(audio) Before Summer Ends + Visibility and Sales Support

As soon as the kiddies go back to school the back to business rush begins with an increased number of people (your potential customers) jumping back online looking to find all the great products and services you have to offer.

Now is the perfect time to listen to this week’s jump start your business session all about the one question you should ask yourself before summer ends:

Are you ready for the Back to Business Rush?
Do you have killer, compelling ‘try’ and ‘buy’ now offers ready to share?

audio session here

Get clear with this week’s audio and get ready with the Monetize Your Blog Bundle, which includes all the courses and help you need to get Back to Business!

With only a few weeks left of summer, now is the time to work on your fall action plan.

Together we’ll focus on improving your website visibility and getting your offers ready for the Back to Business rush that is quickly approaching.