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Quick Blog Post Idea #2 for Busy Entrepreneurs: Follow Me Social Media Posts
Triple X Your Success Step #2: Build Your Core
How Do You Blog: By the Book Or From the Heart?
Web Design Inspiration for Entrepreneurs: Jazz Co Fitness
Free and Low Cost Stock Photos for Your Business Website
Posts, Pics, Promos, Progress: Master All 4 Inside the Blog Skills BootCamp
No Cost Facebook Marketing and Engagement: What’s working now?
Blogging Skills Mastermind Extended by 2 Extra Weeks!
Optimize Social Engagement: Facebook Fan page Instant Reply
(video) Create A WordPress Blog for Your Business In Under 10 Minutes

Quick Blog Post Idea #2 for Busy Entrepreneurs: Follow Me Social Media Posts


Today I want to share a quick blog post ideas for those entrepreneurs interested in blogging more consistently on their website. Listen to the audio below and try this activity. Leave a company below to let me know what you think.

Listen to Today’s Audio Tip

If you enjoyed this Sneak Peak Inside the 100 Days of Blog Posts – 10 Day Challenge. Click the link to start this SistaSense Blogging Challenge today! I’d love to show you how to create 10/30/60/100 blog posts that you can automatically schedule on your blog and have working to attract traffic and sales to you, even when you are working on other things.

If you enjoy this audio preview also review my 7 Day Grow Your Business audio series.

Triple X Your Success Step #2: Build Your Core

SistaSense 7 Steps to Triple X Your Success


Build Your Core: Who are you? What is your core (primary) profession? Who are the people you not only wish to serve, but are truly here to serve. The answer to these questions are essential, but they won’t come to you overnight or before you launch. If you struggle with focus and finding your tribe, know that your core will become clearer as you dive into the process of working in the business and on the business overtime. All the research and pre-planning won’t help you without simply rolling up your sleeves, working with people and getting the job done. In other words, perfection comes in the process of doing and as you ‘do’ you will develop a clearer understanding of your core. Start by defining defining your primary profession and ideal client base. Then commit to refining this definition as you grow your business and self.

More About the SistaSense Triple X Success System
As you go through the day to day responsibilities of being an entrepreneur at some point you develop your own system; a unique way of doing things that helps you increase sales, optimize your productivity and maximize your success. When I sat down and took a close look at my processes, I realized that as a team of one I taught myself how to do the job of three and get these done three times faster. And as a dug deeper into my methods to making money online I soon discovered one interesting truth; at practically every point of my entrepreneurial journey thus far I have developed strategies that helped me to not just double, but triple my sales. To the question, how do you I do this? For me it’s all about “Triple X Success”.

In a nutshell my SistaSense Triple X Success system is about three things: learning how to get things done three times faster, tripling sales and using my 3K Challenge as a way to achieve steady business growth.

Via the comment box below let the SistaSense us know how you have OR plant to integrate this Triple X Your Success Step into your business.

If you would like to learn more about TXS – click here – to access my Triple X Success Workshop for Women Entrepreneurs looking to get things done three times faster, set smart revenue goals, and discover how to market your business online SistaSense Style.

How Do You Blog: By the Book Or From the Heart?



When it comes to building relationships with people online, I believe that authenticity is key. You know that right? We all say that. But what else is essential when it comes to blogging the right way; in a way that generates both likes and leads (popularity and profit). I recently listened to a great podcast by Darren Rowse, the creator of ProBlogger and he talked about this very topic: How to Blog from the Heart.

I often times find this is something many blog entrepreneurs struggle with. Some entrepreneurs schedule clarity sessions with me and share stories of frustration that usually stems from them creating tons of motivational blog posts, but not making any money. And then there are others who try a more technical approach, asking about the right SEO tools to use or the perfect number of keywords to add, or times to post per week.

Darren sheds light on the fact that while some people are all heart when they post and some people try to do it by the book, you really need a combination of the two to see the results that you are looking for.

If you are not seeing results from your blogging and feel like giving up, I highly recommend you go an take a list: How to Blog from the Heart.

I would love to know how is blogging working for you right now? And also how are you blogging: by the book, from the heart, or both? Let’s talk  blogging for business and see what comes out of the conversation.

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Web Design Inspiration for Entrepreneurs: Jazz Co Fitness


I had the pleasure of designing the Jazz Co Fitness Website a few months back. If you are in the health and wellness industry and need help building a new site / redesign your website click here to contact me or click here for details on how you can work with me.

Here are a few examples of other websites that I have worked on for other fitness / health and wellness professionals:

Free and Low Cost Stock Photos for Your Business Website



Stock Photos and Graphics: Entrepreneurs are always asking me where they find great images for their projects.

Here is a short list of websites that might be helpful to you:
Death To Stock Photo
Adobe Stock Photos

FYI: If you use the platform to edit graphics, they also have an extensive collection of stock photos that you can purchase.

If you have any other stock photo companies that you would recommend entrepreneurs on a budget try, feel free to post them via the comment box below or click here to join our stock photo conversation inside my Facebook Power Circle group.

Posts, Pics, Promos, Progress: Master All 4 Inside the Blog Skills BootCamp



Content Creation Made Easy, that’s my goal inside of the Blog SKills BootCamp and I am sticking to it. I have personally designed this eight-week virtual training series to help busy entrepreneurs create quality and continuity via their business blogs.

