Stop Waiting Start Creating #Motivation #PowerMoves
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Thursday Throwback: Inside The SistaSense Fire Starter Circle Weekend Workshop
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Stop Waiting Start Creating #Motivation #PowerMoves


Are you in a space where you are READY and WAITING to do the next thing, but find yourself with frustrating feelings of being stuck or all over the place? Do you have the angry entrepreneur face on right now?

How many times have you told yourself that you’re ready, but still nothing is really happening yet? Today I want to inspire you to Stop saying you’re ready and start taking Real Action!

First let me tell you where today’s motivational / power moves message is coming from… This has been an AMAZING week.

If you’ve been waiting or deliberating over your next step, today I want to MOTIVATE you to take action – Monetize – and make your next power move really count.

Let me tell you about my week…
Monday, I integrated new download options for my client, MarcusGarveyCubs, where you can download 100 positive audio stories for the black child. We recently launched his new site and he’s already making sales.

Last night, I was chatting it up with one of my VIP Clients, Kim E, as we prepare to launch the new GirlfriendConnect online membership community for the 40+ black woman. And somebody already signed up, before we made the official announcement.

I just finished a clarity call with Janel, one of my favorite Insider Circle members, helping her add a ‘Call Me’ page and payment options, so people can directly sign up to her services online!

You’ve been working so hard on your vision, isn’t it time your website started working BETTER for you? Lean in and let’s talk…

Today I am wrapping up my first Content to Cashflow 4 Day Intensive – helping entrepreneurs create their own digital offers.

Now is the perfect time to start creating your own LPPS – low price point offers before the holidays hit. I know you are ready to do this (smile)…

Look! Look (one) (two) (three) examples of GREAT offers some of our CTC participants, Fire Starter entrepreneurs have created. I know you have one, two, maybe more than a few digital offers you want to create. Right?

If you missed the first intensive, don’t miss round two happening next week.

You can get the replays for Incubator #1 AND/OR register now for Incubator #2.

Stop Waiting and Start Creating
Register today, so you can join us for the next live intensive happening Nov 2nd – 5th.

This is a 4 day intensive and I host two sessions daily; a morning 8am prep call and an evening 8pm tech webinar, so you can work on one digital offer each day.

I know…. 8am is a little early for some, so it’s ok if you miss the morning session BECAUSE promptly after it ends I send you the replay so you can work on your project at some point that day.

And yes, you will get access to all replays, so you can check in at the pace and times that work best for you.

You will also receive a bonus Copy Writing Pro (70min) audio training and a PREP Session replay to help you get started inside our Intensive.

Content to Cash Flow 4 Day Intensive #2
Create 4 Digital Offers in 4 Days
Set Up Shop in time for the Holidays
Early Registration | Regular Registration

Stop Saying You’re Ready – Take Action Today!

(create) Brand Mag, Digital Content, Triple X Success

It’s Implementation Time! I am days away from hosting my next virtual training course online. What’s happening, you ask? Well…with the holidays just around the corner, we want to make sure that your web shop is up and ready for sales.

Do you need help? Let’s go…

Content to Cash Flow 4 Day Intensive
Create 4 Digital Offers in 4 Days
Set Up Shop in time for the Holidays
Early Registration Rate | Regular Registration Rate

Brand Mag BootCamp
4 Week Virtual Webinar Workshop
Turn Your Blog and Brand Content into a Magazine
Early Registration Rate | Regular Registration Rate

Triple X Success Weekend Workshop
SistaSense Signature Triple Revenue Track
Blogging for Business Calendar + Intensive
Includes Brand Mag BootCamp Bonus
Early Registration Rate | Regular Registration Rate

Power Circle Members click here to review my JYB Sessions – particularly those focused on Holiday Sales!

Thursday Throwback: Inside The SistaSense Fire Starter Circle Weekend Workshop


Of the many things that I do on SistaSense I am most proud of launching the SistaSense Fire Starter Circle – an intimate mastermind for women in business looking to be fierce, focused and fired up. Here are a few ladies from this year’s January event.

Be sure to join me for our next year 3 Day Mastermind at the Aloft Hotel in Chapel Hill – Triple X Success Secrets – Early Register Here.

Kim Coles, Blogging Bootcamp, Name Your Price


Tomorrow is the big day!

Celebrity personality, Kim Coles, kicks off our two day Back to Business Webinar Conference tomorrow night at 6pm EST, followed by my Blogging for Business 2hr Intensive.

Have you registered yet? There are 7 seats left – click here. You can sign up for EVERYTHING or get access to the replays at a reduced rate.

From sales cheat sheets and the million dollar equation to web apps for your business and periscope social media solutions to help boost your business visibility and sales.

We have 15 fabulous live and master class sessions. It’s all about Fire and Focus: How to Fast Track Your Business Growth Online.

With four new speakers, bonus sessions and a blogging intensive you are getting access to the best Web / Tech / Business virtual event of the year.

Did I mention the Name Your Price Option Here? If this year’s event is not in your budget, click here to get instant access to “Power Moves” our last installment in the Back to Business series for as little as 27 dollars.

How sweet is that! Remember… The success of your business depends on the company that you keep. Get access to GREAT company inside the Power Circle.

(video) Podcasting is the New Blog + The Best Podcasting Tutorials Online

They say orange is the new blog, but for us techie girls, podcasting is the NEW blog. Today I was featured on Rosetta Thursman’s new podcast: From Hobby to Full-Time Business for a Stay At Home Mom with LaShanda Henry.

This new feature sparked the idea to host a scope session today on Periscopes, Podcasts and Your Profit Potential… which lead me here back on SistaSense, ready to share one of my favorite Power Circle Experts, Sharvette Mitchell.

