Boring to Bodacious: How to Build a Bankable Brand From Scratch (webinar replay)
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Passive Income and Affiliate Marketing Strategies for Busy Entrepreneurs
(video) 6 Ways to Monetize Your Blog

Boring to Bodacious: How to Build a Bankable Brand From Scratch (webinar replay)

Guest Post + 60 Min Training Video – B2B Webinar Replay
by Power Circle Expert Cheryl A Pullins, iCoachWomen.com

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5 Ways to Jumpstart Your Life for Success

Featured in October Issue of SistaSense Magazine

#1 See Where You Are Going
One of the most relied upon of the five senses is sight. Sight on a basic level is the ability to see with your physical eyes. But if you dig deeper the ability to see includes creating a mental picture; a visualization. Familiar with the term “mind’s eye”? This term refers to the human ability for visualization, which is experiencing visual mental imagery. Basically, the ability to “see” with your mind. Helen Keller said, “The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but, no vision.”

From this place of seeing you can begin to jump start your life. Use your “mind’s eye” to see yourself in the future. Where are you? Are you living the life you dreamed of living? Are you experiencing success in all areas of your life? Do you have balance? Say to yourself, “I see you in the future and you look much better than you look right now!”

Visualize the life you want and deserve to live. Harness what you see to help create the path to get from where you are to where you want to be. Use vision to see where you are going.

#2 Pursue Your Passion
Dare to create a vision for your life? Tap into the creativity embedded within you to reach your destined place of purpose. Have you taken the steps necessary to find your purpose? That very thing you are passionate about could be the spark you need.

I was inspired to become a life coach because I encountered individuals who have shared with me that they don’t know their life’s mission. They didn’t know why they are on this earth at this appointed time and in space. Some stated they have no desire to invest their time, resources or energy to finding their purpose, maximizing their potential and igniting the passion within. I hope you are not at this place in your life; however, if you are then you are reading this at the right time.

Now is the time for you to invest in you. You may have spent years, an enormous amount of resources or endless hours working toward something that is not germane to your life’s call. But take the time to think about that thing in your life which makes you sing. That thing you begin to talk about to the point where people can see the twinkle in your eye and the glow in your countenance. Discover, unleash and pursue your passion.

#3 Act on Your Goals
Take a close look at the word “goal”.  The first two letters make up the word “go”. Go, to move on a course, proceed or to take a certain course. It is just that simple. Goals are not as complicated as we make them out to be. For example, your goal is the bigger picture. For this example our goal or bigger picture is to go food shopping. There are a number of “tasks” we must complete in order to reach this goal. The basic tasks include preparation, going outside, getting into the car, putting the car in gear and “going”.

An effective way to help reach your goals is to break the bigger goal down into a series of tasks. With this in mind, you may only want to tackle two to three goals at one time. Why? Because when you list out the tasks associated with each goal the list can become pretty long. Begin small, be persistent and consistent.

#4 Rev Up Your Engine
In thinking about revving an engine, car racing came to mind. In preparation for a high speed motor race revving the engine prepares the car for optimum performance. To get your car warmed up for the race ahead.

This is certainly a principle you can apply to your life. Revving your personal engine is a great way to prepare yourself for the race head. Life is often viewed as a race. It takes many components for you to not only get in the race, but to sustain it with speed, persistence, consistency and accuracy. You are the driver and the car you have been given is called life. One of the keys to life is learning to drive and navigate with wise efficiency.

One of the ways to “rev up your engine” is to create positive affirmations which are consistent with the way you see your life in the future. They should be positive and written in present tense. View your future with your “mind’s eye”.

#5 Kick Start Your Life
To “kick start” your life is just another way to say “jump start”. It is time to restart fresh and re-energize your life. Little to no progress can be made if you are stuck in life with no “spark” to help provide the kick start you need.

In the movie Inception, “the kick” was necessary to awaken a dreaming individual to get them from one level to another. Sometimes in order to get to our next level in life with need a kick. It is time to make room for new experiences by removing thoughts, ideas and concepts that are not helping you to get to your new level in life. What may have worked in the past may not work for your future.

Kick start your life by connecting with the right people, changing the way you see your life, pursuing your passion and getting the tools and resources you need to jump start your life.

Let Cheryl + our Power Circle Experts help you build a bankable brand online inside our Back to Business Webinar Conference, join us live or use code ’20OFF’ to watch the replays.

Choose Control – Unblock Your Blessings Challenge – Step #1

Today I share with you the first step in my 12 Step (90 Day) Unblock Your Blessings Challenge.

For each part of this challenge I share an important choice for you to make. Today that choice is as follows: choose to be in control vs be controlled.

Via the video audio session shared here I talk more about what this choice means, I chat with you about my own personal experiences and lessons learned and then ultimately provide you with this week’s challenge to getting one step closer to unblocking your blessings on the path to building your best business.life.self.

