iPad 4 Vs Microsoft Surface: Finding the Best Tablet for this Mobile Mompreneur
How do I Make Money Online? The SistaSense Method…
(video) 3 Ways to Gain Exposure and Drive Traffic to Your Web Business
Passive Income and Affiliate Marketing Strategies for Busy Entrepreneurs
(video) 6 Ways to Monetize Your Blog
3 Clever and Easy Ways to Make More Sales Online
3 Essentials to Building Your Best Website
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Thinking Big: How to Improve Your Traffic and Expand Your Brand Online

iPad 4 Vs Microsoft Surface: Finding the Best Tablet for this Mobile Mompreneur

It’s time to up my tablet game! These past few weeks I’ve been considering adding a tablet to my collection of business-friendly, mobile office must haves. The first product that came to mind was the iPad, of course my hubby insists I should get the Microsoft Surface as he thinks it has more to offer. So I went to my go-to source for answers. When it comes to resolving tech debates with my hubby, youtube is our virtual mediator (smile).

After watching the video above I decided I’m going to still stick with the iPad 4. I already have an iPhone, I personally do not like the new Microsoft Home Screen (its too busy for me), and nobody beats the iTunes store in my opinion. Its the best place to find educational apps for my son + I need it to test out how sites look for my web clients when I’m in the design process. And I’m hoping to release my own apps via the itunes store hopefully by the first quarter of 2014, so the iPad 4 is essentially what I’m looking for. Sings to self “oh baby you, you got what I neeeeeed…. (lol).”

I will more than likely buy my new tablet online along with a few essential accessories like and otterbox protective case. I love the convenience of online shopping, plus I get cash back through eBates. I look for free shipping, a good discount promo code and add the eBates cash back deal on top of that and I am good to go! So let me know if you think I’m making the right choice. What’s tablet do you use or would you pick?

How do I Make Money Online? The SistaSense Method…

I recently had a truly eye opening conversation with my hubby about entrepreneurs and small businesses that struggle vs those who actually survive, thrive and consistently make money online. He pointed out to me that eBay was created in 1995 and since then it has become a multi-billion dollar company. Ebay, Facebok, Amazon how did their founders come up with these innovative ideas? And why is it that so many of the entrepreneurs you meet online can’t figure out how to do the same?

In response to his question I started talking about Pandora, a popular streaming music service available both online and via mobile apps. I told him to take a hard look at a company like Pandora. Its free to create an account and listen to your favorite music, but dig a little deeper and you will see that its a successful and lucrative business because it includes at least three profit streams that work really well. Pandora taps into ad revenue, which comes from the advertisements featured between songs. They have passive income that comes in from premium membership subscriptions for those subscribers who prefer to listen without ads. And I am almost certain they generate affiliate revenue when listeners use the option to ‘buy a song from itunes’. Three revenue models that work really well AND that I have personally been using for years to sustain a thriving work at home, web based business.

The key to making money online is to take note of those revenue models that actually work and figure out how to integrate them into your business.

If your business is built on you paying someone else to provide you with a ‘turn key business supposedly guaranteed to make sales,’ eventually you will realize the only person making money is the person that sold you a get rich quick and/or easy dream. If you suck at sales you won’t make any real money online because truth #1 is that most of the hyped up ‘make money online’ programs out there don’t work. Truth #2 is that when you are spending MORE on your business than you you are actually bringing in you simply are not making money.

I say all of this to talk to you about the make money online methods I’ve learned and share the video above. My not-so secret method to consistently making money online is ‘LPP + HPP + PIP + OPP = $$$’. So what does this all mean?

I consistently bring revenue into my business by focusing on 4 revenue models that work:

  • Selling Low Price Point Products – LPP (as an information entrepreneur my low price point products  are ebooks and ecourses) teaching others what I’ve learned about marketing my business online. These products are great because most people are looking for low-cost offers and feel more comfortable giving you (a new business) less money until they build up a relationship with you.
  • Selling High Price Point Products – HPP (as a service professional my higher priced offers are my web design services) helping others build their websites, blogs and social networks online. These products are great because they allow you to make money faster with fewer clients. I only need 5 ($1000 web projects) to generate $5000 in profit vs needing 5000 ($.99 ebook sales) to generate the same amount.While it is much harder to make 5000 sales versus 5 sales; it takes more skill and effort to close a $1000 sale versus one for .99 cents. Therefore It’s nice to find a balance between LPP and HPP offers because the lower priced ones can generate daily revenue for you while you take the time to ‘woo’ potential clients and close bigger deals.
  • Selling Passive Income Products – PIP (as someone who builds websites and a mentor to aspiring entrepreneurs online my passive income mainly comes from the subscription based training programs and advertising networks that I maintain). Many struggling entrepreneurs spending too much time desperately searching for the next customer vs implementing revenue models that motivate return sales from existing clientele. Most of the fortune 500 companies that you know are successful because their customers pay them every month. Think about your monthly business, whether you realize it or not, all of those companies basically have you on a monthly payment system. If it works for their business, why can’t it work for yours?
  • Selling Other People Products – OPP (as a web marketing advisor to other women and blogger I make affiliate earnings by recommending useful products to my following. The Big A’s for me are Advertisers, Adsense and Affiliate Marketing.  As I built my business following I quickly realized that a lot of people will pay you quite handsomely for just a little access to your list. Many struggling entrepreneurs spend too much of their time trying to create new material or only push their  offers out of fear that if they share other people’s stuff they will lose business. The truth is that major companies are into affiliate marketing too! They might call it something different, like strategic partnerships, but it’s all the same. They share their customers and every body gets a cut of the sales.

