a popular question among bloggers and entrepreneurs, “How do I Monetize My Blog?” Click here to browse all 31 Days of the challenge. Keep in mind, this […]

(audio) How to Get Paid for What You Know

If you got excited when you saw the title of this post I am guessing you are a smart cookie, but it really grinds your gears when people pick your brain and get all your help, but never want to pay for you for your time. This is your year to shine, which means its […]

How to Work with Clients Who Need You but Can’t Afford You

This guide is inspired by my presentation at the SistaSense Power Circle Conference; “When Your Passion Becomes A Pain: How to Fall Back in Love With Your Business, Rediscover Your Passion and Tap into Your Hidden Profit Potential.” Service Professionals and Women Entrepreneurs ask SistaSense, “How do I stop giving it all away for free? […]

(video) Blogging for Business: Turning Your Blog into a PR Marketing Machine

While most entrepreneurs and small business owners know they need to have a blog and use it as an online marketing tool, the why and the how of this equation still remains a mystery. My goal is to help you better understand why blogs are vital marketing tools and how they can help you attract […]

Clarity Session: Setting the right Profit & Pricing Goals for your web business

RELATED VIDEOS AND MORE Setting Money Markers The SistaSense System to Creating a Simple Business Plan Digital Download Available to Gold Circle Members Increase Your Visibility and Sales – 4 Part Audio Series

(audio) Social Media Money: Using Facebook and Twitter to Boost Sales

Did you join the call last night? All this week I am hosting my “Boost Your Business & Holiday Sales,” 5 day teleconference open to the SistaSense Community. Yesterday we had a GREAT call. I shared recommendations on how you can make your social media time more profitable for your business. When it comes to […]

5 Cs to Creating Better Businesses

Back to Business Call Replay all about Moving Forward and Creating Better Businesses online. In this video replay I discuss 5 Cs: Claim It, Collaborations, Connections, Credentials, and Customers! Resources Referred to in this video: She Rocks the Web Workshops SistaSense Power Circe Social Media Money Audio Series After you listen to this session be […]