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200+ Web Tools, Apps and Plugins for Today’s Entrepreneur
Sales Rule #1 for Woman Entrepreneurs: Conversion Marketing Matters Most
Higher Love: Power Through the Panic and Work From the Heart
Entrepreneur Profit Project: Create Your Own Brand CD
Good Day Vibes + Monetize Your Blog Goodies
5 Reasons to Attend the Monetize Your Blog Weekend Workshop
Sale: $11 Blog and Marketing CDs + Half Off Web Business Courses
Get Unstuck: How to Combine Different Projects Under One Brand
Triple X Your Success Step #7: Build Your Courage
Trep Goals: Finding Time, Space, and a Quiet Place to Work On Your Vision
Summertime Business Boosters: 10 Cool Ways to Heat Up Your Website Visibility and Sales
WAHMs: 3 Things I Learned In My First Year As a Work At Home Mom

200+ Web Tools, Apps and Plugins for Today’s Entrepreneur



The E-List for Entrepreneurs gives you direct access to 200+ of the best web tools, apps and plugins. Now you don’t have to drive yourself crazy trying to figure out the right terms to search for or going through an endless listing of websites and search engines. As a busy entrepreneur you know that there is no time to waste. Every minute that you aren’t working the web, is one less dollar earned. With this guide you won’t need to spend hours online trying to find the best websites or sources to help your business grow because I have found them all for you.

With over sixteen years of web experience, I’ve been able to compile a listing of websites that can make any web entrepreneur’s life a million times easier.

This downloadable digital guide is a compact, easy to navigate list with clickable links to the best small business resources under the following categories:

Domain Name Registration, Web Hosting and SSL Certificates
Blog and Website Builders
WordPress Website Premium Theme Providers
Ecommerce Payment Gateways – Process Credit Cards
Ecommerce Platforms – Online Store and Shopping Cart Solutions
Ecommerce WordPress Widgets and Plugins
Outsourcing: Freelance Designers and Service Professionals
Small Business Printing Services and Promotional Products
Crowd Funding, Working Capital and Small Business Loans
Self-Publish Books and Magazines
Print On Demand: Custom T-Shirts, Bags, Mugs and More
Print On Demand – Create and Sell Unique Products Online
Sell Your Products on Online Market Places
Find Private Label / White Label Products
eLearning: Sell and Sign Up for Online Courses
Sell Music, Movies and More: Print on Demand CDs and DVDs
Podcasting: Online Radio and Audio Sharing Platforms
Audio Players, Hosting, Editing and Recording Web Tools
Teleconference Calls, Webinars and Online Meeting Services
Virtual Phone Numbers, Voice Messaging, Text Messaging, Video Chat, Photo and Video Sharing, and 800 Numbers
Skype Recording Software Tools
Video Sharing, Video Marketing and Video Blogging Platforms
Video Editing, Wireless Mirroring and Screen Capture Recording
Live Stream Services
Social Media Platforms
WordPress Comments, Social Media Engagement and SEO Plugins
Social Media Management Tools
Email Marketing Services
Sales Pages, Landing Pages and Lead Capture Forms
Workflow Automation: Connect Apps, Services and Devices
Royalty Free Stock Photos, Videos and Vector Graphics
Create Custom Book Covers, eCovers, 3D Product and Promo Graphics
Fonts, Royalty Free Audio Clips, and Templates
Photo Editors: Graphics Design Software, Web Tools, Plugins and Apps
Graphics, Typography and Quotes Apps
Photo Editing Apps
Meeting Schedule Apps and Tools
Event Registration Tools and Online Event Calendars
Online File Sharing, Cloud Storage, and Data Back Up Tools
Google Suite of Resources and Web Tools
WordPress Recommended Resources and Tools
PayPal Suite of Resources and Tools

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Sales Rule #1 for Woman Entrepreneurs: Conversion Marketing Matters Most

SistaSense Sales Rules for Women In Business (1)

