HowTo Prep Your Next Product Launch

The word for this week is productivity! As part of our latest Jumpstart Your Business session I shared some of my favorite productivity strategies for busy women entrepreneurs plus some helpful recommendations on how to prep for your next product launch. Listen to TeleClass Replay Below: Click here to join this week’s Power Circle Conversation […]

Blog Visibility Tip: Convert Your Best Posts into Video

It’s possible that you have a blog. You might also have your own YouTube channel. If you have both of these things, how often do you use them together? When was the last time you embedded one of your videos or favorite clips onto your website? Or when was the last time you talked about […]

How to Customize Your Youtube Channel (video)

Video blogging should be an integral part of your online marketing efforts, so inside today’s SistaSense Video I am sharing simple things that you can do to create a fresh, up to date Youtube Channel that best reflects your brand and your business. Some of the things I talk about in this video: Updating Your […]

Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube Marketing Tips (video)

It’s time to boost your social media skills. For our last Jumpstart Your Business Webinar I shared the following: Facebook Marketing Essentials: Understanding + Setting Up Pages Twitter Campaigns + Updating Your Profile Your Youtube Channel + Creating Playlists   Watch Webinar Replay Below: Click here to review a complete list of my Social Media […]

The Key to Generating Daily Sales from your Online Store (+audio session)

I receive quite a few emails that start like this, “LaShanda, I have an online store and I’m having a hard time trying to sell my items every day. Would you be able to take a look and tell me what I’m I doing wrong?” Listen to the Jumpstart Your Business Replay Below Click here […]

5 Ways to Enhance Your Youtube Channel (video)

Beyond telling you how vital videos are to your online business, as part our latest Jumpstart Your Business Webinar Session I shared how you can enhance your YouTube Channel by making the most of the latest features along with simple techniques that help improve views. Watch Webinar Replay Below: Another session you may like to […]

Entrepreneurs: Three 3-Minute Youtube Videos that Are Good for Business (audio)

Raise your hand if you need help creating videos for your business? All the gurus are going to ask you the same question, “Are you promoting your business on youtube yet?” Video marketing is big; they’ll insist you need to try it but few really explain how to get the job done. That’s where I […]

5 Webinar Based Income Streams for Web Entrepreneurs

It’s women’s history month! In support of women everywhere who are passionate about teaching, mentoring and motivating others I’ve recently hosted a few SistaSense Clarity Calls. Our last call was all about 5 Webinar Based Income Streams that may interest you (replay below). During This Session I touched on a variety of topics including: – […]

(online workshop) How to Host Your Own Webinars

Would you like to host your own Webinars for profit or to promote your business? Tons of webby women are eager to tap into their passion, share their knowledge and make money by hosting webinars. Are you one of them? Now is the time to become a PRO! Host Professional Webinars and make Paypal Profits […]

Websites, Packages, People: Building On a Budget (video)

For this week’s Jumpstart Your Business Session, I decided to host a “Build It On a Budget” Webinar. It’s possible that right now you are working on your web business, but you are stuck on the details. Perhaps you need help working on the website? Maybe you are struggling with your web packages? Or do […]

How to add video to your Blog

As part of my Blogging for Beginners video series today I will show you how easy it is to add video to your blog.

Turning Videos into VAs: Youtube Marketing Made Simple

I like to think of my YouTube Videos as FREE Virtual Assistants because they work for me by promoting my business 24/7. One of my favorite workshops this year (replay video below) was this one on YouTube Marketing. If you are trying to improve your marketing online, it’s definitely worth your time to improve your […]