(video) First Steps to Convert Browsers to Buyers
Browsers to Buyers Boot Camp for Webpreneurs
(video) 3 Ways to Boost Summer Sales
Flash Sale Ends Tomorrow
Get Help Finishing Your Web Projects + Productivity Tips
3 Signs You Are Creating Awesome: The V-Factor
Be The Boss: Monetize Your Message and Make Money Online
#Speaklife 2015 Conference
Out of the Box Girls: Where Should You Be Right Now?
Fire Start Her Business Workshop – Make Money Doing What You Love Online

(video) First Steps to Convert Browsers to Buyers

For my fellow web women entrepreneurs out there today’s video is all about the First Two Steps to Convert Browsers to Buyers.

I know the Struggle is Real…
Most folks are struggling to get a few sales, let a lone steady sales. Are you in the same boat? I hope not, but if so I am literally chomping at the bit to show you how this works.

Watch the video above and here’s more…

I don’t want you to miss tonight’s session on “converting browsers to buyers via your website“. I want to give you access to last night’s clarity call, all 4 sessions this week, your 30 Day Action Plan blueprint, plus my “Why People Buy” audio series SO for the next couple of hours you can divide your registration in to two parts of $27 – how does that sound?

Register here and remember that Half Off Ends in 24 hrs. After that the boot camp price goes up and this two part option goes away (eek). I know.

Good news is EVEN if you miss the live sessions you can still sign up here to get the replays + bonus sessions too. But wait… I am jumping ahead of myself here.

Starting with the first two customer conversion steps  and then I’ll fill you in on the rest as soon as you press play.

The struggle doesn’t haven’t to be REAL forever!

Click here to get access to the complete Browsers to Buyers Boot Camp series. Leave me a comment if you have questions or just want to share some of your A Hah! Moments from today’s video.

Browsers to Buyers Boot Camp for Webpreneurs

SURPRISE! It starts tonight!

I’m teaching my first ever ‘Browsers to Buyers‘ Boot Camp this week AND I am kicking things off with a Clarity Call Tonight on the 4 Steps to Convert Browsers to Buyers Online! You can sign up right now to get HALF off this Boot Camp + Live Access to the Sessions and All the replays as they become available.

It’s starts tonight… yes? This is a last minute surprise I am sure BUT this is honestly for the Fire Starters in my group who are always on the look out for GREAT opportunities and new ways to make their businesses better. Plus I always give you replays, so don’t panic if you can’t make it live, just make sure you get access to all 5 sessions.

My goal is to walk you through my process, show you how I convert browsers to buyers and help you turn these next 4 days of training + bonus clarity call tonight – into a 4 week (30 Day Action Plan) aimed to help you improve your Customer Conversion and Sales Efforts.

I can’t wait to share my 4 Step System to converting browsers to buyers with you. I am almost certain you know one or even two of these steps, but you are probably missing crucial pieces like step #3, which is probably killing your ability to make more and close more details.

I will be hosting these 5 sessions every evening starting today (Sunday) until (Thursday). Get your virtual seat now – it includes live sessions plus replays.

Remember … Half off ends in 24 hrs then the bootcamp price goes up.

Tonight’s Clarity Call starts at 7pm est.

If you are just now reading this no worries, even if you missed the live calls you can still get this offer to access the ‘Browsers to Buyers Boot Camp‘ replays.

I love surprises, don’t you?

(video) 3 Ways to Boost Summer Sales

Summer is an interesting time… Slow sales are common especially for service professionals because for most people (your potential customers) Fun is HIGH and Funds are LOW. The trick is to CREATE great Summer Time offers and in my latest JYB live webinar training below, I am going to show you how to do just that!


Can’t access the webinar replay below? Click here to log in or click here to join the SistaSense Online Circle. For just $7 you’ll get access to this replay, my Jumpstart Your Business live sessions and more.

Inside the webinar training above I also mentioned my SistaSense Sales, be sure to browse the latest offers available today.

You might also like instant access to watch my webinar training ‘21 Ways to Make More Sales Online‘ – Marketing Secrets Used by Six Figure Entrepreneurs to Fortune 500 Companies.

Flash Sale Ends Tomorrow

These are going like HOT Cakes and I’d hate for you to miss out. It’s been a long time since I’ve done one of these, so jump on it now before it’s gone.


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Watch my quick video on 3 ways to work on your business during the summer time.



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I’ve got room for one more. Be the one – go to my Do Everything For You Solutions page and check out the new 4 Hr VIP Days. Don’t miss out – one space left.


Get Help Finishing Your Web Projects + Productivity Tips

How many great web projects do you have on your to do list right now? How many domain names have your purchased and never used? And here is the biggest question of them all… how many projects have you actually completed? Eeeek!