The words ‘sales’ and ‘selling’ are two of the nastiest words for most of the women entrepreneurs that I know. Those who struggle with saying these words all too often struggle with generating sales as well. They tell me these words make them feel ‘dirty’ and sometimes even ‘sleezy’. They tell me they don’t want to come off as ‘pushy’ or ‘money hungry’. They try to convince me, or rather themselves that they are happy just focusing on ‘putting stuff out there’ in the hopes that eventually the money will follow, but it almost never does. If you are like them, let’s take a minute to talk about what’s really hurting your sales, why more people aren’t buying your stuff and how you can fix this major problem that many women entrepreneurs face.

For my fellow online entrepreneurs who want to make sales, but hate selling I have a rule for you today that I want you to take note of and take to heart.

Sales Rule #1: Conversion Marketing Matters Most
In the ecommerce business world, conversion marketing is the act of converting site visitors into paying customers.It is the final phase of every marketing solution you can possibly try. Whether you invest in driving traffic to your website via ads, emails, lead magnets, videos, blog posts, sales pages, or social media engagement, if you can’t convert website browsers into buyers all that “traffic” ain’t worth a can of beans. In other words if your website isn’t presently generating real sales, stop trying to drive traffic to pages that are not converting. At the same time, I urge you to stop trying to make it cheaper, prettier, or look like your Entrepreneur Crush’s website in the hopes of getting better results. The harsh truths are that cheap doesn’t always sell well, sometimes ugly sites sell better, and your Entrepreneur Crush’s tribe is not an exact replica of your own. There is only one thing that trumps all the things you’ve been trying and you simply can’t afford to ignore it any longer.

Beyond attempting to master the latest ‘drive traffic to your website’ trends, creating something new or trying to rebrand yourself ‘again’, commit more of your time to working on your sales skills. You have to build your comfort level when it comes to selling until it starts making you feel sexy rather than sleezy. Seriously when you sell well, you make others feel good and yourself feel even better. You have to work on creating copy and conversations that feel like edutainment; information and entertainment rolled up into one. Your ability to write down, recognize and verbalize compelling sales copy has a direct impact on your ability to successfully generate more sales. Remember one thing, before people will buy what you sell they have to buy what you say. Rather than run from the words ‘sales’ and ‘selling’, embrace them. The more comfortable and confident you are as a seller, the better you will become at generating sales.

Let’s really dig into the topic of sales, here are a few SistaSense Resources that may be of interest to you:

Get Better At Sales: Browsers to Buyers BootCampSell ebooks
Traffic and Sales Back to Basics Virtual Mastermind

Higher Love: Power Through the Panic and Work From the Heart

Higher Love - Working From the Heart


To some degree, we are currently in a state of personal, political and professional panic. And panic is contagious. Between facebook posts, social and private conversations, at any given moment it’s hard to decide between crying or screaming, working or worrying, praying or preaching, giving up or getting up. Right now something has to lift us up while at the same time keep us grounded. I think it’s something powerful that most of us either have access to our can create. Let me explain.

This past weekend I hosted a three-day weekend workshop. For more reasons than I care to mention, I found myself constantly being bombarded with obstacles, issues, tragedies, delays and setbacks. There were moments when I just wanted to belt out Rihana’s lines, “What Now! I just can’t figure it out? What Now? Somebody tell me, what now?” With the exception of one person, all my attendees were having delayed arrivals which caused our 9am sessions to start at noon! I left my mouse and hdmi cords at home, how ever was I going to connect my laptop to show the presentations? Political chaos was literally in my own backyard, and I was trying to figure out how to address difficult conversations with neighbors while keeping the peace and keeping my cool. Things were going wrong all around me and every thing within me wanted to break, but instead I broke through. I knew I had an event to host and women to support, so panic was not an option. With every step, I squeezed those lemons into lemonade, not just for me, but for everyone around me. Miraculously, an HDMI cord was found. I had an Oprah moment and felt compelled to giveaway headsets and mobile mouse devices to all my attendees. Their squeals of joy and excitement filled the air. We started late and yet right own time. We covered eCourse Creation, Smart Passive Income, Savvy Seller eMails and Video Marketing sessions as I planned. I heard their laughter, held their hands and breathed in a deep break of satisfaction all while balancing every unexpected obstacle being thrown my way.