This is my method to consistently making money online. Now that you know exactly what I do, are you curious about how it all works? I’ve got my weekly calls, one-on-one sessions, training videos and regular blog posts, so I can certainly show you how this all works. Let me know when you are ready.

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(video) 3 Ways to Gain Exposure and Drive Traffic to Your Web Business

Online profits can only come when you have a steady flow of people visiting your website. The audio/video above is the replay of my first ‘Jumpstart Your Business’ weekly teleclass series.

This session is all about 3 Ways to Gain Exposure and Drive Traffic to Your Web Business – whether you are starting up or you are an established woman in business looking to jumpstart or restart your online marketing and sales efforts, this session includes strategies that you can implement in your business right now.

Enjoy the teleclass replay above. For more be sure to review:
- 7 Steps for Beginner Bloggers

And if you’d like to participate in my weekly calls, be sure to join the SistaSense Online Circle.

Passive Income and Affiliate Marketing Strategies for Busy Entrepreneurs

A new web client recently mentioned to me that she joined my SistaSense Online Training series because she was interested in learning more about affiliate marketing.

With her in mind, I decided to share one of my latest webinar replays from my Summer Circle Group training series.

Turning Clicks into Cash:
Passive Income and Affiliate Marketing Strategies for Busy Entrepreneurs

The 60 minute webinar replay below is specifically for those busy entrepreneurs and mompreneurs in my circle who want to get started, but don’t have a lot of time to work on getting affiliate marketing to work for them.

Can’t see the video below? Click here to log in or click here to join the SistaSense Online Circle for just $7/month.

If you’d like to learn more about affiliate marketing, take a look at these:

To review other topics that I cover on SistaSense, browse my tutorials page. Free trial or $7 membership required to view most of them.

(video) 6 Ways to Monetize Your Blog

Straight from my ‘Monetize Your Blog 31 Day Challenge’ inside the above video I share 3 of the most common ways to monetize your blog plus three clever monetization models you might not have thought of.

Plus after you watch this video be sure to also review:
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3 Clever Ways to Make More Sales Online
3 Essentials to Building Your Best Website

3 Clever and Easy Ways to Make More Sales Online

Do you want to Make More Sales Online? Sure you do! I think it’s safe to say all entrepreneurs and small business owners want to be profitable online.

In this quick video above I share 3 clever ways to start improving your online sales. How did I come up with these great solutions?

Truth be told… one of the BEST ways to make MORE sales online is to mirror the marketing strategies of multi-million dollar companies and six figure small business owners who are doing very well online.

As I mentioned in the video three effective online sales strategies include:

  • Creating Bundled Offers to Give Customers the Best Bang for their Buck
  • Creating Credit Incentives to motivate buyers to try your products and/or services
  • Creating Online Videos to stay connected with customers and build your business buzz via viral marketing

These 3 online sales strategies are actually just the beginning of what I would like to share with you. Inside my ‘21 Ways to Make More Sales‘ – 90 minute training video I give you specific examples of what successful entrepreneurs are doing, so you can apply these same effective sales strategies to your business.

Click here and find out how you can get instant access to this training video online.

3 Essentials to Building Your Best Website

One of my newest website clients recently asked me a great question. She said:

“LaShanda, once I get my domain name and hosting, is there anything else that I am going to need?”

In response to her question, I decided to do the quick video above on what I believe are 3 Essential components needed to build the best website for your business.

#1 You Need GREAT Photos for Branding and Promotion

  • Do you have a logo? Click here to review my Logo Design Services (option c)
  • Do you have photos of your products?
  • Do you have photos of yourself?
  • Do you have royalty free photos you can use in your marketing? – Try iStockPhoto or BigStockPhoto

#2 You Need to Build an Email List to Stay Connected to Customers and Blog Subscribers

#3 You Need an Online Merchant Account + eCommerce Shop to handle Payments

My Latest Logo Design Projects



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Web Design Services | Graphics Packages | Landing Page Packages

Do you need help with your online business?

When you are trying to figure out how to startup, fix, or build your business online, all the information available can be pretty overwhelming. With that thought in mind I decided to do this quick video for those of you who would like me to help with your online projects, but aren’t quite sure how SistaSense can help you.

As detailed in the video:

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. Remember… SistaSense is all about helping you make sense of making money online.

Upcoming SistaSense Events + New One -On- One Training Series

I felt inspired to do a quick video this past Friday just before I took my son to his orientation. Back to School for him always means back to business for me, so I wanted to let you know what I’ve got planned for you over the upcoming months.

As I mentioned in the video above:

  • Email me if you would like to attend the 2014 Power Circle Conference
  • Email me if you would like to participate in my Insider’s Circle – One-on-One Consultation Session Series

Be sure to watch the Summer Circle Replays to learn about creating your own e-course, auto-responders, using e-junkie to build your own eCommerce shop and more. Plus the 2013 Conference replays are available here.

Also be sure to let me know what you think of the new SistaSense Site Redesign. If you’d like me to help you redesign your website (click here) for more details.

Thinking Big: How to Improve Your Traffic and Expand Your Brand Online

Can’t see the video below? Click here to log in or click here to join the SistaSense Online Circle via 7 Day Free trial or for just $7/month.

A few weeks back I shared the audio replay ‘What’s wrong with your website? Improving Visibility, Traffic and Sales.’ Today I want to talk about some of the basic internet marketing and social media strategies that you should be using to boost traffic to your website and expand your brand visibility online.

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