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Sales Rule #2 for Woman Entrepreneurs: Confused Buyers Don’t Buy
Women Entrepreneurs: How to Handle Your Fails and Move Forward
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22 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Website
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Get Unstuck: Where do you start when you have different things you want to do in your business?
200+ Web Tools, Apps and Plugins for Today’s Entrepreneur

Sales Rule #2 for Woman Entrepreneurs: Confused Buyers Don’t Buy

SistaSense Sales Rules for Women In Business (1)

The words ‘sales’ and ‘selling’ are two of the nastiest words for most of the women entrepreneurs that I know. Those who struggle with saying these words all too often struggle with generating sales as well. They tell me these words make them feel ‘dirty’ and sometimes even ‘sleezy’. They tell me they don’t want to come off as ‘pushy’ or ‘money hungry’. They try to convince me, or rather themselves that they are happy just focusing on ‘putting stuff out there’ in the hopes that eventually the money will follow, but it almost never does. If you are like them, let’s take a minute to talk about what’s really hurting your sales, why more people aren’t buying your stuff and how you can fix this major problem that many women entrepreneurs face.

For my fellow online entrepreneurs who want to make sales, but hate selling I have a rule for you today that I want you to take note of and take to heart.

Sales Rule #2: Confused Buyers Don’t Buy
Among the many things entrepreneurs say when it comes to struggling with sales, I often hear things like, “They aren’t buying because the site isn’t working” or “they say it’s too expensive.” While these statements are true sometimes, I think it is also worth mentioning the very popular marketing truth, “Confused Buyers Don’t Buy.” For this reason you should avoid trying to create offers that appeal to every person in the hopes of widening your target audience. Think about the cereal aisle at your local supermarket. It is chock full of different items that appeal to different people; this same statement should hold true when it comes to the items that you sell.

If you try to create generic offers in the hopes of reaching everyone, you will unfortunately reach no one. If your offer has too many bells and whistles in the hopes of trying to impress them, you will more than likely over stress them. Customers abandon carts all the time for a myriad of reasons, all too often it is because they feel confused, overwhelmed and unconvinced that your offer is something they really want or need.

Following this same concept, if your business title is too long, meaning you are the ‘author, coach, mentor, hair dresser, consultant, speaker, healer of the world’, their eyes will glaze as you painstakingly try to explain who you are and what you do. Let’s be clear that 9 times out of 10 you lost them after the first title, which means it is unlikely that they will remember or truly understand what you really do when they need something that you actually offer. Start defining and describing yourself using the KISS method, keep it seriously simple and elaborate more as needed.

The one item fits all approach to sales simply doesn’t work and in most cases does more harm to your business than good. When trying to sell your offers keep your statements clear, concise and specific to one offer that meets one specific desire or need for one specific type of person. Using this method over time you’ll find you’ve created your own mega-marketplace of diversified offers that appeal to the varying needs of the people within your ideal target market. This is the most effective way to resonate with buyers; focus on selling one unique offer at a time vs trying to market one offer as the solution for every person.

Last but not least, you have to be honest with yourself. Are you currently confused about what you should sell, what you are selling or how sales really works? If you are confused, but are trying to sell regardless, I want you to keep one thing in mind. When you attempt to communicate your offers to prospects, more than likely your confusion is becoming their confusion. If you aren’t clear about what you offer and why they should value your business, you can’t expect your potential clients to be anything but confused. As an entrepreneur one of your many roles is that of the leader. And we all know that the blind should never lead the blind, so before you try to make a sale take the time to get crystal clear about what you really do and who you wish to serve. The more you understand your value and their needs, the better your conversations and conversion rates will be. In short, it’s vital that you work on scripting out your value propositions before you go out and share them with the world. Clarity and confidence work hand in hand. Together they can significantly reduce buyer confusion and as a result help to boost your overall sales.

Let’s really dig into the topic of sales, here are a few SistaSense Resources that may be of interest to you:

Women Entrepreneurs: How to Handle Your Fails and Move Forward

Sometimes we fall down because there is something down there we are supposed to find

Things were moving forward for me in a big way and then all of a sudden IT happened. Out of nowhere those things that were working perfectly, stopped working. Out of nowhere, I started to feel stuck. Out of nowhere, I became weighed down by self-doubt, envy, anxiety, frustration, and fear. I felt like I was falling and failing all at once.