I was not the only one with battles to fight. Each woman there had a personal, political and professional panic they were trying to overcome. At some point one of my dear clients found herself in a personal/ technical meltdown; it seemed like nothing was working right. She felt her creativity being stifled. She felt the weight of anxiety trying to get us much as she could get done during our time together, and yet feeling behind. We took a walk. She needed to breathe and let a few tears fall. In a calming voice, I created a plan of action for her and assured her that she was working at the right pace and we would complete all that she set out to accomplish. I could feel her heart get lighter from the smile lifting on her face. so we walked back into the session to do our heart’s together.

She said to me, “I know you and your family go through things, but you all seem so laid back. It’s beautiful, such divine love.” I told her that at some point I realized, in life ,if you panic, the people around you will as well, so the best course of action for me is always to stay calm and find a way not to emotionally react to obstacles, but rather intentionally overcome them. She said to me, that morning she had heard a powerful message about the very topic we were discussing. It goes as follows:

I love this card that popped up for you, because it is crystal clear with its message: Keep the Faith in God’s Miracles. Lower negative energy wins if we give into fear or pessimism. This is a time where you are called into leadership, as a healer and positive role model. You have an inner strength that perhaps you have already tapped into during difficult times. The world needs your strength right now. It reminds me of those times when I’ve been on an airplane in heavy turbulence. The captain calls the flight attendants to take their seats. All the passengers look at the faces of the flight attendants to see if they are afraid or peaceful. If the flight attendants look peaceful, the passengers remain peaceful during the turbulence. Its the same with you – your children and other people are looking to you during times of turbulence. Today remember that you can lean upon the strength and energy of God, Jesus and your angels.

Many of us just naturally react based on the reactions of others around us. My calm and focus created her calm and focus. As we both stood there turning transforming feelings of balance into purpose the world shifted. Inside my amazing power circle of power women, we worked on our projects, laughed, wrapped up an amazing workshop and returned to our homes safely.

Today, the morning after this weekend full of care and chaos, my head is filled with personal, political and professional panic yet again. How are we going to fix this … situation? How am I going to get through this … situation? When is there going to be a change in this … situation? These questions flowed out of my like heavy rain in a thunderstorm. I had not even left the bed and the pressure if “being” was already setting in my head until I heard a light ping. It was a message from my client. She said, “You know your love keeps lifting me higher! I am so glad finally found you. You are that one in a million!”

Along with this message, she said me her “Faith In Humanity” Playlist below with the music video “Higher and Higher”. I smiled. My hips began to swing. As my feet lifted from the ground I thought to myself, “YESSSSSSSS, this is it!” Our best solution to powering through the panic that surrounds us is to see God shine through among us. We just need to constantly and collectively pour calmness back into each other. Just as I was able to do this for her yesterday, she did this for me today, and hopefully now I can do this for you.

I don’t know what we are going to do about the state of America today, but I do know that I will do my part to speak on injustices that I see and have personally experienced as a woman, the partner of a strong black man and mother of an amazing son.

I don’t know if I can perfectly navigate social conversations well enough right now to balance out personal and political with professional and promotional, but I will try.

I don’t know when I will see my next break through and reach these new goals that I have set for myself, but I will keep going in the face of uncertainty, anxiety and the everyday demands of being a bread winner and business owner.

Here is what I do know; Have Faith in Humanity, in Yourself and above all else in God. Know that if you do your heart’s work with genuine love it does make a difference to someone, somewhere. Know that HE is watching and if you are open to hearing him, he will speak to you through the right divine voices around you. Right now something has to lift us up while at the same time keep us grounded and that something is each other.

