Mompreneur Love: Videos for Every Mom Who Needs A Good Laugh, Cry and Smile Right Now

Love. Light. Laughter. Three things I want to send out to my fellow hard working, make it happen moms and mompreneurs out there. First, below I have a playlist – compilation of videos – some will make you laugh, some will make you cry and all will make you think about the power and precious […]

Reset Your Energy + Create A Brand Challenge

Hit the Reset Button On Your Energy! It is such a beautiful day. The kind of day that makes you want to hit the reset button on your energy, so you can share your amazing with the world. Ladies and gents, as I hit my reset button on my energy level today, I challenge you […]

(video) Play By Your Own Rules

Ladies its time to start playing by Your Own Rules. Fire Starter Circle mentee @YasmeenHayes invited me to join her and @JaiStone on a fabulous live scope session (video replay below). We had a wonderful, real talk conversation about what it takes to get out of the box, leave the 9 to 5 world and […]

(audio) Overcoming Anger and Negativity Today: The Election, Entrepreneurship, Life

8 Years ago after Obama was elected I wrote this post “The Dawn of a New Day“, which was inspired by our first black president and all the possibilities that the future held at that time. Today is different. The day after this year’s election, when I learned that Donald Trump was elected I was […]

How to Tackle Comment Spam in WordPress and Delete All Comments

Is your WordPress website getting hundreds, if not thousands of spam comments? One of my Fire Starter Circle mentees is having this problem so she sent me the following question, “How can I get rid of more than 5000 spam comments?” In the quick video above, I explain how I quickly bulk delete comments on […]

5 Ways to Get Back To Business: Free Challenge for Women Entrepreneurs

Are you looking for free online courses or training videos designed with women entrepreneurs in mind? Well, today I get to tell you all about my free Back to Business 5-Day Challenge, which includes 5 amazing webinars for women entrepreneurs in need of motivation combined with smart online business building solutions. These training videos are […]

Startup Success: Steve Harvey Asks Who’s On Your Wagon?

Today Steve Harvey is asking you a simple, powerful question, “Who’s On Your Wagon.” In his book, Act Like a Success, Think Like a Success, Steve shares a lesson he learned from the late Butch Lewis. “When you are a person who is success-minded, you have a wagon that you are pulling uphill,” he says. […]

Higher Love: Power Through the Panic and Work From the Heart

  To some degree, we are currently in a state of personal, political and professional panic. And panic is contagious. Between facebook posts, social and private conversations, at any given moment it’s hard to decide between crying or screaming, working or worrying, praying or preaching, giving up or getting up. Right now something has to […]

SistaSense Summer: 4 Passive Income Projects

What are you up to this summer? While most people are breaking the bank on vacations let’s talk about building bank by Monetizing Your Blog and Tapping into 4 Smart Passive Income Projects.   4 Smart Passive Income + Profit Projects that I am focused on this summer: Passive Income Streams: Setup and Promote Affiliate […]

(video) WebTechBiz: 3 Social Media Things To Do Before The Month Ends

Social media marketing should be an integral part of your online marketing plan. Today, let’s talk about 3 social media things that you should do before the month ends.   I want to tell you all about smart marketing activities like picking the social media platform that best fits your personality and how to set […]

Facebook Group Convos and Social Media Engagement Secrets

  I have two things to share with you today. First: Power up your day inside the SistaSense Facebook Power Circle, we have some great conversations for my fellow web women entrepreneurs. Here are a few Power Circle Convos worth joining: Webby Women and Mompreneurs: Share Your Best Business Advice Web Tools Tuesday Talk: Share […]

Passion and Purpose: Queen of Katwe Trailer + Learning Where You Belong

Can you do big things from such a small place? These are the first words spoken in the official trailer of Queen of Katwe, a coming soon Disney Movie based on a true story. I share this video with you today, because these thoughts filled my head when I was sitting in my apartment in […]