Posts, Pics, Promos, Progress
Here are a few things ladies are saying about this training so far:

I successfully completed and exceeded the exercises for day 6 of 100 days if blog post, using my notebook and pen. When I have computer access I will transfer the information to my website. It Feels Great! I Feel Great! -Lynette

OMG! This is a challenge and I won’t be defeated! I’ve thought several times that I’m going to change the number of blog post that I put out and I missed the call on Friday night but no worries, I’m going to keep plugging away! Tomorrow I plan to do audio recordings. I have my topics so I will start with my images and then head on over to recording! it does fell good to look into my account and just see scheduled, scheduled, scheduled! Thanks LaShanda for the BIG PUSH! -TW

This session has been really helpful for me LaShanda. I was a bit lost, but being on this recap/catch up webinar really has me focused. Not having a blog with content, these prompts have me going in this (the right) direction. -Tanisha

I have one rough draft with pictures, I have ideas for 2 or 3 list for my subject -for prayer. I have ideas for two tips on corporate prayer and determining what great reads I will select from for my book review blog.This was very helpful . I worked during the power pauses. -Linda

I have 6 posts done for day 1; 9 for day 2 and notes completed for 5 posts day 3. I have get it all posted to my website. It’ funny because I committed to posting every day this month. I will schedule the 100 towards the end of May – Marcyline

Hey there! I just wanted to send you a note of thanks. Prior to scheduling my time with you I had scheduled time with some others regarding “clarity” and launching a paid speaking career. I will say that after chatting with them you have offered so much more of yourself at a lot less money. I love how you take the time to walk us through the process and we are able to walk away with products that we can use to help us grow our own business. Thanks for looking out for the little people and my prayer for you is one of longevity in your business. I tell my friends all the time “authenticity always wins”. -Toni

Now is your time to create the best posts, infographic pictures and social promotions for your blog. What are you waiting for. Join is inside the Blogging Skills Mastermind today.

No Cost Facebook Marketing and Engagement: What’s working now?



Facebook Ads. Facebook Ads. Facebook Ads. That is all I hear marketers talking about these days, but what about the FREE, no cost social media marketing strategies that many of us entrepreneurs have come to LOVE about using social media? What about those?

Today I kick off my Anchor.FM @sistasense ‘Works’ series with this topic: As far as No Cost Facebook Marketing and Engagement: What’s working now?

Listen to this quick audio and if you are on Anchor Feel free to reply back and/or follow me.

As I mention in this audio, using hootesuite to connect my blog to my Facebook groups and fan pages has always worked well for me. And as far as engagement I normally tend to repost my YouTube videos, but right now I am testing out FaceBook Live Stream (I personally still like periscope better) and also working on directly uploading my videos to Facebook to see if the traffic and response is better that way.

Let me know if any of these are interesting to you.

Blogging Skills Mastermind Extended by 2 Extra Weeks!



Are you missing the SistaSense Blogging Skills Mastermind? Our virtual sessions have been extended by two more weeks and we are half way through this training series. You can still participate. Sign up and boost your blogging skills with us for 4 more weeks. Plus catch up on sessions you might have missed via the replays.

The Blog Skills BootCamp is a 8 Week Mastermind + Virtual Training Series for web entrepreneurs as part of the SistaSense FireStarter Circle Series.

Inside this webinar-based training you will receive step-by-step solutions to help you:

Build your wordpress business blog site
Improve your social following and engagement
Get answers to your big small business questions
Discovering marketing and sales strategies

With 16 years experience online, I (LaShanda Henry), would like to share my blogging for business strategies with you. 99.9% of my home-based business comes from the web and the SMART ways that I use my blog to attract new customers and keep my older clients coming back for more!

Together we will boost your blogging SKILLS, sales SMARTS and online VISIBILITY.

Optimize Social Engagement: Facebook Fan page Instant Reply

FaceBook Instant Reply Quick Tip


As a smart entrepreneur I use Facebook Fan pages to build brand visibility. As a busy entrepreneur I don’t always get to follow up with messages people send me via the fan page. Quick tip: Did you know if you go to your fan page under ‘settings’, in the messaging section you can create custom messages for your customers? I personally love the Instant Reply option, it is a quick way for me to let me followers know that I don’t always check the page, so its best if they email me instead. Be sure to setup your Facebook Fan page Messages and Instant Reply option today.

SistaSense Facebook Fanpage | Facebook Power Circle Group

(video) Create A WordPress Blog for Your Business In Under 10 Minutes

Let’s see if any of these scenarios relate to you:

You have web business dream, but no business website.
You sell products on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social websites, but you have no website of your own.
You have plans to have your website built, in a few weeks or even a few months.
You need a business website, but you are on a tight budget.

Two questions worth asking yourself:
Why not have your own web space, where you can sell your content now?
Why not start today?

As a web designer, I’ve been building websites for 16 years. I love the diversity, depth and scalability of the wordpress platform. Your website can be as simple or as complex as you want it to be.

Let’s start with simple, but powerful.
Watch my video below and I will show you how to quickly create and set up a wordpress blog for your business in under 10 minutes.

In this quick video I will show you how to get your domain name and web hosting for low cost. Plus you’ll see how to easy install wordpress and write you first post.

I recommend HostMonster Hosting + one domain name (affiliate link)

Once you set up your new blog I can certainly help you make it pretty and professional to better promote yourself and your business! Take a look at my Build It On a Budget series and/or click here to learn more about working with me – to create a more professional look and feel for your new website.

For more blogging tips and tools browse the to review my list of blogging tutorials from help for beginners, to blogging on a business and learning how to monetize your blog.

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