Great Reads for Highly Driven Women Entrepreneurs Looking to Set Goals and Achieve Success

When you are building your business on a budget, a good book can feel like a private session with your favorite mentor. In the spirit of keeping you inspired on your startup journey, today I’d like to share a few books from some of my favorite mentors, Steve Harvey, Valorie Burton, Tim Ferriss and Danielle […]

3 Sales Lessons to Learn: Happy Black Woman Blogging School

“The Success of Your Business Depends On the Company That You Keep” -LaShanda Henry Every now and again I look back on my life and reflect on the various experiences that have helped to shape my mindset and my business. Today I want to take a minute and think about my time spent inside Rosetta […]

WAHMs: 3 Things I Learned In My First Year As a Work At Home Mom

Eight years strong, I’ve learned a lot about what it takes to start up and sustain a home-based business. Most of my lessons learned you can find in earlier blog posts and YouTube videos, but I seldom talk about them or even think about them these days. That is until I stumbled across this great […]

Passion and Purpose: Queen of Katwe Trailer + Learning Where You Belong

Can you do big things from such a small place? These are the first words spoken in the official trailer of Queen of Katwe, a coming soon Disney Movie based on a true story. I share this video with you today, because these thoughts filled my head when I was sitting in my apartment in […]

(podcast) From Hobby to Full-Time Business for a Stay At Home Mom

As an entrepreneur, I believe that you always have to have something to sell, say, or share. That’s my AHSTS strategy. A few months back I had the pleasure of sharing my story for Rosetta Thurman’s Happy Black Woman podcast series, detailing my journey from freelance web designer to full time work at home mom […]

HowTo Work On Your Business While Working a 9 To 5

The word for this week is Work! Did you watch my latest videos above from Carla Cannon‘s GREAT workshop? Carla graciously agreed to be our guest speaker for the latest Jumpstart Your Business call. She shared her 9 to 5 / Mompreneur lessons learned to help you learn how to Work On Your Business While […]

WrapUp This Year and FireUp the New Year Right (audio)

Today is one of those great tell all days because for this week’s Jumpstart Your Business call I’m talking about the the things I do to WrapUp the Year right and FireUp the New Year with momentum. Now is a great time to finalize end of year projects with clients, schedule power sessions with associates, […]

Entrepreneurship: What do you do when you want to give up?

After wrapping up our first one-on-one clarity session, my newest Insider Circle member, just sent me the above picture that I absolutely had to share with you. Expressing a strong desire to finally move forward with her business she said to me, “LaShanda I feel like I could lick those diamonds right now – lol.” […]

(7+ Videos) Branding and Business Building Blogalicious Lessons Learned

I wish you could have attended Blogalicious 2012 with me, but its ok because I can still get you inside with a few video highlights from my trip. Branding and Tech Tips w/ Kris Kain – LittleTechGirl What Blogging Business Women Want – CoachMUp Boni Shares How to Save and Be Savvy – Tips from […]

Raising Your Revenue & Return: End of Year Lessons Learned

At the close of every year its a good idea to reflect on what worked and what did not work for your business, so that you can turn those experiences into teaching tools for the new year. Click here to listen to this complete 60 minute audio session on

27 Things You Should Be Doing Right Now (Blogalicious Lessons Learned)

When I got back from Blogalicious Weekend 2011 my head was spinning with this AMAZING list of things that I / we bloggers / web entrepreneurs should be doing right now. I sat down for a few hours and organized my list and then spent two hours recording what turned into a two part audio […]

Black Enterprise Entrepreneurs Conference 2011: Video Highlights + Lessons Learned

The picture above is from my good friend Pam Perry at the Black Enterprise Entrepreneurs Conference 2011 – (from left to right) Karen Taylor Bass, Pam Perry, Melinda Emerson, and LaShanda Henry. I had such a great time, made new connections, got new clients and became a new client of small business experts that are […]