Get It Girl: Get Paid. Get Clear. Get Unstuck. Get Back on track.

I’ve got one thing to say to you this week, “You Betta Go Get It Girl!” Stop all this foolishness. Stop being so far up in your feelings that you can’t see it’s time to do like the Mary, Mary songs says, “Go Get Your Blessings!” This is a BIG one especially if you have […]

(video) First Steps to Convert Browsers to Buyers

For my fellow web women entrepreneurs out there today’s video is all about the First Two Steps to Convert Browsers to Buyers. I know the Struggle is Real… Most folks are struggling to get a few sales, let a lone steady sales. Are you in the same boat? I hope not, but if so I […]

3 Ways to Boost Summer Sales

Summer is an interesting time… Slow sales are common especially for service professionals because for most people (your potential customers) Fun is HIGH and Funds are LOW. The trick is to CREATE great Summer Time offers and in my latest JYB live webinar training below, I am going to show you how to do just […]

3 Signs You Are Creating Awesome: The V-Factor

Todays video above is all about the ‘V Factor’; signs that let you know you are creating awesome content for your web business and you are on the right track. For me it’s all about being vocal, visible and viral. Watch the video and I will tell you all about it. BTW – Remember to […]

Out of the Box Girls: Where Should You Be Right Now?

Yesterday I had the powerful pleasure of being a part of Carla Cannon’s Women of Standard meet up for Women in Business. Pastor Sherri blessed me and touched my heart. I am so FULL and Forward Thinking right now that I felt compelled to share this video below with you, my fellow social introverts and […]

How to Customize Your Youtube Channel (video)

Video blogging should be an integral part of your online marketing efforts, so inside today’s SistaSense Video I am sharing simple things that you can do to create a fresh, up to date Youtube Channel that best reflects your brand and your business. Some of the things I talk about in this video: Updating Your […]

6 Ways to Spring Clean Your Web Business (audio)

At some point your web business will begin to feel like a virtual garage prime for a good cleaning; full of content, products and systems that you need to fix, upgrade or even throwaway. Inside our last Jumpstart Your Business Call I shared 6 smart ways you can freshen up your website and make your […]

Pricing Chart: How to Price Your Info Products

This Week Inside ProWebinars… I hosted the first Prep Webinar ‘Creating Information Products: Purpose, Packaging, Price‘ and shared my Pricing Chart – it helps you Price and Package your Webinars and information products BETTER. Ladies loved it! They said it was easy to follow and REAL. They could see how to generate 1K – 5K […]

(video) When Your Passion Becomes A Pain

If you are a service professional like me I’m sure at some point you personally have experienced a moment when your passion becomes a pain. Maybe you are going through that kind of a moment right now because of slow sales, frustrating customers or people who don’t simply want to pay you what you are […]

Sync Your Blog Post to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn

Busy entrepreneurs don’t have time to be on 100+ social media platforms everyday. Today I want to show you how easy it is to sync your blogs RSS feed to your Twitter Page, Facebook Fan Page and Linked In profile so your content is visible to your social followers where ever you are. This video […]