A special thank you to my client and dear friend, Lynette Crosby, Light-worker and Creator of All Roads Lead to Ascension.

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Entrepreneur Profit Project: Create Your Own Brand CD

As an online entrepreneur, if you are creating digital content for sale I recommend tapping into your profit potential by creating your own custom brand CDs. What are these – Custom Brand Cds? Each quarter I take my best webinars, periscope, and audio training sessions and re-purpose them, by turning them into information packed CDs[…]

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Good Day Vibes + Monetize Your Blog Goodies


Yesterday was hard. I have to be honest with you.

Yesterday I saw and felt so much sadness around the negative energies floating among us. I had to take a serious mental break from it all.

I woke up this morning and told myself that we all have a choice. We all control how we react to everything happening in our lives and in this world.

Today we can choose to be victims or victors.

After I prayed for our families, our country and our thoughts I said to myself:

Today is a GREAT Day to Have a GREAT Day!

The first step to seeing the change that we seek is changing the words we verbalize and internalize. Today I choose to be love and light; sharing only positive words with myself and others. Let us not verbally, physically, or mentally beat up, but build up today.

First thing here’s my quick video on: Green Eyed Monsters, Blessings and Roadblocks.

Next thing for those of you who are focused on building your best business, life and self online. Today I’d like to share a few new MYB – Monetize Your Blog goodies.

Do something today that your future self will thank you for.

If you haven’t already started, click here to activate your FREE MYB 8 day course.

If you have started, wonderful! I hope my suggestions have been helpful to you thus far. Be sure to hit that reply button and let me know what MYB starter projects you have in mind.

Did you browse my complete list of courses here?

This week you can use the code FOUR and GET HALF OFF my MYB Bundles, which include instant access to my best SistaSense Courses and current 6 week summer mastermind.

Fire and Focus for Life
These MYB Bundles also include life time access to all the tutorials, audios and videos featured in side the SistaSense Power Circle online mentorship program!

Where Will You Be This Weekend?
The Monetize Your Blog Weekend Workshop kicks off tomorrow 7/8/16 at the lovely Aloft Hotel in Chapel Hill, NC. Our day begins tomorrow – 8:30-9:30 Check In and Light Breakfast. Sessions Start at 9:30 each day. Our focus topics:

Day #1: Mini-Course Creation from Idea to Implementation
Day #2: Smart Passive Income Knock Out Checklist
Day #2: Savvy Seller Email Sequence
Day #3: Fire and Focus Video Marketing

Last call on late registrations – full details here.

Last share for today is one of my Good Stuff Good Morning Videos:
Trep Goals: How to Be Helpful, Happy and Whole

Today I’m feeling supper motivated to motivate others!

How are you feeling? Let me know.

5 Reasons to Attend the Monetize Your Blog Weekend Workshop

SistaSense Weekend Workshop

The Countdown begins! My SistaSense Monetize Your Blog Weekend Workshop is just days away, July 8-10th at the Aloft Hotel in Chapel Hill! I am excited to see some of my favorite mastermind members in the mix. If you would like to join us here are 5 reasons why you should attend:

#1 Create Your Own Online Course
We are going to work on creating Mini eCourses, which you can use as a great opt-in offer or digital offer for sale. If you have been meaning to start or finish your eCourse, but still haven’t done it yet, this is a great opportunity to get the job done.

#2 Enjoy a Quiet Space to Work On Your Web Business
Is time your enemy? One of the best parts about SistaSense Weekend Workshops is having your own private time to prioritize your projects and get the help you need.  From idea to implementation, let’s knock out these projects and create something amazing together.

#3 Do you find yourself getting stuck a lot?
Many of my mentees say one of the best parts of attending these weekend workshops is direct access to me. While I’m sitting by your side you can pick my brain, ask questions and get support when you get stuck. No waiting for that web designer or tech person to get back to you, get live and direct answers to your big small business, tech and web questions.


