Unblock Your Web Traffic and Sales (audio)

Before sharing your next awesome idea with the world, let’s take a moment to talk about how you can unblock your traffic and sales. Of the many things I’ve learned how to do online, one of my greatest accomplishments to date has been learning to successfully generate sales and drive traffic to my web business […]

Write This One Buzz Worthy Post to Boost Blog Traffic (audio)

Are you are interested in driving more traffic and attention to your blog? Listen to our latest Jumpstart Your Business Call (replay below). I shared tips on how to create this one GREAT type of post that you should write to boost your blogs buzz and attention from readers. Listen to TeleClass Replay Below: Are […]

3 Best Kept Traffic and Sales Secrets (video)

  Inspired by my latest Blog for Business 3 Hour Workshop, I decided to host this Google+ Community Hangout to share My #Truth: For the past 5+ years my blog – SistaSense.com – has been my #1 “Build My Business at Home” Marketing Tool. Your blog can absolutely work wonders for your business, but you […]

Thinking Big: How to Improve Your Traffic and Expand Your Brand Online

A few weeks back I shared the audio replay ‘What’s wrong with your website? Improving Visibility, Traffic and Sales.’ Today I want to talk about some of the basic internet marketing and social media strategies that you should be using to boost traffic to your website and expand your brand visibility online.

Blog Traffic: How to Keep Readers On Your Site Longer

Blogging isn’t just about writing great posts, you also want to know that people are proactively using your blog and reading the content that you share. Do you check your Google stats or just in your gut feel like people are not spending enough time on your website? In my video for today (featured below) […]

Blog Traffic: A Social Media Marketing Checklist for Entrepreneurs

How do you use social media to drive traffic to your blog? When it comes to spending time on spaces like Facebook and Twitter there is a very thin line between ‘activities for business’ and ‘activities for pleasure’. I’m sure you know it can be BOTH easy to get distracted and hard to figure out […]

Video: How to Improve Your Blog Traffic

In this quick video tutorial, I share a few easy ways you can improve your blog traffic and keep visitors on your website longer. As I mentioned in my video, ‘How to Recycle Your Blog Posts‘, writing great content is just the beginning. If you want to develop a following and encourage visitors to return […]

Blogging Tip: How to Recycle Your Old Posts for More Traffic

This video is apart of my Technology, Tools, and Talk video series; 90 videos on my blog in which I share some of my best small business, internet marketing, and social media marketing tips with you. To watch all the videos, just subscribe to sistasense.com. If you want to watch the previous videos click here.

Are you recycling your blog posts?

Everybody is going green, do your part by recycling your blog posts. On a serious note, I recently read this great post on problogger entitled, 5 Tips for Getting Readers Viewing Your Old Blog Posts. As bloggers, we all too often feel pressured to create quality content every single day, when we don’t have to. […]