Do you ever feel like this? As an entrepreneur, how do you handle feelings of failure? In the past, I’ve talked about fatigue, fear, taking breaks, and powering through to your best you to unblock your blessings. But what do you do when you feel like you’ve hit rock bottom and nothing is working in your favor. I believe the first thing to do is realize that everything happens for a reason. And sometimes we fall down because there is something down there we are supposed to find.

As an entrepreneur, I accept the fact that failure is inevitable; a natural part of the process. When I fail, I resist the temptation to compare myself to others and call myself a failure. Harsh words are like poison to your progress. Don’t say them, think them or take them to heart. It’s hard not to, but I try not to. When I fail, I get still. I take a good look at everything I am doing in my online business and then write a long list detailing everything that I am NOT doing.

The truth is there is always room for improvement. The truth is as entrepreneurs, sometimes we get too comfortable for our own good. The truth is sometimes there are things that you and I can do to make our businesses better; things that we know actually work, but we don’t do them because we get used to our current results, we get lazy, we procrastinate, we hate on the success of others or fail to see the potential for success within ourselves.

I take my long list of things that I am not currently doing in my business, roll up my sleeves and get to work. I become a start-up student again, hungry for new ideas and improved results. At my low point, a fallen down state, I actually find those things I couldn’t see before. And these are the moments in which my spirit is renewed and I start working towards the next phase in my entrepreneurial journey.

Find a quiet space. Really take a good look at what you are doing and honestly identify those things that are missing. Get real. Get uncomfortable. Get still and quiet so you can hear what your next natural step towards success should be.

Are you ready to get uncomfortable?

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Website Help. WordPress Help.


Building a website for your business can be a frustrating, potentially expensive process if you don’t know what you need or where to start. If you need help with your website or WordPress, here is my quick list of web design services and DIY solutions for women entrepreneurs.

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DIY Website Design and WordPress Help

If you’d like to learn how to build your own website or explore some of the best web tools you should use, review the following:

How to Build Your WordPress Website in 10 Minutes
44 Build Your Website + eCommerce Tools
Websites, Packages, and People: Built It On a Budget Webinar Replay
Start Her Up Guide: 3 Steps to Building Your Web Business on A Budget

Here are a few of my favorite go to resources for:

Web Hosting | Logo Design | Premium Themes | File Storage | Rebates

Share this post with friends in need of website design help or WordPress help and feel free to post any questions you may have below.

44 Build Your Website + eCommerce Store Web Tools


If you are interested in building a new website, finding great premium WordPress themes or setting up your own online store, here are 44 great web tools to review.

Domain Name Registration, Web Hosting and SSL Certificates

If you are just starting your web business journey, the first thing you will need to do is sign up for hosting and register your website’s domain name. If you have a web designer like myself, or can build your website on your own I recommend self-hosting your website. I personally use and recommend Hostmonster to my clients. I have only used GoDaddy for a few of my domain registrations.


Blog and Website Builders

I build most websites using the platform because it is highly customizable and easy for clients to update pages on their own. While I personally recommend installing on your own self-hosted website, I want you to be aware of a few of the best website builder options currently available online.

WordPress Website Premium Theme Providers

When designing custom wordpress websites for clients, I purchase most of my premium themes from ThemeForest and Mojo Themes. They offer large marketplaces with premium themes for you to choose from.

Ecommerce Payment Gateways – Process Credit Cards

PayPal is my primary eCommerce Gateway. I highly recommend that you create or upgrade to a Paypal Business Account.

Ecommerce Platforms – Online Store and Shopping Cart Solutions

As detailed on my Setup and Sell Training CD, I personally like to build online stores using Selz.

Ecommerce WordPress Widgets and Plugins

If you’d prefer to setup your store inside your wordpress website I highly recommend WooCommerce, however you can also review the alternatives listed below.