Via the training video below, Sharvette is going tell you everything you need to know to get started with podcasting as a way to build your brand visibility and share your business vision with the world online.

Can’t access the webinar replay below? Click here to log in or click here to join the SistaSense Online Circle. For as little as $7 you can get access to this replay, my Jumpstart Your Business live sessions and more.

Want more? This video training can also be found inside the complete Back to Business Power Moves series featuring 15+ amazing women entrepreneurs ready to teach you how to take your business to the next level.

Back to Business 2015 Webinar Conference


Every year it just keeps getting better! Web women entrepreneurs I invite you to join us for this year’s annual Back to Business Webinar Conference – happening this month 10/13 to 10/14.

This is the perfect event… Direct access to power house entrepreneurs that you want to know. Best of all … No hotel reservations, airline tickets or long road trips, join THE virtual event of the season from wherever you are, plus access the replays whenever you want.

This year it’s all about Fire and Focus: How to Fast Track Your Business Growth Online.

Kim Coles our Fabulous Keynote Speaker is going to show you how to follow your own personal GPS towards a Life (and Biz) Filled with Gratitude, Passion and Success!

Jai Stone, our scop-a-licious brand coach is ready to help you boost your periscope profits!

“Self-Worth Midwife,” Abiola Abrams is here to inspire the spiritpreneurs within our circle.

Millionaire Mindset Coach, Carol Sankar is ready to help you tap into the Confidence Factor, so you can take your business to the next level.

And that’s just the beginning…

Lamar Tyler, Tanya Smith, Aprille Franks-Hunt, Quanisha Smith and I are also ready to help you get back on track so you can fire up your sales, make the most of social media and reach the people who you truly wish to serve.

Back to Business 2015 is all about helping women transition from feelings of fuzziness and frustration to fire and focus.

Plus you will get access to bonus master class sessions from Rosetta Thurman and Tiffany aka the Budgetnista with other surprise goodies included.

To make things even sweeter … for my early birds here is 10Off Full Registration or 10Off a Replays Pass for the first 10 ladies to register today!

Labor Day Love Sales and Celebration


Today we celebrate you and your labor of love!

I have a few things to share with you today…

Did you miss last week’s Traffic and Sales Mastermind? Don’t miss us tonight at 8pm est we are talking about what you need to know to fix your SEO.

Because it’s Labor Day if you missed us last week click here to get 20 off the mastermind, watch the latest replay and participate in this 6 week Back to Basics training series.

Are you ready to ready to FireUp your website? I have reserved one 15% off 5 Page Web Design slot just for you. Click here for full details.

28 Days of Fire and Focus Challenge is still 10 dollars – goes up to 11 within the next 3 hrs and by 1 dollar each day. Opportunities expire – don’t miss out on this one.

Last call to get FREE shipping on the Get Paid to Teach Starter Kit 5 CD and 2 CD sets – this one ends today.

In case you missed my last periscope trainings here they are:
7 Ways to Monetize Your Website
Fight the Fire and Create Your First Periscope

If you miss the replays – get exclusive access to all my periscope sessions in the next 28 days by signing up for the 28 Day Fire and Focus Challenge.

That’s it for now! I hope you have a wonderful day.

LaShanda Henry

p.s. Let me know what you think of my scopes… visit sistasense and leave me a speakpipe voice message sharing your thoughts and scope question requests.

(giveaway) Activate 2015 Conference Tickets #Activate2K15Con

Activate Conference

It’s official! LaShanda Henry – founder of SistaSense and the BBWO Network for women entrepreneurs, will be attending Activate Conference 2015 hosted by Lucinda Cross at the Atlanta Marriott Marquis Sept 18-20.

The best news of all is this, as a Power Partner for the #Activate2K15Con SistaSense would like to offer 3 ladies the opportunity to attend the conference.

You have two chances to enter: (one) email LaShanda with your Name, Business, twitter handle and 3-4 sentence answer to this question – How do you want to Activate Your Business in 2015?

Chance (two) join @sistasense on periscope at 6pm EST tonight (9/4/15) for a live giveaway. What’s periscope? It’s a live streaming app you can download to your phone.

That’s it. Two chances to join SistaSense at Activate 2015 – 3 Days of Fun, Fire and Freedom!

For conference details available at: www.activateconference.com

[live periscope 7pm EST] Secrets to Everyday Sales


It’s about to go down! Tonight Thursday 8/27/15 at 7pm I am hosting my FIRST live Periscope sharing some of my secrets to every day sales.

Follow me @sistasense – I know… I know… its taken me a few weeks to get on here and I’ll tell you why on tonight’s live session.

In case you missed it – I also shared this weeks Jumpstart Your Business Session, which was about unblocking your traffic and sales here.

If you are on periscope – find and follow me now so you can join us on the live session. If you are not on it, download the app from periscope.tv

Alittle nervous, about this, but definitely excited to join this new power platform and share my money, marketing and sales strategies with you.

[FLASH SALE] Everything You Need to Build a Better Business Online


This week’s big question:
Before summer ends are you ready for the Back to Business Rush?

Whether you are looking to start up OR get back on track, this weekends flash sale has everything that you need to move forward with your web business goals.

SistaSense 60 Second Clarity Session
What do you want to happen in your business this fall?

Find and Fire Up Your Fall Focus
Set up a New Store. Launch New Offers. Create Better Opt Ins. Improve Visibility. Blog More. Host Webinars. Boost Browser to Buyer Conversions.

The Clock is Ticking
Be sure to get your complimentary download of this week’s Jumpstart Your Business audio session and get everything you need here before its gone.

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