Grow Your Following: Email List Building Tips for Entrepreneurs

  As an online entrepreneur one of the most important marketing tasks you will complete is building a strong email list. Today I want to take you inside my Grow Your Following 7 Day Challenge and share a clip of Day #1,in which I shared some of the strategies I used to build my list […]

Podcasting Tools Perfect for Bloggers & Entrepreneurs

If you would like to record your own mp3 audio sessions or host your own podcast / radio show here are a few tools that are perfect for bloggers and web entrepreneurs. SoundCloud is an audio platform that lets you listen to what you love and share the sounds you create. At you get […]

(video) Podcasting is the New Blog + The Best Podcasting Tutorials Online

They say orange is the new blog, but for us techie girls, podcasting is the NEW blog. Today I was featured on Rosetta Thursman’s new podcast: From Hobby to Full-Time Business for a Stay At Home Mom with LaShanda Henry. This new feature sparked the idea to host a scope session today on Periscopes, Podcasts […]

Perfect for Podcasting: The Snowball Microphone

For the past three years my Logitech USB headsets have served me well with respect to audio recordings, webcam videos, and even Skype calls. Just the same, I’ve always wanted to find a quality microphone that I didn’t have to keep on my head. I hate the look of bulky headphones flopping to one side […]

3 Best Kept Traffic and Sales Secrets (video)

  Inspired by my latest Blog for Business 3 Hour Workshop, I decided to host this Google+ Community Hangout to share My #Truth: For the past 5+ years my blog – – has been my #1 “Build My Business at Home” Marketing Tool. Your blog can absolutely work wonders for your business, but you […]

The Key to Generating Daily Sales from your Online Store (+audio session)

I receive quite a few emails that start like this, “LaShanda, I have an online store and I’m having a hard time trying to sell my items every day. Would you be able to take a look and tell me what I’m I doing wrong?” Listen to the Jumpstart Your Business Replay Below Click here […]

Podcasting Profits: How to Create Your Own Radio Show or Audio Series to Engage Customers, Build Your List and Generate More Sales (audio)

Building Your List, Expanding Your Brand, Attracting New Customers: These are all things I know you want to do, but how are you going to get the job done? You can start by finding a social platform that best fits your personality and dominate it. Use your chosen social space to expand your brand, engage […]

Passive Income and Affiliate Marketing Strategies for Busy Entrepreneurs

A new web client recently mentioned to me that she joined my SistaSense Online Training series because she was interested in learning more about affiliate marketing. With her in mind, I decided to share one of my latest webinar replays from my Summer Circle Group training series. Turning Clicks into Cash: Passive Income and Affiliate […]

(video) 6 Ways to Monetize Your Blog

Straight from my ‘Monetize Your Blog 31 Day Challenge’ inside the above video I share 3 of the most common ways to monetize your blog plus three clever monetization models you might not have thought of. Plus after you watch this video be sure to also review: 31 tips shared in the Monetize Your Blog […]

Monetize Your Blog: 31 Day Challenge

Remember my Sistas Who Sell Challenges? It’s been a while since I created one of these, so I decided to put together this great 31 day challenge answering a popular question among bloggers and entrepreneurs, “How do I Monetize My Blog?” Click here to browse all 31 Days of the challenge. Keep in mind, this […]

Self-Publishing Your Own Magazine

In between working on a new web project, I spent most of today going through tons of emails. Two of them happened to be about the SistaSense Magazine, which gave me the idea to write this post about my self-publishing a magazine – journey thus far aka the “Day I decided to turn my Blog […]

How to Sell Digital Content Online

When you start getting into information entrepreneurship one of the first things you will need is a plce to securely store and sell your items. For years I have been using the e-junkie service to sell my digital products (ebooks, audio replays, ecourses and event event registrations). You can click here to see my shop […]