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3 Sales Lessons to Learn: Happy Black Woman Blogging School

“The Success of Your Business Depends On the Company That You Keep” -LaShanda Henry Every now and again I look back on my life and reflect on the various experiences that have helped to shape my mindset and my business. Today I want to take a minute and think about my time spent inside Rosetta[…]

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4 Ways to Gain Accountability, Support and Powerful Connections Inside the SistaSense Power Circle

Accountability and Support Inside the SistaSense Power Circle


I truly believe the Success of Your Busines Depends on the Company that you keep, so one of my biggest SistaSense Goals to keep you in GREAT Company.

Today let’s explore 4 ways you can gain accountability, support and powerful connections inside the SistaSense Power Circle.

Join the SistaSense Power Circle Facebook Group
Join the SistaSense Power Circle Mentorship Program
Join the SistaSense Fire Starter Circle Mastermind Group
Join the SistaSense Back to Business Annual Webinar Conference

Beyond the web, tech, startup tips that I share with you here on SistaSense, I want to connect you to other like-minded entrepreneurs and experienced professionals genuinely invested in helping you live your best life and build your best business online.

22 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Website


Before we get started, first take a minute to list the different things you are currently doing to drive traffic to your website. How many items do you have on your list? If you could use a few more options, today let’s dive into my personal checklist of 22 ways to drive traffic to your website.

If you are an entrepreneur on a budget, this list should be especially useful to you. When it comes to online marketing, if you can’t spend money on advertising, you will have to spend time learning how to improve your website traffic building skills.

Hopefully, these suggestions can help you begin to practice and put into action a few smart, no-cost marketing solutions.

Blog Better. Blog More.
1. Publish at least 5-10 blog posts weekly – I know this may seem like a lot of work, but it’s worth it. When I check by website statistics, I notice a spike in page views and new subscribers when I post more often. As a matter of fact, in this article over on, the author explains increasing their blogging efforts from posting twice a week to over 10 times resulted in a 300% increase in traffic in just two months.

2. Bulk Task Your Blog Posts – I get it, it’s hard to blog every day. I honestly don’t have the time or team to do that either. My alternative solution is what I like to call bulk-tasking my posts. Over 2 to 3-day intervals, I write at least two-four weeks of content and then I schedule out those posts to publish daily. This is actually a blogging strategy for busy entrepreneurs that I teach as inside my 10 Day Blogging Challenge.

Create Share-Worthy Blog Content
3. Get Into the Habit of Sharing Smart Lists – People love when you can make their lives easier by curating the best available information on a particular topic and giving it to them in the form of a list. Give them your best recommendations, resources, and connections in list form and you just might be surprised to see how many people will share your list, driving traffic back to you.

4. Write More Reviews and Product Comparisons – Search engine optimization plays a big role in the wonderful world of online marketing. Every day millions of people go online in search of reviews and product comparisons to help them make smarter decisions about the offers they choose. Start writing more reviews as a way to improve your website’s visibility across popular search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Beef Up Your Social Media Marketing Efforts
5. Social Sync Your Content – Having an empty Facebook page or inactive Twitter profile won’t do you any good. Try using social media tools like HootSuite to connect your blog’s RSS Feed to your social media profiles. This connection ensures your new blog posts will automatically be published to your social profiles, which can help you gain additional exposure for your posts.

6. Repost Your Best Content – Have you ever heard the expression “you’re leaving money on the table?” Here’s a twist, right now you are probably “leaving clicks on the table.” Most entrepreneurs only share their content once or twice on social platforms before they are off to create new content. The smarter solution is to use social media management tools like HooteSuite or Edgar to schedule out resharing your best content for extended reach and new views.

Watch My Training Video Below:
HootSuite Blog Post Marketing and Social Media Automation

Can’t access the video below? Click here to log in or click here to join the SistaSense Power Circle Online mentorship program. For just $7 you’ll get access to this video and 100+ Money, Marketing and Sales tutorials.

Spend More Time Sharing Your Content
7. Use Social Bookmarking and Content Sharing Website More Often – Your marketing efforts should not stop at creating blog posts and sharing them on your social profiles. Consider posting your best articles and answers on the following websites for additional exposure:

  • Quora is a question-and-answer site where questions are asked, answered, edited and organized by its community of users.
  • LinkedIn Pulse is a daily professional news digest. LinkedIn members can submit articles and review daily news, powered by their professional world.
  • Biz Sugar is a place where you can share small business news, tips, blog posts and information with BizSugar’s community of small business owners and entrepreneurs.
  • Reddit is an entertainment, social news networking service built on user-generated news links.