#4 Beat the Back to Business Rush
During the summer everyone is focused on vacations and camps, which for many translates into breaking the bank to spend way more than they actually have. For this reason when the kids go back to school, folks are rushing to get back to business to build back the bank they broke! If you can relate, don’t wait until Black Friday to start preparing new offers for the holiday season. Take this time to rev up and revamp your business goals, so you are ready to launch new offers in the final quarter of the year.

#5 Great People, Perks and Possibilities
I believe if you work hard, you should play hard. My mentees always have a great time at SistaSense Weekend Workshops. Get focused, fired up and feel good inside our circle of liked minded, highly driven women entrepreneurs, with whom you can learn from and be inspired by all while making powerful connections and lasting friendships. Plus one of the best perks is that I always bring SistaSense swag bags full of surprise gadgets and information packed goodies for your web business.

Last Minute Registration Details

If you would like to join us it is $195 for this day weekend workshop – OR $395 for the weekend workshop + 6-week mastermind.


Sale: $11 Blog and Marketing CDs + Half Off Web Business Courses

SistaSense Summer Sales - Money, Marketing and Sales Online Courses and Cds for Women Entrepreneurs

I’m running serious competition with this summer time heat by sharing some serious fire and focus with my fellow web women entrepreneurs. Take a look at these sweet SistaSense Summer Sales to help you build your best business online.

$11 SistaSense CDs

Half Off Monetize Your Blog Bundles
If you are looking for help with your web business and are interested in SistaSense online courses, use the code FOUR between now and 7/8 to get Half off my signature Monetize Your Blog Bundles. Click here for to learn more. Get clear about your web business vision, how blog monetization works and what you can do first.


SistaSense Summer Sessions Are Live
Grab your SistaSense Summer Sessions, 4 private one-on-one clarity calls with yours truly, so we can talk about your web business vision AND online marketing questions. This summer bundle also includes access to my Monetize Your Blog summer mastermind and Fall Back to Business webinar conference! There are only four spaces available, I hope you can grab one!

What Sistas are Saying About SistaSense:

“I wanted to check in with you and share with you some of my results I’ve gotten since our clarity session. My website is now showing up in Google. Last week I kicked off my Challenge and on Periscope I started off with 29 hearts and now I have 2,826 hearts woohoo! I also gained followers as well. I know all of this takes time and I have to stay with it and be consistent to see the type of results that I’m looking to see happen in my business. I’m just so excited. Thank you LaShanda.” – TC
“I am crying right now, I got my first big client tonight a few moments ago even with no computer because of what I was able to create with LaShanda Henry, because of stepping out of my comfort zone believing that she could complement and empower me and that what I had and who I am is worth it and I am worthy and I’m celebrating by myself. I called a couple of people and no one had any reaction except to say do you realize what time it is. I want to share it with you thank you thank you thank you I AM grateful Lashanda. I was afraid to share my price and she said she wanted to honor my business. I am proud of me, I AM celebrating me! I celebrate everyone in this Sistasense Firestarter Circle!” – LC
“Lashanda! We had an awesome periscope tonight. I stayed on a lot longer than expected so that the ladies could “talk”. Thank you so much for the coaching and mentorship. I am staying up a little late tonight to make the changes we talked about on the site and to have the optin page for the facebook ad.” – AP

Now it’s your turn. Grab your SistaSense goodies now. Compete with the heat. Bring that fire and focus and make this summer the best time to build your business online.

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Featured Courses Inside the Monetize Your Blog Bundles:

Get Unstuck: How to Combine Different Projects Under One Brand



Today’s Get Unstuck question is this: “How do I combine different businesses under one brand or put it together in a way that makes sense, under one site? I feel like my stuff is all over the place. Do I need ten different websites or is there a way for me to put different types of content all on one website?”

During my clarity calls, private one-on-one sessions with clients, this is one of those frequently asked questions.

Let’s talk about a few solutions that might work for you.

