Smart Start: How to Make an Extra $500 Online
(live tonight) 3 Best Kept Blog Traffic and Sales Secrets
(tips) Working On Your Web Business in the Summer Time
(next Saturday) Blogging for Business Webinar Workshop
How to Build a Blog in Under 10 Minutes
(video) 5 Bs to Be Happy For Women In Pursuit of Happiness
(video) 5 Quick Ways to Boost Your Web Business Income
(video) 1st Step to Become an InfoProduct Pro!
(video) Setting Up RSS Feeds as Newsletters or to Sync Blog to Social Media Sites
(audio) Be Happy: Building Your Business & Your Blog Online

Smart Start: How to Make an Extra $500 Online


Today I’m sharing my SistaSense Partners Program for those online entrepreneurs in my circle looking for passive income streams or affiliate marketing opportunities.

How does it work? Simple really… join the SistaSense partners program and then go here to get your links to the different online trainings, ecourses and services that I have available. If people sign up through you, I will send your funds via Paypal. That’s it!

Link to join my partners program http://www.sistasense.com/partners

Plus take a look at two GREAT items you can share (I have tons more): one and two. Leave me a comment if you have any questions (smile).

(live tonight) 3 Best Kept Blog Traffic and Sales Secrets

Happy Wednesday (smile)… Tonight 7pm est (7/16/16) join me live via Google+ Hangouts and discover 3 of my best kept secrets to improving your business traffic and sales by learning how to make, market and monetize your blog better.

My #Truth: For the past 5+ years my blog – SistaSense.com – has been my #1 “Build My Business at Home” Marketing Tool. Your blog can absolutely work wonders for your business, but you have to know how to use it correctly.

To join tonight’s live session you can review the details over at Google+ , watch live here, or call in at (712) 432-0600 | Participant Access Code: 1061931#

(tips) Working On Your Web Business in the Summer Time

Inside this quick Google+ Video I share my recommendations on how to be productive and work on your business over the course of this summer.

Feel free to post your questions or comments from this video below. Also review my youtube channel and upcoming “Blogging for Business” webinar workshop.

(next Saturday) Blogging for Business Webinar Workshop


Are you ready, are you ready, have you registered?

The SistaSense Blogging for Business virtual workshop happens next week! Formally a local live event, this workshop is now live online, so you can participate with us whereever you are!

Join other fabulous fellow bloggers and entrepreneurs to participate in 3 sessions:
Blog Like a Pro: Create 8 Great Posts to Engage Readers or Promote Your Business
Video Blogging Activity: Setup Blog & Business Video Trailers SistaSense Style
Monetize Your Message: How to Generate PayPal Sales & Affiliate Profits Via Your Blog

Register at http://blogandbrunch.sistasense.com

How to Build a Blog in Under 10 Minutes


In this quick video I will show you how to get your domain name and web hosting for low cost. Plus you’ll see how to easy install wordpress and write you first post.

I recommend HostMonster Hosting + one domain name (affiliate link)

Once you set up your new blog I can certainly help you make it pretty and professional to better promote yourself and your business! Take a look at my Build It On a Budget Custom 5 Page WordPress Web Design services.

Last but not least for more blogging tips and tools go to http://goblog.sistasense.com to review my list of blogging tutorials from help for beginners, to blogging on a business and learning how to monetize your blog.

(video) 5 Bs to Be Happy For Women In Pursuit of Happiness


For today, Mother’s Day I wanted to share a video message of love and light to mother and all the women in my circle who are in the pursuit of happiness. The idea of saying “Happy Mother’s Day” makes me think about the concept of what it means to be “Happy” by our own personal standards and as ambitious women living in this new world of higher expectations, responsibilities coupled with ability to tap into all kinds of potential some of us hardly know that we have.

Inside this video I share the 5 Bs – 5 Be Happy solutions that I’ve been working on in my own pursuit of happiness. I talk about one book in particular “Happy Women Live Better” by Valorie Burton, a bike, a break, a budget and the business.

I hope you enjoy the video above and below leave me a comment, let me know if you are truly happy right now plus what you are doing about it. You may also like to join my Be Happy (email circle) or learn about my Unblock Your Blessings 90 Day Challenge.

As a work at home web momma I know what think that makes me feel better about my day is getting things done, so if you’d like to work on your productivity skills click here to learn more about my new PowerUp Plus Webinar series designed to help you work on 4 key areas in your web business: your blog, your information products, your lists and your landing pages.