8. Use Slides to Attract People’s Attention – Using the SlideShare and/or Facebook SlideShow you can share searchable / shareable presentations that highlight information from your best articles; linking back to the posts.

Try Guest Blogging and Article Exchanges
9. Become a Guest Blogger or Accept Guest Post Submissions – Consider submitting your best articles to online publications that target your ideal customers. On the flip side, you can also consider accepting guest posts from others as a way to beef up the content and traffic on your own website.

10. Initiate an Article Exchange: Try reaching out to one (or a few) of your business associates who target a similar market and initiate an article exchange in which you agree to write articles to post on each other’s blogs. I periodically except articles from experienced professionals as part of my Power Circle Experts series.

Use Strong Visuals to Attract Attention
11. Make Your Posts Pop With Pictures – Using photo editing web tools like Canva or graphic apps like Word Swag you can easily create eye catching graphics people love to share like quotes, memes and infographics; connecting them to your website by including your logo and url within your graphics.

12. Use Slides to Attract People’s Attention – Use and/or the Facebook SlideShow feature to post searchable, shareable presentations that highlight information from your best articles; linking back to those posts.

Turn Your Best Content Into Digital Downloads
13. Create Your Own Magazine – Use platforms like ISSUU or magcloud to produce your own Print On Demand or digital magazine. By self-publishing my own magazine, SistaSense In Print, I’ve been able to repurpose my best blog posts all while increasing the website’s visibility and sales. I share my self-publishing strategies and customizable magcloud magazine template inside my Brand to Mag training course.

14. Create Your Own eBooks and Free Reports – Turn your best blog posts into eBooks and reports that you can use for additional profit or strictly for promotion. For example, I created my free eguide, 101 Web Business Questions Answered, to help my new subscribers easily access the best content on my website. As a matter of fact, many information marketers and online entrepreneurs have turned their blog content into best sellers and/or high performing opt-in offers as a way to drive steady traffic back to their website. You can start by adding your free downloads to your web store and then consider submitting your content to Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing and eBook directories for additional exposure.

Host Virtual Conferences, Social Q&As and Live Stream Shows
15. Ask Questions and Provide Quality Answers On Social Media Platforms – Here are a few smart ways to simultaneously reach more people, share your know-how and drive traffic back to your website. You can bring your social following together by hosting twitter events using a platform like TweetChat. You can spark great conversations, sharing your ideas with the world using online radio and podcasting platforms like Alternatively, you can host your own live stream shows using streaming video platforms like Periscope, Blab or Facebook Live.

16. Host Virtual Conferences – Get into the habit of regularly hosting teleconference calls and webinars. This strategy can help you share your expertise and increase return visits back to your website while attracting new followers who might be interested in participating in your virtual events.

Keep Them Entertained and In the Know Using Video
17 – Add More Video Content to Your Website – According to Statistic Brain, 4,950,000,000 videos are viewed on Youtube every day.  Think about how many videos you are watching and sharing online on a daily basis. Consider collecting the videos that may be of interest to your readers and using them as content for your blog. Viral videos can drive a great deal of traffic to your website.

18. Convert Your Blog Posts Into Videos – Create 5-10 minute videos in which you share highlights and/or recaps from your blog posts. Be sure to include the post url in the description area of your video and also consider embedding your new video in the post itself.

Make It Easier for People to Share Your Best Content
19. Use Sumome – Sumome is a suite of free tools that can be used to grow your website’s traffic. Get 20% more pageviews with Share. Share for Sumome adds social share buttons to your blog posts, which makes it easy for your visitors to share your content to their friends, family, and others.

20. Use the Click to Tweet Plugin – This WordPress plugin allows you to easily create tweetable content for your readers. Use pull quotes and custom messages inside the body of your blog post to highlight your content for the reader and make it simple for them to share on Twitter.