Get Unstuck So Your Success Can Stick Ep02: Listen to This Audio

After listening to the audio message above, share your thoughts via the ‘voice message’ tab on the right or the comment box below.

Let me know if any of these recommendations can help or if you have other suggestions you’d like to share.

And be sure to ask SistaSense your BIG small business questions, so that I can point you in the right direction.

Browse Archive: SistaSense Get Unstuck Audio Series for Women Entrepreneurs

Triple X Your Success Step #7: Build Your Courage

SistaSense 7 Steps to Triple X Your Success


Build Your Courage: As an entrepreneur I’m sure you are on the path to greatness; wanting to make your mark on this world and impact lives one person at a time. As a person, it’s important to remember that however grandiose dreams are, you are human. You are going to have bad days and blow ups, setbacks and letdowns. In other words on your path to building the perfect business you will have to endure the imperfections of life. When you feel like the world is out to get you, remember that the struggle is real of us all. When you feel like something always goes wrong when you try to go right remember that there is no testimony without a test. When you mis-believe that THEY (whoever they are) somehow have it easier, do it better or can get it done faster than you, know that you should never compare your beginning to someone else’s middle. Know that life happens to all of us and the universe is not out to get you personally. Don’t be fooled by that image of you in pajamas at noon sipping pina-coladas by the beach side, because the REAL life of an entrepreneur isn’t easy, glamorous, quick or for the faint of heart. Truth be told, for those of us who actually achieve success, Entrepreneurship is living a few years of your life like most people won’t so you can spend the rest of your life like most people can’t. The bottom line is that the only way you can fail at this is if you quit. So as you hustle and heart your way towards success build your courage; find the strength to commit to your goals and overcome all the odds that will undoubtedly come your way. You have to power through to your best you and in that process of perseverance your success will become true.

More About the SistaSense Triple X Success System
As you go through the day to day responsibilities of being an entrepreneur at some point you develop your own system; a unique way of doing things that helps you increase sales, optimize your productivity and maximize your success. When I sat down and took a close look at my processes, I realized that as a team of one I taught myself how to do the job of three and get these done three times faster. And as a dug deeper into my methods to making money online I soon discovered one interesting truth; at practically every point of my entrepreneurial journey thus far I have developed strategies that helped me to not just double, but triple my sales. To the question, how do you I do this? For me it’s all about “Triple X Success”.

In a nutshell my SistaSense Triple X Success system is about three things: learning how to get things done three times faster, tripling sales and using my 3K Challenge as a way to achieve steady business growth.

Via the comment box below let the SistaSense us know how you have OR plant to integrate this Triple X Your Success Step into your business.

If you would like to learn more about TXS – click here – to access my Triple X Success Workshop for Women Entrepreneurs looking to get things done three times faster, set smart revenue goals, and discover how to market your business online SistaSense Style.

Trep Goals: Finding Time, Space, and a Quiet Place to Work On Your Vision

Find Time, Space, and a Quiet Place to Work On Your Vision

Adults dream about time like kids dream about toys! There never seems to be enough time to do things you really want to do. The truth is that you can’t wait for time to magically present itself, you have to make the time to find the right space, a quiet place to work on your vision.

Today I share this photo flashback of myself and one of my mentees, Afi Pittman the creator of Author of My Faith, an online resource for Today’s Christian Woman. Afi is actually one of the first three ladies to join my Inner Circle 6 Month Program, designed to help aspiring entrepreneurs work on their desired web projects online. In between monthly clarity calls, virtual trainings, web projects and workshops, in this photo we met up for a 3 Hrs training session. This gave us time to review her website, products and articles and work on a strategy for making things better.

Here is a Quick Video From Our Power Session

You have to make the time to make things happen for yourself and in your business. Schedule a day right now, where you are going to go some where by yourself or with a few people to work on your vision. Don’t cancel that date! Prioritize you. Work towards these entrepreneur goals and you will TIME can actually become one of your good friends.

