Tips To Run The Optimal Goodreads Giveaway

How to run an effective Goodreads giveaway Many authors claim that when it comes to social media, staying active on Goodreads is even more important than maintaining a presence on Twitter, Facebook, or Google+. Why is Goodreads so important? Because that’s where avid readers are hanging out already, discussing books, leaving reviews, and making reading […]

What to Do Daily, Weekly and Monthly to Brand Your Book

“The key is not to prioritize what’s on your schedule, but to schedule your priorities.” – Stephen Covey by Power Circle Expert, Pam Perry Most authors will not become millionaires unless they have multiple works or multiple streams of income that can keep their income level consistent. Otherwise, they will not be able to […]

5 Essential Book Marketing Tips

Whether you are a traditionally published or self-published author, daydreaming about your bestseller is not an option. As soon as you have a release date, it’s time to get down to the business of book promotion. by Power Circle Expert, Tyora Moody, Here are five (5) simple book marketing tips: 1) Start Early! While […]

Body Image Issues vs Accepting Your True Greatness: Jai Stone Talks about the Power of a Healthier You on TD Jakes new Show

In my experience working with a range of women entrepreneurs, I’ve found that so many women want their businesses to run beautifully and yet ironically struggle to find the beauty within. The struggle I refer to is often times displayed in the form of fear and resistance to being seen in photos or videos. I […]

Can women entrepreneurs have it all? Money, Motherhood and Marriage? Steve Harvey wants to know…

Money, Power and Respect is one thing, but what about Money, Motherhood and Marriage? Steve Harvey talks to a panel of real-life women, including SistaSense Power Circle expert Carol Sankar, about how they handle the balance of motherhood, career and marriage. Plus life coach Paula Davis-Laack weighs in on this hot-button issue, so be sure […]

How to Find Customers Online (webinar replay)

Above you will find the webinar replay “How to Find Customers Online, especially when you HATE to market and/or pitch for sales.” This informative online marketing and sales training session is the one that I presented as part of my Back to Business Webinar Conference series featuring 8 experts and experienced women in business – […]

Boring to Bodacious: How to Build a Bankable Brand From Scratch (webinar replay)

Guest Post + 60 Min Training Video – B2B Webinar Replay by Power Circle Expert Cheryl A Pullins, 5 Ways to Jumpstart Your Life for Success Featured in October Issue of SistaSense Magazine #1 See Where You Are Going One of the most relied upon of the five senses is sight. Sight on a […]

5 Tips to Generating Automatic Referrals

Guest Post by Power Circle Expert Richelle Shaw, Give your customers something to talk about – are you creating a great experience after they buy? My Wowing Welcome Sequence after the customer purchases, encourages the customer to tell others. Invite your customers to attend a special event and bring a friend. This works in […]

How to Raise Your Prices Without Losing Your Clients

Guest Post by Power Circle Expert Katrina M Harrell, Eventually in your business you’ve probably considered or are forced to increase your fees or prices. And for many doing so without losing your most valuable clients/customers comes with a level of anxiety and perhaps fear. Will they go to another competitor?
 Will they begin […]

Got Google Juice?

Guest Post by Power Circle Expert Pam Perry, I’m not claiming to be an expert SEO or a whiz at Web Analytics and I really am not a “geek” or a “techie.” I am a public relations professional who reinvented my business and have made some pretty significant strides in the online world. This […]

5 Limiting Beliefs About Business Systems

Guest Post by Power Circle Expert Tanya Smith, There is a lot to get done in any business…unless somehow you just walk into one that runs itself. What we tend to do is become “fire-fighters”, putting attention and time to only those things that appear urgent or necessary. No business owner can operate on […]

3 Ways to Get Laser Focused

Guest Post by Power Circle Expert Carla Cannon, As we approach our second anniversary with Women of Standard Magazine and I began to think back over the past two years there were many distractions that tried to detour me from working diligently to manifest the vision God had given me. I recall my mentor […]