(create it) Your Be Blessed Vision Board + Get Featured on SistaSense

Today is great day and I’ll tell you why. Be sure to join my Unblock Your Blessings free 90 Day challenge, starts today. In the video above I share how you can create what I like to call your “Be Blessed” vision board. Here is a wonderful Be Blessed Vision Board created by Artiatesia Deal. […]

Blessings and Business: How to Get What You Want + Live How You Please

As part of my “Unblock Your Blessings 90 Day Challenge” I recently hosted a webinar (replay above) on ‘Blessings and Business: How to Get What You Want + Live How You Please’. What do web women entrepreneurs really want? Based on my personal experience plus my time mentoring other women I’m pretty sure we want […]

The Django Guide to Business and Living Your Best Life

After having my fill of our holiday feast and watching the children beam with excitement over their gifts a few of us jumped in the car to watch the premier of Jamie Foxx’s new movie, Django Unchained. It’s a Quentin Tarantino movie, so I expected to see blood, guts, glory and a little quirky humor […]

What’s Holding You Back?

As Iyanla Vanzant says in the video above “Let go and move on or hold on and stay stuck. It does not have to be that hard” #foodforthought My motto has always been JUST DO IT … but I truly understand how this simple phrase can be so HARD for some people especially when you […]

Breaking, but not Broken

I found the above photo a few days ago on Facebook and it reminded me of something I recently wrote and would like to now share with you… Do you remember the previous issue of SistaSense Magazine? Creating the first six issues was truly a personal accomplishment for me, but when the New Year hit […]

Women Entrepreneurs: Understanding What is Fair vs Fare vs Fear

What is fair? Is it fair for one person to make more than another? Is it fair that some people easily get the things others find almost impossible to receive? What controls our ability to get what we believe is fair and live the life we deserve? Is it astrology working its planetary magic? Is […]