Rich Goddess Spiritpreneur Podcast

Do you know women’s spiritual empowerment and lifestyle guru Abiola Abrams (@abiolaTV)? I recently teamed up with her as a Master Teacher & Coach in her upcoming Spiritual Business Success course. We had a powerful kickoff podcast call that I want to share with you. You can check it out tomorrow (11/17) on Abiola’s […]

Mompreneur Love: Videos for Every Mom Who Needs A Good Laugh, Cry and Smile Right Now

Love. Light. Laughter. Three things I want to send out to my fellow hard working, make it happen moms and mompreneurs out there. First, below I have a playlist – compilation of videos – some will make you laugh, some will make you cry and all will make you think about the power and precious […]

(videos) A Week of Personal and Professional Growth

Using the power of videos and words I would like to take you through this week of personal and professional growth; especially for my highly driven black women entrepreneurs and truth be told entrepreneurial women yearning to find inspiration and direction through divine connections. Note to Self: Take care of you. Do you remember that? […]

SistaSense In 60: Create A Challenge, Redesign Your Website, Revisit Your Goals

Today’s Note to Self: Do the Work and It Will Get Done. We are on month number two of the new year, so my question to you is what did you do thus far? Applaud yourself for your accomplishments and dig deep because you have to continue creating amazing. Inside the Fire Starter Circle Mastermind […]

Treat Yourself: New Phones, Cameras and Laptops for Mom

As a hard working mompreneur, I think you and I both deserve sweet treats for ourselves and our businesses. Today I am going to share the short version of personal holiday gift guide, which includes some of my favorite tech picks from phones and tablets to cameras and laptops. What do you say momma? Are […]

Get It Girl: Get Paid. Get Clear. Get Unstuck. Get Back on track.

I’ve got one thing to say to you this week, “You Betta Go Get It Girl!” Stop all this foolishness. Stop being so far up in your feelings that you can’t see it’s time to do like the Mary, Mary songs says, “Go Get Your Blessings!” This is a BIG one especially if you have […]

Grow Your Following: Email List Building Tips for Entrepreneurs

  As an online entrepreneur one of the most important marketing tasks you will complete is building a strong email list. Today I want to take you inside my Grow Your Following 7 Day Challenge and share a clip of Day #1,in which I shared some of the strategies I used to build my list […]

Sales Rule #3 for Woman Entrepreneurs: Content is King, but Consistency is Queen

The words ‘sales’ and ‘selling’ are two of the nastiest words for most of the women entrepreneurs that I know. Those who struggle with saying these words all too often struggle with generating sales as well. They tell me these words make them feel ‘dirty’ and sometimes even ‘sleezy’. They tell me they don’t want […]

Website Design Inspiration for Coaches, Mentors, and Service Professionals

As a web designer, my job is never boring! Every week I have a different new project to work on. As I look back on some of my favorite projects, this website for coach Gail K Allen, is one of my favorites. For this project I redesigned her website to create a brighter look and […]

Startup Success: Steve Harvey Asks Who’s On Your Wagon?

Today Steve Harvey is asking you a simple, powerful question, “Who’s On Your Wagon.” In his book, Act Like a Success, Think Like a Success, Steve shares a lesson he learned from the late Butch Lewis. “When you are a person who is success-minded, you have a wagon that you are pulling uphill,” he says. […]

Get Unstuck: How to Move Forward When You Are Waiting On Other People

  Today’s Get Unstuck question is this: “I am ready to move forward with my business vision, but I am so frustrated with “” person/people because I am still waiting for them to “complete/edit/send back/approve” my “” stuff. How can I start to put my business plan in motion when they are holding me back?” […]