FYI – would you like to reserve time for us to work together. Join me for my ‘Build Your New Reality‘ Mastermind + Unwind Weekend In Virginia or Schedule a Clarity Call with me so we can talk more about your projects and business goals.

Summertime Business Boosters: 10 Cool Ways to Heat Up Your Website Visibility and Sales

At some point every entrepreneurial woman will find herself getting too comfortable, procrastinating, fighting through frustrations or even struggling with fear. In these moments we find ourselves desperately seeking out different things, new opportunities and change. For these reasons, I like to think of every new season as a fresh start; an opportunity for you[…]

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WAHMs: 3 Things I Learned In My First Year As a Work At Home Mom


Eight years strong, I’ve learned a lot about what it takes to start up and sustain a home-based business. Most of my lessons learned you can find in earlier blog posts and YouTube videos, but I seldom talk about them or even think about them these days. That is until I stumbled across this great post on, where Richard B shared 5 Things He Learned In His First REAL Year of Entrepreneurship. I have to say this post was relatable, true to life for most of us and totally hilarious; an insightful fun read.

He was spot on with all his points, but number five definitely rang true for me, “There Are a Thousand Different Ways to Get Clients and You Might Need to Try Them All.”

Completely inspired by Richard’s post, here are my top 3 lessons learned from my first official year as a work at mom.

StartUps Don’t Pay Up Right Away
When your business becomes your primary source of income, things get real – real fast. It was 2007, I just moved from New York to North Carolina with a 6 month old son and a boyfriend with a broken leg. Bills needed to be paid and the baby needed to be fed. That said, I honestly would not have been able to survive without the little savings (less than $5000) that helped us stay afloat those first few months. In your heart you want to see profits pouring into your bank account from the start. But in reality it takes time to make a name for yourself and create a client base. Avoid quitting that job too quickly or being fooled by the false idea that online businesses are easy income generators. Make sure that you have a savings, investment capital, job, or supportive loved one to help you balance your bills during those first few months of building your business.

Don’t Spend All Your Time Trying to Get New Customers
“Traffic” seems to be one of those major trigger words for new entrepreneurs, it definitely was for me. I spent more hours than I care to mention trying to find new ways to get new customers, even when I had actual customers that I was working with. At some point I realized that it took a lot of time to woo folks who are new and when you are in the ‘wooing’ phase there is very little money to be made. On the flip side, those people who bought from you before are actually easier to sell too, because of that old ‘know, like, and trust’ factor marketers are always talking about. To that point, I soon began focusing more time on keeping my older customers than getting new ones. The most successful businesses are sustained not by new people, but by their loyal customers who come back regularly and bring others with them. Client retention is just as important, if not more important than new customer acquisition. A truth a try to teach newbies all the time.

Just do it and fail fast.
As a young women of color who has been in the business of technology and online entrepreneur for a long time, I often receive interview requests to share my story. On of the most common questions asked is always, “What’s one piece of advice that you can give to women trying to start their businesses now?” My response is always, “Like the Nike Commercial says, Just do it!” People gave me a lot of reasons why I should not be an entrepreneur. They told me that folks that look like me don’t do things like that. We get good jobs, we don’t start businesses. They told me I should more time focusing on being a good mom rather than a great boss. They told me I would always be where they were, my reality wouldn’t be different. And for a long time I told me that I couldn’t start my own business without the a partner or someone to help me get started. In spite of all the unsupportive things people told me and scary things I told myself, in the end I just jumped in and did it. I researched ideas and came up with ideas; some worked well while others were major flops. I never sat on my dreams, wished for help or waited for perfection. I just did everything that I could do to create a thriving home-based business. Through every success and failure, things got better, bigger, and stronger. I tell clients all the time perfection comes in the process of doing. It’s the best piece of advice that I can honestly give.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this. Definitely read Richard’s post and feel free to share some of your First Year Entrepreneur Lessons learned via the comment box below.

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For my fellow mompreneurs and aspiring work at home entrepreneurs, read more of my Work At Home Life posts here.

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