I must admit that developing this challenge was a dream actualized for me, but as I get ready to launch and share it with you I am scared. In the midst of sharing my lessons learned I am also sharing personal, private and in some cases painful experiences that I’ve gone through… I chat about stuff I don’t really want folks to know and up until this point I haven’t really discussed beyond closed circles, but I fight these fears because I know that I want to share my message with you. I know that it’s almost impossible to follow the challenge or even really take my words to heart without understanding the experiences behind them and aligning my experiences with your own.

So… here goes nothing. Unblock Your Blessings Step #1:
Chose to Be in Control Vs Be Controlled

I hope you not only enjoy this first part of the challenge, but participate, take my suggestions to heart and get started on your Be Blessed vision board.

To sign up for the Unblock Your Blessings Free 90 Day Challenge and get each step once a week go to the official website http://unblockyourblessings.com.

(create it) Your Be Blessed Vision Board + Get Featured on SistaSense

Today is great day and I’ll tell you why. Be sure to join my Unblock Your Blessings free 90 Day challenge, starts today. In the video above I share how you can create what I like to call your “Be Blessed” vision board.

Here is a wonderful Be Blessed Vision Board created by Artiatesia Deal.

Get started on your vision boards. Create them, upload videos to youtube and send me the video link when you do so I can feature it here on SistaSense, specifically on the unblockyourblessings.com page. You can also email me photos or pdfs of your boards too!

On one section of the boards I recommend you share a few people you would like to meet. One person I can’t wait to meet is Issa Rae, creator of the youtube sensation “Awkward Black Girl”. Taking her series from nothing to a HUGE something with offers product new shows and all this wonderful recognition is such a great start up story and I can’t wait to meet her and sit down for a great chat.

Here is Issa Rae on the Katie Couric show. Writer, director, and comedic actress Issa Rae has made a name for herself turning uncomfortable moments into a funny and fearless web series, “The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl.” The puts her on our list for “one to watch.” [website link here]

Unblock Your Blessings – 90 Day Challenge

King Kong ain’t got nothing on me! (lol). Seriously these are the first words in my latest SistaSense Newsletter. So let me tell you why I feel this way.

We all have our own unique gifts and talents. It’s taken me a few years, but I finally realized of all the things I am good at (designing websites, working at home, mentoring other women) … I am really GREAT at figuring out how to make things happen for myself.

Turning a vision into a reality is easier said than done, you know this. But I have a gift, I know how to consistently overcome circumstances and achieve my definition of success! More importantly, I know how you can do the same thing, which is what I want to share inside my free Unblock Your Blessings – 90 Day Challenge.

I’ve been quietly working on Unblock Your Blessings for about a year and a half, but this is actually 33 years in the making because it’s based on everything I’ve learned about building my best business, life and self. And now I am finally ready to share UYB with you.

Let’s make the last 90 days of this year really count and every other 90 days after done! Join the Unblock Your Blessings – 90 Day Challenge today and I will show you how to make it happen … SistaSense Style.

Social Media Sales – Dawn Fitch Shows Women Entrepreneurs How to Sell their Products on Facebook and Twitter

When it comes to really making sales online, building your website is just the beginning. Dawn Fitch, owner of natural bath and body company Pooka Pure & Simple, was able to grow her business revenue by $95,000 and get on the issue of Black Enterprise by finding creative ways to generate sales through social media.

I had the pleasure of having Dawn come out and speak about her social media success at this year’s SistaSense Power Circle Conference. Actually during my Jump Start Your Business call this week (replay here), I happened to mention that Dawn’s session on social media was worth watching for those who are trying to figure out how to get more people to buy. And if you are on a ‘floss string’ budget like I was when I started out, you have to make the time to make the most of social media marketing because it’s free!

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Dawn’s social media sales video replay is featured above and you can also click here to watch all the replays from this year’s power circle conference. Enjoy and be sure to leave me a comment. Let me know which of Dawn’s social media sales strategies you plan on trying first.

Love it links: Social Media Money Series | Weekly Call Replays

iPad 4 Vs Microsoft Surface: Finding the Best Tablet for this Mobile Mompreneur

It’s time to up my tablet game! These past few weeks I’ve been considering adding a tablet to my collection of business-friendly, mobile office must haves. The first product that came to mind was the iPad, of course my hubby insists I should get the Microsoft Surface as he thinks it has more to offer. So I went to my go-to source for answers. When it comes to resolving tech debates with my hubby, youtube is our virtual mediator (smile).

After watching the video above I decided I’m going to still stick with the iPad 4. I already have an iPhone, I personally do not like the new Microsoft Home Screen (its too busy for me), and nobody beats the iTunes store in my opinion. Its the best place to find educational apps for my son + I need it to test out how sites look for my web clients when I’m in the design process. And I’m hoping to release my own apps via the itunes store hopefully by the first quarter of 2014, so the iPad 4 is essentially what I’m looking for. Sings to self “oh baby you, you got what I neeeeeed…. (lol).”

I will more than likely buy my new tablet online along with a few essential accessories like and otterbox protective case. I love the convenience of online shopping, plus I get cash back through eBates. I look for free shipping, a good discount promo code and add the eBates cash back deal on top of that and I am good to go! So let me know if you think I’m making the right choice. What’s tablet do you use or would you pick?

