Why I Chose Shopify to Setup My Online T-Shirt Business

When I launched my own custom T-Shirts online store, I decided to build my new brand using the Shopify platform. Why? Most of my new products are printed through Printful, a print on demand drop shipping service that makes it easy to create and outsource the production of your own custom t-shirts, mugs and more. […]

If You Want Better Web Traffic, You Need Better Tools

Today’s top bloggers and business owners are integrating sign up forms in new places on their website. Some have started integrating forms directly into their posts, while others are using large forms within their header as the first thing visitors see on their page. These new smart list building features are available inside the SumoMe […]

Do you need an online store? New Web Entrepreneurs Should Try Selz

You can’t have an online business without an online store. I’ve used and absolutely loved PayPal for well over ten years, but sometimes clients want alternative payment methods. A few years back, I discovered the Selz platform and today it’s an absolute everyday essential for me. You can easily sell digital products, physical products and […]

How to Tackle Comment Spam in WordPress and Delete All Comments

Is your WordPress website getting hundreds, if not thousands of spam comments? One of my Fire Starter Circle mentees is having this problem so she sent me the following question, “How can I get rid of more than 5000 spam comments?” In the quick video above, I explain how I quickly bulk delete comments on […]

44 Build Your Website + eCommerce Store Web Tools

If you are interested in building a new website, finding great premium WordPress themes or setting up your own online store, here are 44 great web tools to review. Domain Name Registration, Web Hosting and SSL Certificates If you are just starting your web business journey, the first thing you will need to do is […]

Use Dropbox for File Sharing & Data Storage + Get More Free Space

As a web designer I am always sending or receiving graphics and web content from clients. For this reason I use and highly recommend dropbox, click here to sign up. It is one of my favorite file sharing / data storage services. Do you have a dropbox account, but it’s full? Get up to 16 […]

200+ Web Tools, Apps and Plugins for Today’s Entrepreneur

  The E-List for Entrepreneurs gives you direct access to 200+ of the best web tools, apps and plugins. Now you don’t have to drive yourself crazy trying to figure out the right terms to search for or going through an endless listing of websites and search engines. As a busy entrepreneur you know that […]

MadMimi Shares: 6 Simple and Free Ways to Grow Your Email List

  MadMimi is my email marketing platform of choice, especially for new web entrepreneurs on a budget. MadMimi gives you everything you need to send out emails easily. I love it! I also love their newsletter, as they tend to send out great marketing recommendations worth sharing with you – my fellow bloggers, service professionals […]

Be More Productive: 7 Must Read/ Watch/ Listen to Posts for Busy Entrepreneurs

  They say there are many sides to us Geminis, but I think the same statement holds true for entrepreneurs. There are many hats that you have to wear when building a business. Sometimes its hard to balance all those hats on your head at the same time. That said, I have a special place […]

Free and Low Cost Stock Photos for Your Business Website

  Stock Photos and Graphics: Entrepreneurs are always asking me where they find great images for their projects. Here is a short list of websites that might be helpful to you: UnSplash PixaBay Death To Stock Photo CreateHerStock BigStockPhoto iStockPhoto Adobe Stock Photos StockSy StockSnap.io FYI: If you use the canva.com platform to edit graphics, […]

Woman Entrepreneur: Are you Focused or Frustrated? Let’s Talk.

Fellow web woman entrepreneur how do you feel right now? Are you feeling focused or frustrated? If you are feeling focused, wonderful! Let’s talk about how you can improve your business and make it better. Review My posts On: Sales & Marketing / Blogging If you are feeling frustrated, I hear ya! The struggle gets […]

Good Stuff EP01: Get Back and Give Back Entrepreneurs

This morning I decided to jump on periscope (follow me) and start a new series, ‘Good Stuff’, morning motivation for my fellow online entrepreneurs. After my mompreneur duties are done, and my mini-me is off to school, I take the time to get ready for the day, check in on social media and get to […]