(audio) Authenticity & Client Attraction: Sharing Your Truths Online

Before People Will Buy What You Sell, They Have to Buy What You Say -LaShanda Henry

If you want to build buzz, blog and get people to notice you more online listen to our latest Jumpstart Your Business Call all about Authenticity & Client Attraction: Sharing Your Truths Online (audio replay below). Plus I’ve also included a list to my favorite client attraction solutions for web entrepreneurs and service professionals.

My goal is to help you get comfortable in your own skin, feel more confident in your abilities and start talking TO people more rather than simply talking AT them all the time.

Listen to TeleClass Replay Below:

Can’t access the audio replay below? Click here to log in or click here to join the SistaSense Online Circle. For just $7 you’ll get access to this replay, my Jumpstart Your Business live sessions and more.

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