Triple X Your Success Step #7: Build Your Courage

  Build Your Courage: As an entrepreneur I’m sure you are on the path to greatness; wanting to make your mark on this world and impact lives one person at a time. As a person, it’s important to remember that however grandiose dreams are, you are human. You are going to have bad days and […]

Triple X Your Success Step #6: Build Your Cashflow

  Build Your Cashflow: Entrepreneurship isn’t simply about following your passion. As they say in the business world, if it don’t make dollars it don’t make sense. In other words, focus on projects that allow you to really tap into your profit potential. Make sure you have actual products and services to sell before you […]

Triple X Your Success Step #5: Build Your Community

  Build Your Community: No man or woman is an island. If you are the only person talking about your business chances are very few people realize your business even exists. Work on building your own personal tribe of loyal fans, customers, partners, and supporters. Start by creating a community online in the form of […]

Triple X Your Success Step #4: Build Your Content

  Build Your Content: If you strive to build a business online know that content is king and consistency is queen. Beyond creating great offers you must proactively create free and premium material that fosters client attraction and sales. From blog posts, podcasts and pdf goodies to webinars, wonderful photos and live streaming interaction, you […]

Best Perk of Being A Work At Home Mom

One of the BEST parts of being a work at home mom is having the flexibility to go on school trips with my son. Since he was in pre-K I’ve been on all of his school trips, with the exception of one last month because I had an out of town speaking engagement – PeriCon […]

Triple X Your Success Step #3: Build Your Client-Base

  Build Your Client-Base: There are three types of client bases that you can serve. DIY Customers want Do It Yourself Solutions they can try on their own as a way to cut costs and boost their skills. DFY Customers want Done For You Solutions they can outsource to expedite turnaround time and reduce stress […]

Triple X Your Success Step #2: Build Your Core

  Build Your Core: Who are you? What is your core (primary) profession? Who are the people you not only wish to serve, but are truly here to serve. The answer to these questions are essential, but they won’t come to you overnight or before you launch. If you struggle with focus and finding your […]

Triple X Your Success Step #1: Build Your Confidence

  Build Your Confidence: You have to confidently ask for what you really want and work towards it. In other words ask the universe for the means and the mindset to accomplish your vision. Ask for help when you need it and confidently ask for the amount you want to make when you put your […]

The 7 Keys to Triple X Your Success for Women Entrepreneurs

As you go through the day to day responsibilities of  being an entrepreneur at some point you develop your own system; a unique way of doing things that helps you increase sales, optimize your productivity and maximize your success. When I sat down and took a close look at my processes, I realized that as […]

Get Unstuck: 5 Steps to Fire Up Your Funds and Focus

Today let’s talk about smart ways to fire up your funds and your focus this year! I want to share my latest #FireAndFocus periscope session with you, in which we talk about 5 Steps … Essential clarity questions you need to ask yourself if you want to seriously work on your web vision and make […]