Passion and Purpose: Queen of Katwe Trailer + Learning Where You Belong

Can you do big things from such a small place? These are the first words spoken in the official trailer of Queen of Katwe, a coming soon Disney Movie based on a true story. I share this video with you today, because these thoughts filled my head when I was sitting in my apartment in […]

Before People Will Buy Your Stuff You Need to Know…

  People Have to Buy What You Say Before They Will Buy What You Sell Are you frustrated with your sales online? Are you struggling to figure out why those Tweets, Emails, or Facebook posts about your products are just not converting browsers into buyers? Before I answer this question, let me ask you two […]

Hustle & Heart: SistaSense Shares How to Make Sense of Making Money Online

Hey Hey Hey, it’s my birthday! Today is my SistaSense Sweet 16. I am celebrating the fact that I’ve been in business for the last 16 years and working at home for myself for the last 8 years. In the truest spirit of SistaSense I want to share with you how I have learned to […]

She is Making Sales and Building Her Tribe: What About You?

  Did you check the video below, entitled, “When u realize it’s almost summer!” Time is moving, so what about you? Are you maintaining your business momentum? A few months ago I hosted my “Maintain Your Momentum” mastermind, in which I shared with some of the highly motivated women entrepreneurs in my circle how I […]

Smart Marketing: How to Share Great Content Without Giving It All Away for Free

  Are you trying to use the ‘give a little – get a little’ marketing approach to attracting new customers? Service professionals, mentors, and coaches who struggle with this strategy, usually have a hard time figuring out how much information is good to give away without giving it all away for free. The answer is […]

Web Business Word of the Day: Continuity

  One Word: Continuity When you think of the word “Continuity” and “Your Business” what thoughts come to mind? When I think of this word, my “SistaSense Brain” recalls one of my favorite personal sayings, “Online Content is King, but Consistency is Queen. ” Successful entrepreneurs know it pays to create solid systems around content […]

How Do You Blog: By the Book Or From the Heart?

  When it comes to building relationships with people online, I believe that authenticity is key. You know that right? We all say that. But what else is essential when it comes to blogging the right way; in a way that generates both likes and leads (popularity and profit). I recently listened to a great […]

Woman Entrepreneur: Are you Focused or Frustrated? Let’s Talk.

Fellow web woman entrepreneur how do you feel right now? Are you feeling focused or frustrated? If you are feeling focused, wonderful! Let’s talk about how you can improve your business and make it better. Review My posts On: Sales & Marketing / Blogging If you are feeling frustrated, I hear ya! The struggle gets […]

WebTechBiz: What are the 5 types of blog posts every entrepreneur should have?

  If you are an entrepreneur on a tight budget, it’s essential that you take advantage of no-cost marketing strategies, like blogging for business. The majority of my new and return sales come from clients who found me through That said, I’ve learned there are 5 types of blog posts every entrepreneur should have. […]

Webpreneur: Always Have Something to Say, Share, and/or Sell

  AHSTS: Always Have Something To Say, Share and/or Sell In the Sales World ‘ABC’ is a very popular concept, which means Always Be Closing. In other words as a sales person your goal should always be to find, conversate with and close prospects. For the online entrepreneur I have developed my own concept, ‘AHSTS’, […]

Good Stuff Ep02 : Entrepreneurs – How to Crush It And Crunch The Numbers

Today’s Good Stuff Morning Motivational scope session for web entrepreneurs was all about how you can Crush It and Crunch the numbers. This morning I took some time to reflect on: My Atlanta Trip, New Client Sales, and Social Media Milestones sharing recommendations on how to set goals for yourself with respect to the SistaSense […]

4 Steps to a Fresh Start #MaintainMomentum

Have you ever felt like you were in serious need of a fresh start. If you are ready to press the rest button and renew your web business vision – today I want you to watch one of my periscope videos on 4 steps to a fresh start.