(video) 5 Quick Ways to Boost Your Web Business Income


How lovely it would be for business owners if every day was like Black Friday, because its essentially one of those magical days when you can tap into a serious income boost!

Inside my latest Jumpstart Your Business Weekly Session I shared 5 of my favorite ways to generate quick bursts of income within my online business. I hope you enjoy this session detailed above. Leave me a comment and let me know which of any of these you planning on using to boost your business.

If you want more be sure to join my weekly PowerUp Plus live webinars OR Jumpstart Your Business calls.

Remember SistaSense is all about giving you a serious boost in business know how this week. Be sure to also take a look at:

PowerUp Webinar: Become an Information Product Pro
SistaSense For Moms in Business Bundle

I host these training sessions for web women entrepreneurs all the time, so if you would like to participate in our weekly calls, click here and become a member of the SistaSense Online Circle.

(video) 1st Step to Become an InfoProduct Pro!

PowerUp with SistaSense: listen to my latest clarity call to discover your first step to becoming an Information Product Pro online! This sessions is specially designed for web entrepreneurs curious about creating their own digital products (ebooks and ecourses).

1st Step to Become an InfoProduct Pro!

Today’s clarity session is inspired by my PowerUp Plus – 8 part webinar series starting this week! We’ll be talking about info products, rich media for your blog, list building and landing pages. Plus you can sign up for as little as $27 today (via our 4 part payment plan) to join us live or get lifetime access to the replays.

SistaSense HotLinks Mentioned on the Call:
Weekly PowerUp Circle
PowerUp Plus Webinar Workshops
For Moms in Business Bundle
ProWebinars Training Series

(video) Setting Up RSS Feeds as Newsletters or to Sync Blog to Social Media Sites

As part of my BIG Spring Clean Your Business Initiative (6 tips here), I’ve asked ladies inside our weekly power circle one simple question: “What web skills would you like to boost this week?”

Quite a few ladies wanted to gain a better understanding of how to best use their blog’s RSS Feeds, so I’ve decided to replace or weekly call with a webinar session: Setting Up RSS Feeds as Newsletters or to Sync Blog Posts to Social Media Sites.

I shared several key points and techniques about:

  • What RSS Feeds Are
  • How to Find Your Websites RSS Feed
  • How to Create a Subscription Box for Your RSS Feed
  • How to Sync Your Blog’s RSS Feed with Social Media
  • Different Ways You Can Use RSS Feeds to Market Your Business

Watch Webinar Replay Below:

Can’t access the audio replay below? Click here to log in or click here to join the SistaSense Online Circle. For just $7 you’ll get access to this replay, my Jumpstart Your Business live sessions and more.

Are you ready to PowerUp Your Business?
Hurry and join us. Don’t miss this change to participate in my SistaSense 4 Week Training Series for Web Entrepreneurs including 8 Live Webinars, Full Access to Replays, Bonus Videos and optional ‘Done-For-You’ DFM Design Services (details here).

If you also need to freshen up your web skills, be sure to send me the questions you’d like answered inside our weekly Jumpstart Your Business Sessions (replays archive here).

(audio) Be Happy: Building Your Business & Your Blog Online

I recently hosted my first PowerUp Call and talked about Being a Happy Entrepreneur: SistaSense Solutions to Building a Better Business and Blog Online.

PowerUp Sessions are a new series of weekly Calls that I am hosting starting March 30th for women entrepreneurs who need that extra boost of direction and accountability required to work on the businesses and blogs each week.

Inside this call we will take a look at your current business, project plans and blog. If you are happy where you are right now wonderful! If you feel like you could use some direction… a boost… a power push I hope you listen in (smile).

To me being a Happy Entrepreneur means really loving what you do. Feeling accomplished and valued. Seeing progress.. growth in your business and customer base. Moving away from “paycheck to paycheck” or “this is good enough just to get by” to a place of abundance and wealth. It means actively participating in the lives of those you strive to provide for while living in your purpose.

Everybody is busy buzzing away each day working a 9 to 5 or working in their business, but you have to consistently work ON your business if you want your ‘happy thoughts’ to become ‘happy realities’. Life is never going to give you enough time to work on what you REALLY want to, so you have to take it!

In the call replay above I take you on a 60 minute clarity journey in which I share some of my recommendations on how you can take the time to build your business and blog online.

What does being a happy entrepreneur mean to you? Post your comments and questions below plus join the SistaSense Circle to participate in our weekly PowerUp and ProBlogger calls so you can stay productive and see progress in your online business.

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