BBWO 50 Women Entrepreneurs Builds Recognition
The New Work At Home Economy: LaShanda Henry In AtlantaPost
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Videos + Entrepreneurs Conference Featured on Black Enterprise Facebook Page
SistaSense listed in 30 Black Women Bloggers You Should Know
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Black Business Women Online Featured in Black Enterprise Article – 10 Ning Networks to Know
Blogalicious Lesson #3: Standing in the Company of 15 Amazing Mom Bloggers of Color

BBWO 50 Women Entrepreneurs Builds Recognition

Every time I look at the cover of the July Issue of SistaSense Magazine showcasing the BBWO50 I get chills. It has been an absolute honor for me to create the Black Business Women Online BBWO50 list, two years running and I am excited to see the recognition it is getting.

Beverly Mahone, BBWO50 Honoree and creator of BAMedia recently shared this press release for the Carolina Business Connection, Triangle Media Expert Named One of 50 Fabulous Entrepreneurs.

As I explained in the interview, “I see thousands of black women whose deeds go unnoticed. I wanted to recognize the BBWO50 for their hard work and diligence and show Sistasense readers these are our women to support, promote, and aspire to be like.” I chose women who have built established businesses with visible growth over time both online and offline. Also focusing on up and coming women entrepreneurs whose innovative online business ventures are publicly recognized. “In short, these women are widely respected for the businesses they have established and their social influence both online and offline is undeniable.”

I get excited, every time another honoree sees she was featured! We need to share with one another and be as proactive about seeing others make it to the top as we are to get their ourselves. Thanks Beverly for the interview! Thank you all for being apart of my vision.

The New Work At Home Economy: LaShanda Henry In AtlantaPost

I was recently interviewed by the Atlanta Post for the following article, “The New Work at Home Economy: Will It Save Black America?“. In any economy, especially this one, having your own business or at the very least a side-hustle is essential. For this article I shared what motivated me to leave the 9-to-5 world and work from home, the LaShanda Henry Side Hustle to Full Time Work At Home Mom story. I also talked about the different ways I make money online and a few things I feel people should do if they want to start working from home, but don’t know where to start.

Read the AtlantaPost article and if you would like to learn more about my story / starting an online business download and/or order the May Issue of SistaSense Magazine. In this issue I talk about what I like to call my 5 To Fabulous Transformation, going from $500 Startup to $50,000 Online Business. I talk about how people make money blogging, creating your own social network, and several other important things that newbie entrepreneurs should know.

SistaSense In Print Magazine is available at http://mag.sistasense.com.

Here are two other posts worth reading Why We Need More Black Businesses and Entrepreneurs + Black Americans and Debt.

SistaSense Partners With theLoop21.com

The beginning of something new, sistasense.com has partnered with theLoop21.com. Several of my money and finance articles / solutions for entrepreneurs will be featured in theLoop21 “In The Black” Personal Finance Section.

Latest Featured Article: 5 Ways to Double Your Online Profits – Effort and Attention are Keys to Success.

Videos + Entrepreneurs Conference Featured on Black Enterprise Facebook Page

The Black Enterprise Facebook Fanpage recently featured video of me (LaShanda Henry) sharing my feedback on the BE Entrepreneurs Conference. Again thank you to Lamar Tyler, myculture.tv for the interview.

In addition to being in front of the camera, I also had the pleasure of interviewing several branding, blogging, and social media experts and they had some GREAT tips to share. You can find this and additional BE Highlights Videos on http://www.sistasense.tv.

SistaSense listed in 30 Black Women Bloggers You Should Know

I always think its cool when other bloggers give SistaSense.com some link love! I was recently included in the feature 30 Black Women Bloggers You Should Know from forharriet.com, an empowering blog fro black women online.

Beyond the fact that I got featured this list is pretty cool because it doesn’t include the usual folks you ALWAYS see in relation to popular black bloggers or blacks into technology. I discovered a few new sistas to follow, so it’s worth checking out.

Oh and I just wanted to say thanks for being featured! This is truly an honor.

Blogging for Bucks + SistaSense In Essence Magazine

SistaSense.com got a nice shout out in the April Issue of Essence Magazine on page 152 where it says, “Blogging for Bucks: Get paid from your blog by selling ad space on our site. Check out social media expert LaShanda Henry at sistasense.com for tips on how.”

Within a few ours of getting my copy of this issue, I also got the following email:

I saw your contact information in the latest Essence Magazine, and wanted to learn more about getting paid for allowing advertisers to use space on my blog. … I am really curious in learning more about earning extra money as well as (how to) increase traffic to my site. What advise can you give me? – Deidra, made2glam.com

I’ve done quite a few posts on how to make money with your blog, so below you will find a few ‘Getting Started’ links on the topic of what Blogging for Bucks is really all about.

