Make the next 90 days of building your business really count! Get access to this information packed collection of 8 webinar sessions, so you can make the right choices and changes that can help take your business to the next level.

Think about it… when you look around your business and your life, who is there to lift you up and push you forward? I want to expand your power circle by inviting you into mines.

  • NOW is the time to turn those dreams into reality
  • NOW is the time to learn from professionals genuinely invested in your success.
  • NOW is the time to get direction and build a supportive power circle of your own.

For one full day of motivation, information, and powerful connections we are going to rock your world and expand it too! Our speakers are going to show you how to get both your life and your business back on track!

8 Webinar Sessions Include…

SistaSense In Print Magazine - Back to Business - Special Edition October 2013

Lucinda Cross
How to Turn Your Message into a Movement

Katrina M. Harrell
Become a Pricing & Profit Powerhouse: How to price, package, and position your services & products. End the vicious cycle of “broke-barters”, “dead-discounts” and “talk down your fees” for good.

Cheryl A Pullins
Boring to Bodacious: How to Build a Bankable Brand From Scratch

Pam Perry
How to go from unknown to A list: Steps to launch like A superstar

Richelle Shaw
What Keeping you from the Million Dollar Level:
Simple steps to change your business and multiply your money

Tanya Smith
6 Secrets to Streamline Your Business with Systems
Session #6    5:00pm – 6:00pm est.

Carla Cannon
"Purpose Driven": Eliminating ALL Excuses In Your Life

LaShanda Henry
Finding Customers: How to Promote Online for People Who Hate Promoting


Bonus Magazine Download

When you purchase access to all 8 replays you will also receive your digital copy of the Back to Business Special Edition of SistaSense Magazine.

Click here or the image to browse issue or purchase the print version.

SistaSense In Print Magazine - Back to Business - Special Edition October 2013


For years I have been sharing my money and marketing solutions with you via and now I want to once again share even more by giving you access to my circle of Powerful People who are passionate about getting you on the right path to success.

Keep in mind … these speakers, myself included will be sharing the kind of “life changing”, “business building” solutions you would otherwise have to pay anywhere between $200 – $1200 to receive at a live Conference Event.

The Success of Your Business Depends On the Company You Keep
Are you ready to be in good company?

We will explore how to:

· Sharing your message
· Pricing and Profit
· Promotion
· Branding
· Setting Up Systems
· Over-coming obstacles and excuses


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Back to Business Conference Package includes:

  1. Access to all 8 Webinar Replays
  2. Bonus – Special Digital Issue of SistaSense In Print Magazine
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Event payment policy: Full refunds will be given if and only if this event is cancelled by the host, LaShanda Henry.

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