Reset Your Energy + Create A Brand Challenge

Hit the Reset Button On Your Energy! It is such a beautiful day. The kind of day that makes you want to hit the reset button on your energy, so you can share your amazing with the world. Ladies and gents, as I hit my reset button on my energy level today, I challenge you […]

3 Ways to Monetize Your Magic

You can get fired from a job, but you can never get fired from your gift. So find your gift and you will never be out of work. All around me, I hear the voices of women who are so ready to quit that job, start that business and transform their lives. Let the transformation […]

Entrepreneur Profit Project: Create Your Own Brand CD

As an online entrepreneur, if you are creating digital content for sale I recommend tapping into your profit potential by creating your own custom brand CDs. What are these – Custom Brand Cds? Each quarter I take my best webinars, periscope, and audio training sessions and re-purpose them, by turning them into information packed CDs […]

Sell Better With Selz: 7 New Apps and Features to Improve Your Online Store is on my top 3 list of essential eCommerce tools, along with PayPal and eJunkie. As a web designer, I’ve been working with eCommerce platforms for a long time, so I know what to look for as far as the most important features to create a smooth, user friendly shopping experience for your […]

Re-purpose Your Content by Creating Custom Brand Cds

  Every blogger, coach, and service professional with GREAT digital content can and should repurpose their information by creating your own custom brand CDs. Do you have any of the following: Books and/or eBooks Audio Recordings Webinar and/or Conference Call Replays Event Video Clips Cheat Sheets and/or Worksheets These are all great content that you […]

Treps: Set Your Money Goals

As featured in my Good Stuff EP01: Get Back and Give Back Entrepreneurs, today I wanted to share this awesome make goals graphic that has been floating around my circle of entrepreneurial friends on Facebook. Think About How Much Money You Want to Make on an Annual Basis Take A Look at How Much Money […]

3 of 6 Ways to Make Money at Home Quickly

I’ve had the pleasure of being a work at home for the last eight years. As both a service professional (web designer) and information entrepreneur (I teach digital marketing and sales), I personally believe the fasted legitimate way to make money online is by selling your services to people who need it and information to […]

3 Ways to Generate Every Day Sales

Ok, I admit that on any given day I can’t tell you which one of my web/tech/business products or services is going to sell, but I can tell you that every day I generate sales online. Using my SistaSense Method to Making Money Online, I’ve found smart ways to attract new clients while creating great […]

(video) Get Paid to Teach: MP3 Challenge

After creating the 28 Day Fire and Focus Challenge, I’ve had challenges on the brain (smile). Today I want to share my Get Paid to Teach: MP3 Challenge with you. This challenge is especially for service professionals and entrepreneurs looking for new ways to attract clients and give people an opportunity to try out your […]

(video) Get Paid to Teach: Host Your Own TeleSummits

Many service professionals and coaches in my circle are looking for new ways to monetize their message and get paid to teach, so today I am sharing one of my first periscope video replays on how you can get started created telesummits to tap into your profit potential online. This video and 30+ more of […]

(video) First Steps to Convert Browsers to Buyers

For my fellow web women entrepreneurs out there today’s video is all about the First Two Steps to Convert Browsers to Buyers. I know the Struggle is Real… Most folks are struggling to get a few sales, let a lone steady sales. Are you in the same boat? I hope not, but if so I […]

How Passive Income Works: Get Your First Big Fat Affiliate Check

Every moment is a marketing moment. Just as I was about to head out the door for a local power session, I discovered my latest affiliate check from eBates; a program through which I get cash back for my online purchases. The proof is always in the pudding! For those of you out there curious […]