SistaSense Articles and Videos for You to Review:
Blogging for Business Tips
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A Quick Video On Passive Income for Newbie Entrepreneurs
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Using Subscription Buttons to Drive Traffic to Your Blog (video)
Quick Blogging Tips for Beginners (video)
The Blogging for Business Starter Kit

I have a ton of other videos and blog posts on the subject on my Blogging Tutorials page.

LaShanda Henry Talks Social Networking in Essence Magazine

LaShanda Henry: Google Me

Can I just say that online video technology today absolutely, positively rocks and Google rocks too! The video clip above is LaShanda Henry: Google Me, a quick look into my visibility via Google searching my name, ebooks, and my target audience, “black business women”. I created this video in about 10 minutes for FREE using this nifty Google/Youtube Tool I discovered from the always awesome Pam Perry (watch here video too).

Beyond the coolness that is the video above, for us entrepreneurs, having a ‘Google Me’ moment is a personal look into how visible you are online. I’m used to my clients and readers telling me they feel like I am “everywhere online” because I’ve worked very hard to cultivate that feeling. Understanding the value of keywords, seo, online video, social media … these are all vital parts of any successful internet marketing strategy.

As I mentioned in my last audio interview, How to Use Social Networks to Attract Customers, marketing online is very different from the offline world. Online you have no brick and mortar shop for people to walk by. Online you aren’t physically shaking hands and exchanging business cards, which means that your online visibility depends on how well you can promote yourself and help people find you via search engines like Google.

Building visibility, credibility, and buzz is what I’ve been trying to teach you all these years on sistasense.com and with my many eBooks. These are the things that consistently drive new customers to me and consistently create PR opportunities for my like working with Black Enterprise.

But of course this blog post isn’t really about me, it’s about you! Are you ready to create your own fabulous Google Me Story? I am cheering you on in the sidelines and giving you all the marketing techniques you can implement! Be sure to review my complete audio eCourse: How to Increase Your Visibility and Sales Online as well as the Black Business Starter Kit, my best selling collection of marketing eBooks and videos for online entrepreneurs.

Black Enterprise Partners with Black Business Women Online – mybbwo.com

Black Enterprise forms content partnership with Black Business Women Online, the number one social network for women entrepreneurs of color. Starting January 2011, the BBWO network and official blog (sistasense.com) will include exclusive and featured content from Black Enterprise.com in the areas of entrepreneurship, careers, small business, and personal finance. Members will also receive updates on BE events and opportunities ideal for black professionals and minority business owners.

As the creator of the BBWO Network, my mission has always been to keep black business women connected and informed about various resources, opportunities, and small business strategies that can help to improve their entrepreneurial endeavors. I feel this new partnership is truly the perfect synergy because it will only help to further inform and support the thousands of women entrepreneurs who join and network on Black Business Women Online everyday.

If you are not currently a BBWO member, click here to sign up. For new and existing members make sure you have signed up to our newsletter (click here), to receive marketing guides, event alerts, small business resources, giveaways and more.

Black Business Women Online Featured in Black Enterprise Article – 10 Ning Networks to Know

Black Business Women Online Featured in Black Enterprise Article – 10 Ning Networks to Know

I woke up this morning and grabbed my iPhone. My last thought last night was to go download the ‘Black Enterprise App’, so I woke up with that on the brain. Imagine my surprise when I got to the website and discovered my social network – Black Business Women Online (www.mybbwo.com) featured in a BE Article: 10 Ning Networks to Know. This is my second time being featured in an article on Black Enterprise.com, I am honored and truly appreciative of the support BE has given to my social network for women entrepreneurs of color! This is truly a great Thanksgiving! -lh

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Blogalicious Lesson #3: Standing in the Company of 15 Amazing Mom Bloggers of Color

On any given day my work at home mom life is filled with conversations. I respond to emails from followers and clients. I am reading comments and making calls. As fulfilling as it is to work at home, I often miss the hustle and bustle of the 9 to 5 world, the water cooler conversations, and the great connections you make when you meet someone new. Going to Blogalicious reminded me that making an effort to go to events helps me to both see and be seen by the people within my online business / blogging community.

You know how people say, even with new media, word of mouth marketing will never die. I believe the same statement is true about real world networking. Social networking is great, but nothing can compare to meeting face-to-face. At events you get a chance to be apart of those groups of women you feel like you can’t reach online. You get to meet people you’ve known for years, but never met in real life. You also get to meet people who have been following you online for years and you never knew! That by far, was one of the best aspects of my trip. I felt like one of the popular kids in high school. Women I never knew, knew me. I got lots of hugs, lots of “thank yous” for the information I share online, and so many wonderful stories from amazing women entrepreneurs and mom bloggers you should know.

Below I have 15 Amazing Mom Bloggers of Color to share with you. I decided to list 5 women who I knew before the event and 10 women that I met for the 1st time at Blogalicious.

