SSP 001: 3 Simple Steps to Get Unblocked and Start Making Moves

Welcome to this first ever episode of the SistaSense Success Podcast Series. Today it’s all about Make Move’s Monday – a  time for you and I to identify those things that might be holding you back while exploring solutions that can potentially move you and your business forward. Show Notes [1:15] Understanding the Importance of […]

5 Ways to Get Back To Business: Free Challenge for Women Entrepreneurs

Are you looking for free online courses or training videos designed with women entrepreneurs in mind? Well, today I get to tell you all about my free Back to Business 5-Day Challenge, which includes 5 amazing webinars for women entrepreneurs in need of motivation combined with smart online business building solutions. These training videos are […]

100+ Act Now. Get Clear. Fight the Fear. Productivity and Success Quotes for Women Entrepreneurs

The things we know to be true and the things we want to be true don’t always match up. For instance, we all know that Rome wasn’t built in a day and yet every entrepreneur dreams of being an overnight success. Go figure! In this digital age of instant gratification and information overload, it is […]

44 Build Your Website + eCommerce Store Web Tools

If you are interested in building a new website, finding great premium WordPress themes or setting up your own online store, here are 44 great web tools to review. Domain Name Registration, Web Hosting and SSL Certificates If you are just starting your web business journey, the first thing you will need to do is […]

22 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Website

Before we get started, first take a minute to list the different things you are currently doing to drive traffic to your website. How many items do you have on your list? If you could use a few more options, today let’s dive into my personal checklist of 22 ways to drive traffic to your […]

200+ Web Tools, Apps and Plugins for Today’s Entrepreneur

  The E-List for Entrepreneurs gives you direct access to 200+ of the best web tools, apps and plugins. Now you don’t have to drive yourself crazy trying to figure out the right terms to search for or going through an endless listing of websites and search engines. As a busy entrepreneur you know that […]

Summertime Business Boosters: 10 Cool Ways to Heat Up Your Website Visibility and Sales

At some point every entrepreneurial woman will find herself getting too comfortable, procrastinating, fighting through frustrations or even struggling with fear. In these moments we find ourselves desperately seeking out different things, new opportunities and change. For these reasons, I like to think of every new season as a fresh start; an opportunity for you […]

WAHMs: 3 Things I Learned In My First Year As a Work At Home Mom

Eight years strong, I’ve learned a lot about what it takes to start up and sustain a home-based business. Most of my lessons learned you can find in earlier blog posts and YouTube videos, but I seldom talk about them or even think about them these days. That is until I stumbled across this great […]

Create A WordPress Blog for Your Business In Under 10 Minutes

Let’s see if any of these scenarios relate to you: You have web business dream, but no business website. You sell products on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social websites, but you have no website of your own. You have plans to have your website built, in a few weeks or even a few months. […]

5 Different Types of Blog Posts Every Entrepreneur Should Have

99..9 % of my business comes from people who find me online, mainly via my blog content. As someone who actively blogs for business, I personally believe that all blog posts are not created equally. There are 5 different types that every web entrepreneur should have; each meant to enhance your business in completely different […]

3 Great PayPal Features Every Entrepreneur Should Try

If you use PayPal to handle your online invoicing and sales transactions, today I’d like to share 3 essential Paypal features worth setting up and/or checking. #1 – Upgrade to a Business Account, so you can take advantage of PayPal’s extensive collection of payment tools for entrepreneurs and business owners. #2 – Get Your own […]

(video) 7 Must Have Mobile Gadgets

Every entrepreneur needs to have a few GO To gadgets that you can grab when you need to work on the run. Watch the video above so I can share a few of my favorites with you. If you haven’t already done so, follow me on periscope @sistasense for more GREAT Fire and Focus sessions. […]