Big Truth: Far too many creative visionaries out there have GREAT ideas but lack the time, team or technical expertise to get it all off the ground. If you can relate, aren’t you ready to get those great projects out of your head, out of your notebooks and all over the web?

It’s time, so I’ve got three things to share with you today:

Some of you have told me that you love my trainings BUT would love it even more if I just did all that stuff for you so you could finish with out struggling with technology. Alrighty then… take a look at my latest creation – Expand Your Brand Solutions.

I am offering you exclusive VIP Development Days, so I can work on all things tech and digital for you – web pages, newsletters, Cds, magazines, info products, emails and more – (take a look).

For my DIY entrepreneurs listen to my productivity recommendations for this week, plus you can browse all my time-management tips here.

Last thing is a friendly reminder – I just hosted session 2 of my 6 week Creating Awesome Mastermind series. You still have time to join us live or get the replays here.

It’s time to #Finish those projects so we can create awesome together. Are you with me?

3 Signs You Are Creating Awesome: The V-Factor

Todays video above is all about the ‘V Factor’; signs that let you know you are creating awesome content for your web business and you are on the right track. For me it’s all about being vocal, visible and viral. Watch the video and I will tell you all about it.

BTW – Remember to sign up for my upcoming Creating Awesome 6 Week mastermind as we explore 3 core areas – how you can write blog posts and create content that rocks, how you can create your own membership website and starter guide to share your BEST information online.


Be The Boss: Monetize Your Message and Make Money Online


Aspring Entrepreneurs – It’s time to Be Your Own Boss: Monetize Your Message and Make Money Online.

FREE RSVP at https://betheboss15.eventbrite.com/

LaShanda Henry “SistaSense” and Carla Cannon “The Trailblazer” have joined forces to show you exactly what you need to do to start creating your own information digital products online and writing the kind of book that you can turn into a thriving business!

Ready to find out how it all works? Fire Starters and serious trail blazers, do you have a powerful message you’d like to share with others? Whether it is centered around empowerment, inspiration, personal development; etc. it is imperative that you understand that what you have can be shared with a global market in and you can monetize your message in the process!

With over 15 years building successful businesses online, LaShanda Henry is overflowing with strategies and start now solutions that can help you monetize your virtual vision even with limited tech skills AND online a floss string budget.

As a full time entrepreneur, Carla R. Cannon “The Trailblazer” is committed to teaching you how to create wealth by doing what you love and using what you have to create the life you desire AND deserve!!!!!

Join us this Saturday at 9am at Miller Motte College and bring out your friends, business partners and family to this grand event absolutely FREE!!!!

FREE RSVP at https://betheboss15.eventbrite.com/

#Speaklife 2015 Conference

SpeakLife 2015 Conference

Words can not express how humbled I am at this… not only am I a speaker BUT I am also an honoree at #Speaklife 2015 CONFERENCE hosted by La’Ticia Nicole this weekend. I can’t wait to meet some of your in person! I will be talking about how to Speak Life into your business! Thank you so much La’Ticia for finding value in what I do, an award, wow! Speechless right now.

Local ladies and gents I hope you registered, it’s now too late!


Out of the Box Girls: Where Should You Be Right Now?

Yesterday I had the powerful pleasure of being a part of Carla Cannon’s Women of Standard meet up for Women in Business. Pastor Sherri blessed me and touched my heart. I am so FULL and Forward Thinking right now that I felt compelled to share this video below with you, my fellow social introverts and out of the box girls who are unique, full of purpose and ready to share your gifts with the world.

Clips from Women of Standard SisterTalk Event Hosted by Carla Cannon
Ladies I was Not ready for SisterTalk…. wooh! Yesterday I was truly meant to be Carla R. Cannon Women of Standard Event and it was truly a life changer. These amazing women of GOD poured so much into me and helped me unblock all that I want to share with you today watch even more via the videos below for POWERFUL messages from each of the Pastors who blessed us with their gifts.

Resources and Links Shared Today:
Creating Awesome – Fire Starter Circle Mastermind
Start Her Up Guide – 3 Steps to Build Your Business Own A Floss String Budget
Carla Cannon Entrepreneurs – Women of Standard Network

Fire Start Her Business Workshop – Make Money Doing What You Love Online


Fire Start Her Business SistaSense Workshop is my latest creation! This past weekend I had the pleasure of hosting my first local workshop here in Greenville North Carolina sponsored by Herlene Ankar WhatUSay Productions and Miller Motte College. Guess what? I recorded it and it is online just for you.

– The SistaSense System to Turning Passion into Profit
– 7 SistaSense Money Makers to Know and Love
– How to Find Passion Projects that can fit Your Personality
– Best Free and Low Cost Web Tools to Use
– How to Set Your Money Markers & Create a Plan of Action
– S.M.A.R.T. Ways to Help Customers Find You

Click here
to get your access pass and watch this 90 minute workshop online.

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