How do I Make Money Online? The SistaSense Method…

I recently had a truly eye opening conversation with my hubby about entrepreneurs and small businesses that struggle vs those who actually survive, thrive and consistently make money online. He pointed out to me that eBay was created in 1995 and since then it has become a multi-billion dollar company. Ebay, Facebok, Amazon how did their founders come up with these innovative ideas? And why is it that so many of the entrepreneurs you meet online can’t figure out how to do the same?

In response to his question I started talking about Pandora, a popular streaming music service available both online and via mobile apps. I told him to take a hard look at a company like Pandora. Its free to create an account and listen to your favorite music, but dig a little deeper and you will see that its a successful and lucrative business because it includes at least three profit streams that work really well. Pandora taps into ad revenue, which comes from the advertisements featured between songs. They have passive income that comes in from premium membership subscriptions for those subscribers who prefer to listen without ads. And I am almost certain they generate affiliate revenue when listeners use the option to ‘buy a song from itunes’. Three revenue models that work really well AND that I have personally been using for years to sustain a thriving work at home, web based business.

The key to making money online is to take note of those revenue models that actually work and figure out how to integrate them into your business.

If your business is built on you paying someone else to provide you with a ‘turn key business supposedly guaranteed to make sales,’ eventually you will realize the only person making money is the person that sold you a get rich quick and/or easy dream. If you suck at sales you won’t make any real money online because truth #1 is that most of the hyped up ‘make money online’ programs out there don’t work. Truth #2 is that when you are spending MORE on your business than you you are actually bringing in you simply are not making money.

I say all of this to talk to you about the make money online methods I’ve learned and share the video above. My not-so secret method to consistently making money online is ‘LPP + HPP + PIP + OPP = $$$’. So what does this all mean?

I consistently bring revenue into my business by focusing on 4 revenue models that work:

  • Selling Low Price Point Products – LPP (as an information entrepreneur my low price point products  are ebooks and ecourses) teaching others what I’ve learned about marketing my business online. These products are great because most people are looking for low-cost offers and feel more comfortable giving you (a new business) less money until they build up a relationship with you.
  • Selling High Price Point Products – HPP (as a service professional my higher priced offers are my web design services) helping others build their websites, blogs and social networks online. These products are great because they allow you to make money faster with fewer clients. I only need 5 ($1000 web projects) to generate $5000 in profit vs needing 5000 ($.99 ebook sales) to generate the same amount.While it is much harder to make 5000 sales versus 5 sales; it takes more skill and effort to close a $1000 sale versus one for .99 cents. Therefore It’s nice to find a balance between LPP and HPP offers because the lower priced ones can generate daily revenue for you while you take the time to ‘woo’ potential clients and close bigger deals.
  • Selling Passive Income Products – PIP (as someone who builds websites and a mentor to aspiring entrepreneurs online my passive income mainly comes from the subscription based training programs and advertising networks that I maintain). Many struggling entrepreneurs spending too much time desperately searching for the next customer vs implementing revenue models that motivate return sales from existing clientele. Most of the fortune 500 companies that you know are successful because their customers pay them every month. Think about your monthly business, whether you realize it or not, all of those companies basically have you on a monthly payment system. If it works for their business, why can’t it work for yours?
  • Selling Other People Products – OPP (as a web marketing advisor to other women and blogger I make affiliate earnings by recommending useful products to my following. The Big A’s for me are Advertisers, Adsense and Affiliate Marketing.  As I built my business following I quickly realized that a lot of people will pay you quite handsomely for just a little access to your list. Many struggling entrepreneurs spend too much of their time trying to create new material or only push their  offers out of fear that if they share other people’s stuff they will lose business. The truth is that major companies are into affiliate marketing too! They might call it something different, like strategic partnerships, but it’s all the same. They share their customers and every body gets a cut of the sales.

This is my method to consistently making money online. Now that you know exactly what I do, are you curious about how it all works? I’ve got my weekly calls, one-on-one sessions, training videos and regular blog posts, so I can certainly show you how this all works. Let me know when you are ready.

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This session is all about 3 Ways to Gain Exposure and Drive Traffic to Your Web Business – whether you are starting up or you are an established woman in business looking to jumpstart or restart your online marketing and sales efforts, this session includes strategies that you can implement in your business right now.

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Passive Income and Affiliate Marketing Strategies for Busy Entrepreneurs

A new web client recently mentioned to me that she joined my SistaSense Online Training series because she was interested in learning more about affiliate marketing.

With her in mind, I decided to share one of my latest webinar replays from my Summer Circle Group training series.

Turning Clicks into Cash:
Passive Income and Affiliate Marketing Strategies for Busy Entrepreneurs

The 60 minute webinar replay below is specifically for those busy entrepreneurs and mompreneurs in my circle who want to get started, but don’t have a lot of time to work on getting affiliate marketing to work for them.

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(video) 6 Ways to Monetize Your Blog

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