Beef Up Your Email Marketing Efforts
21. Try RSS to Email – Turn your blog into an email newsletter using the RSS to Email feature that most email marketing services offer. Give your subscribers the convenience of reading your latest posts in their inbox, which can in turn help to increase traffic back to your website.

22. Drip Your Best Content – Create a drip campaign that highlights some of your best old blog posts. This simple effective strategy can help to motivate your email subscribers to visit your website more often.

As an entrepreneur, you’ll find your sweet spot is the place where you have the perfect balance between your web pages, your products and your people. In other words, when there is steady growth in all three of these areas you actually see the desired business results that you are looking for. If you are a creative being like myself, it’s important that you don’t simply spend all your time creating content (pages and products). It is equally important that you work on your ability to attract people and drive traffic to your website on a daily basis.

Now that you have my list of 22 ways to drive traffic to your website, where will you begin? What questions do you have? Feel free to share your thoughts, questions, marketing lessons learned and personal recommendations with me via the comment box below. You can also help this conversation grow by sharing this post with your circle!

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Get Unstuck Podcast: Empowerment for Women Entrepreneurs


At some point we all get stuck. The trick is to NOT stay stuck.

Did you catch this quick video from Oprah at the Essence Festival? When asked the question “Empowerment for women who have failed, how do they start over?”

Oprah’s response was this, “You Can’t Start Over Unless You Get Still.

This process of getting still is something I do all the time. I often times talk about the importance of finding a quiet space to work on your vision and do what I like to call “Figuring Out Your Next Natural Step.” In the video Oprah calls this your next “Right Step” Hah! Look at that… great minds think alike (smile).

If you are in need of the ultimate SistaSense Clarity session – my best bundle ever is right here and there are less than 20 of these left. Did you get yours?

On this journey called entrepreneurship, I truly believe the only way you can fail is if you quit. Now, let’s dive into some SMART ways to power through to your best you inside my Get Unstuck So Your Success Can Stick podcast series.


Get Unstuck: What to Do When You Feel Like You Are All Over the Place
Get Unstuck: Where to start when you have different things you want to do
Get Unstuck: How to Combine Different Projects Under One Brand
Get Unstuck:5 Steps to Fire Up Your Funds and Focus

I hope you enjoy watching Oprah’s Rule of Empowerment video and also listening to the latest episodes of my Get Unstuck podcast series.

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$1 Download: Grow Your Following 7 Day Challenge


If you are working hard on your business right now, here is a sweet summer deal for you. Click here or the button below to grab my SistaSense Grow Your Following 7 Day Challenge for only $1.

If you are an online entrepreneur looking to expand your brand, become more visible and build your own community online then I invite you to take my SistaSense Grow Your Following 7 Day Challenge.

In my 16 years of being a web designer, I’ve learned quite a LOT about how to use no-cost and low cost marketing strategies to drive traffic to your website, increase your visibility and reach more potential customers.

Over the course of 7 days, I would like to share 7 GREAT ways for your to increase your following online using the same strategies that I have successfully used to reach thousands of people on the web.

This is an audio based challenge, which you will receive via email. In other words, each day I will message you with a 20 minute audio training – sharing my own personal checklist of strategies to give you a sense of how you can get started.

Sign up now to swipe my Daily Getting Started Checklist with great easy to follow solutions and resources.

Day 1: Build Your Email List
Day 2: Build Your Blog Subscriber List
Day 3: Build Your Customer Base
Day 4: Build Your YouTube Following
Day 5: Build Your Periscope Following
Day 6: Build Your Twitter and Facebook Following
Day 7: Build Your Community / Coaching Client Base

This challenge includes 2.5 hours worth of GREAT information to help you get clear about how you can start growing your following via email, blogging, on your website and using social media.

In sharing my checklists with you my goal is to help you find solutions you would like to learn about in more details.

BONUS 60 Minute Video:
First Steps to Grow Your Social Following Online

This deal expires 7/31/16.

Use Dropbox for File Sharing & Data Storage + Get More Free Space


As a web designer I am always sending or receiving graphics and web content from clients. For this reason I use and highly recommend dropbox, click here to sign up. It is one of my favorite file sharing / data storage services.

