Grow Your Following: Email List Building Tips for Entrepreneurs

  As an online entrepreneur one of the most important marketing tasks you will complete is building a strong email list. Today I want to take you inside my Grow Your Following 7 Day Challenge and share a clip of Day #1,in which I shared some of the strategies I used to build my list […]

MadMimi Shares: 6 Simple and Free Ways to Grow Your Email List

  MadMimi is my email marketing platform of choice, especially for new web entrepreneurs on a budget. MadMimi gives you everything you need to send out emails easily. I love it! I also love their newsletter, as they tend to send out great marketing recommendations worth sharing with you – my fellow bloggers, service professionals […]

(video) MadMimi Tips: Create A Sign Up Form with Link to Optin Offer

Do you want to setup your own opt-in sign up form on your website, but you are scratching your head trying to figure out how to give your new subscriber the offer they signed up for? I know how you feel. One of the ladies in my FireStarter Circle Mastermind group recently had the same […]

(video) List Building: Have You Set Your Magic Numbers

Magic Numbers… every entrepreneurs needs to set clear numbers in their business that they can work towards. Today I am going to talk about your list – how big it should be, how often you should email your list. Today is all about smart marketing and list building. If you liked this session, review my […]

HowTo Prep Your Next Product Launch

The word for this week is productivity! As part of our latest Jumpstart Your Business session I shared some of my favorite productivity strategies for busy women entrepreneurs plus some helpful recommendations on how to prep for your next product launch. Listen to TeleClass Replay Below: Click here to join this week’s Power Circle Conversation […]

List Building: Using Madmimi to Setup Sign Up Forms, Newsletters, Lists (video)

Your List is your most essential business asset. It is comprised of your clients, fans, followers, readers, customers, associates and partners. These are the people you want to build relationships with, stay connected to, share offers with and ideally get excited about sharing your business with the world. I know of and have used quite […]

The Key to Generating Daily Sales from your Online Store (+audio session)

I receive quite a few emails that start like this, “LaShanda, I have an online store and I’m having a hard time trying to sell my items every day. Would you be able to take a look and tell me what I’m I doing wrong?” Listen to the Jumpstart Your Business Replay Below Click here […]

Attention Grabbing Emails + SEO Friendly Blog Posts (video)

When it comes to attention grabbers first impressions can make or break your connection with potential customers. Second only to images, headlines are your first entry point for your audience. In other words, your Email Subject Headlines and your Blog Post Titles are very important. Inside our latest 90 Minute Jumpstart Your Business Webinar (replay […]

Using Auto-Responders to Boost Your Business

This work at home momma was VERY happy when a close friend introduced me to the wonderful world of ‘auto-responders’, which are basically emails that you can send out automatically to your list based on a time-frame that you define. For example you can automatically send out emails to your list once a week. Auto-responders […]

Build Your Business by Building Your List

If I had to guess where most of Walmart’s money comes from, I would say it comes from the people who shop at Walmart everyday or at least a few times a week. These people, generally aren’t people who are going to Walmart because they saw an advertisement or commercial. They shop at Walmart because […]

iContact is One of the Best eMail Marketing Tools Around

When I first started building a serious list online I tried both iContact and Constant Contact. I preferred iContact because it allows you to create multiple lists. If you have multiple websites or businesses like I do, having multiple lists is important, because you only want to give subscribers the content they want. A combined […]