Facebook Group Convos and Social Media Engagement Secrets

  I have two things to share with you today. First: Power up your day inside the SistaSense Facebook Power Circle, we have some great conversations for my fellow web women entrepreneurs. Here are a few Power Circle Convos worth joining: Webby Women and Mompreneurs: Share Your Best Business Advice Web Tools Tuesday Talk: Share […]

Podcasting Tools Perfect for Bloggers & Entrepreneurs

If you would like to record your own mp3 audio sessions or host your own podcast / radio show here are a few tools that are perfect for bloggers and web entrepreneurs. SoundCloud is an audio platform that lets you listen to what you love and share the sounds you create. At Spreaker.com you get […]

Plugin Picks: Set Featured Images and Social Thumbnails for Blog Posts

When adding a new blog post to my website I automatically know to click the ‘add media’ button and select a ‘featured image’, which is the image that is used as a thumbnail graphic for your post through out your website and often times when your post is shared on social media platforms. As a […]

3 Signs You Are Creating Awesome: The V-Factor

Todays video above is all about the ‘V Factor’; signs that let you know you are creating awesome content for your web business and you are on the right track. For me it’s all about being vocal, visible and viral. Watch the video and I will tell you all about it. BTW – Remember to […]

Blog Visibility Tip: Convert Your Best Posts into Video

It’s possible that you have a blog. You might also have your own YouTube channel. If you have both of these things, how often do you use them together? When was the last time you embedded one of your videos or favorite clips onto your website? Or when was the last time you talked about […]

Blog Traffic: A Social Media Marketing Checklist for Entrepreneurs

How do you use social media to drive traffic to your blog? When it comes to spending time on spaces like Facebook and Twitter there is a very thin line between ‘activities for business’ and ‘activities for pleasure’. I’m sure you know it can be BOTH easy to get distracted and hard to figure out […]