Do you have a dropbox account, but it’s full?
Get up to 16 GB of free Dropbox space by inviting your friends join Dropbox via their referrals page. For each one who installs Dropbox you’ll both get 500 MB of bonus space.

Click here to review other SistaSense Recommended Resources.

Get Unstuck: Where do you start when you have different things you want to do in your business?


Today’s Get Unstuck question is this: “Where do I start? I want to build a successful business, but I have different products I want to launch and projects I want to begin. How do I pick the right thing to do first?”

During my clarity calls, private one-on-one sessions with clients, this is one of those frequently asked questions.

So many great projects, so little time. I get it. You have a laundry list of things that you want to do, but you don’t want to waste your time, energy or funds focusing on the wrong things.

Let’s talk about a few solutions that might work for you.

Get Unstuck So Your Success Can Stick Ep03: Listen to This Audio

As mentioned in this audio session here are two ways you gain additional clarity:
Schedule a SistaSense 1-On-1 Clarity Session

After listening to the audio message above, share your thoughts via the ‘voice message’ tab on the right or the comment box below.

Let me know if any of these recommendations can help or if you have other suggestions you’d like to share.

And be sure to ask SistaSense your BIG small business questions, so that I can point you in the right direction.

Browse Archive: SistaSense Get Unstuck Audio Series for Women Entrepreneurs

200+ Web Tools, Apps and Plugins for Today’s Entrepreneur



The E-List for Entrepreneurs gives you direct access to 200+ of the best web tools, apps and plugins. Now you don’t have to drive yourself crazy trying to figure out the right terms to search for or going through an endless listing of websites and search engines. As a busy entrepreneur you know that there is no time to waste. Every minute that you aren’t working the web, is one less dollar earned. With this guide you won’t need to spend hours online trying to find the best websites or sources to help your business grow because I have found them all for you.

With over sixteen years of web experience, I’ve been able to compile a listing of websites that can make any web entrepreneur’s life a million times easier.

This downloadable digital guide is a compact, easy to navigate list with clickable links to the best small business resources under the following categories:

Domain Name Registration, Web Hosting and SSL Certificates
Blog and Website Builders
WordPress Website Premium Theme Providers
Ecommerce Payment Gateways – Process Credit Cards
Ecommerce Platforms – Online Store and Shopping Cart Solutions
Ecommerce WordPress Widgets and Plugins
Outsourcing: Freelance Designers and Service Professionals
Small Business Printing Services and Promotional Products
Crowd Funding, Working Capital and Small Business Loans
Self-Publish Books and Magazines
Print On Demand: Custom T-Shirts, Bags, Mugs and More
Print On Demand – Create and Sell Unique Products Online
Sell Your Products on Online Market Places
Find Private Label / White Label Products
eLearning: Sell and Sign Up for Online Courses
Sell Music, Movies and More: Print on Demand CDs and DVDs
Podcasting: Online Radio and Audio Sharing Platforms
Audio Players, Hosting, Editing and Recording Web Tools
Teleconference Calls, Webinars and Online Meeting Services
Virtual Phone Numbers, Voice Messaging, Text Messaging, Video Chat, Photo and Video Sharing, and 800 Numbers
Skype Recording Software Tools
Video Sharing, Video Marketing and Video Blogging Platforms
Video Editing, Wireless Mirroring and Screen Capture Recording
Live Stream Services
Social Media Platforms
WordPress Comments, Social Media Engagement and SEO Plugins
Social Media Management Tools
Email Marketing Services
Sales Pages, Landing Pages and Lead Capture Forms
Workflow Automation: Connect Apps, Services and Devices
Royalty Free Stock Photos, Videos and Vector Graphics
Create Custom Book Covers, eCovers, 3D Product and Promo Graphics
Fonts, Royalty Free Audio Clips, and Templates
Photo Editors: Graphics Design Software, Web Tools, Plugins and Apps
Graphics, Typography and Quotes Apps
Photo Editing Apps
Meeting Schedule Apps and Tools
Event Registration Tools and Online Event Calendars
Online File Sharing, Cloud Storage, and Data Back Up Tools
Google Suite of Resources and Web Tools
WordPress Recommended Resources and Tools
PayPal Suite of Resources and Tools

Free Download for Power Circle Members

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