5 I Love These Gals – Absolutely Fabulous Mom Bloggers:

1. Ronnie Tyler is the cofounder of Black and Married with Kids with her husband, Lamar Tyler. I’ve had the pleasure of working with this dynamic duo in the past, but this was the first time we actually met in person. They are doing amazing things online not only through their blogs, but also through their documentaries on black families and relationships.

2. Sherrelle, aka FunkiDivaGirl is a fellow mom blogger and Disney Magical Mocha Mom. I had the pleasure of reconnecting with Sherelle at Blogalicious and meeting her husband, social media expert James Andrews, who just happened to be one of the conference speakers! He discussed the Relationship between Social Media and Television (youtube video link). It was a great session.

3. Lorraine aka AskWifey is also a fellow Disney Magical Mocha Mom and creator of the BlogRollersClub. Lorraine is truly one of those proactive, community building mom bloggers you need to know. It’s always great to see her at an event.

4. Kimberly Seals Allers is one of my idols. She is an award winning author and creator of MochaManual.com. Kim knows this already, but when I was pregnant I purchased and read her book, “The Mocha Manual to a Fabulous Pregnancy.” When I read the chapter in which she decided while pregnant that she wanted to work for herself, I decided to officially become a work at home mom. She inspired me to move forward in actualizing my dream. She surprised me when she joined my social networks and interviewed me for inclusion in her second book! She’s consistently been helpful to me participating in my online parenting events and also connecting with me when she has resources to share. We officially met for the first time at Blogalicious and I got her autograph! I will cherish it always.

5. Onica (Nikki) the creator of Mommy Factor is my partner in positivity and fellow Disney Magical Mocha Mom. We met at the Disney event and have been friends ever since. Trying not to tear up when I write this, but Onica has been one of the few women I’ve met that so genuinely get me and support what I do. Being the information giver, my world is often filled with people asking me for help (which is great), but its rear to find someone like Onica who graciously takes so much time to help me, connect me to people within her circle, and take part in taking my business goals to the next level. We roomed at Blogalicious and had a blast! We hung out in Brooklyn this summer, took our kids to Coney Island, and had a blast there too! She is so sweet, such an amazing mom, and truly my sister-friend for life.

10 First Time Meetings – Absolutely Fabulous Mom Bloggers:

6. Jennifer James I’ve followed for years, but never really met. She is the creator of MommyToo Magazine as well as the very popular Mom Bloggers Club.

7. Leticia aka Tech Savvy Mama is truly a technology pro after my own heart. She is doing some amazing things over at bitmoms.com and I can’t wait to work with her in the future.

8. Boni is a career coach! We both are INROADS alum and we both coach women about their careers, which is very cool!

9. Kim is a fellow mom blogger and creator of imnotthenanny.com. We had a very thought provoking conversation about raising black sons and the unique experiences of not just black mothers but mothers raising biracial children in general.

10. Meeting Jessica, aka That Tech Chick was one of my most memorable moments. She told me that reading my blog (sistasense) has been very motivational and it showed her that she could add more of her own personality and flava to her own blog. Even though I know people read my blog, folks aren’t in the habit of leaving comments about why they read, so meeting many of my readers at Blogalicious, was a great experience.

11. Jeannette is a fellow mom blogger and the creator of TodoBebe! She told me she created this particular website because there was not enough information about toys, books, and other products that were specific to the interests of Hispanic parents. As she spoke I knew we had an instant connection because I created the black parenting blog for similar reasons.

12. Christie cofounded the blog rollers club with Lorraine aka Ask Wifey and she is the host of the BlogTalkRadio Show The ChatterBox Show. As busy moms who often work at home, we had a few funny stories to share about trying to make calls when the kids are trying to get our attention (banging doors and all).

8. Meeting Akilah, aka Execumama, a member of my social network BBWO was also a thrill! Again, I cannot express how personally gratifying it is to hear her say that my work online has helped her. Akilah is a fellow mompreneur doing amazing things online, so being a resource to her (and to you) is truly an honor.

9. Dierdre aka Savvypreneur is an attorney passionate about working with solopreneurs. In addition to sharing this common passion she is also one of the amazing women in my circle. I clearly remember sitting in one of the Blogalicious sessions and Dierdre came to say hello; letting me know she’s been following my journey for years. She even purchased some of my eBooks! How cool is that!

10 – 12. I had to finish this list but not 1 but 3 mom bloggers. The Justices, Fergie, Jonesie and Ny are the mompreneurs behind Blogalicious and MamaLaw. Words cannot express how truly amazing these women are for sharing their vision with us and supporting women bloggers of color in ways that have not been done before.

For all 30 Blogalicious lessons learned, read my series of Blogalicious 2010 Adventures.

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