At&t Mobile Office Musthaves + Cool Gadgets at the Women of Power Summit

This morning at the Black Enterprise Women of Power Summit folks were filled with power. When I heard the buzz about Bishop Vashti McKenzie reading her sermon this morning from her iPAD I said, “YES! That is so Awesome.” I plan on sharing her words of wisdom and inspiration with you in a separate post, but what I wanted to talk about now is how impressed I was to see how progressive she and other women have been here, taking advantage of new media and working mobile technology into their everyday lives.

Helping us all get our “social media on” at this event was AT&T. In the video above I give you a little look inside the BE Digital Lounge sponsored by AT&T full of Laptops courtesy of Sony that kept us connected to our real world agendas and VERY cool cell phone charging stations for those of us who run our mobile ‘babies’ 24/7. Plus I learned a little more about AT&T’s 28 Days Black History Month Series. I also got an inside look at some of AT&T’s latest smart phones, so if you are in the market for a new mobile device that can help you make your business and personal life run more smoothly watch the video above, click here if you can’t see it.

I personally have an iphone 4 from AT&T that I’m very happy with, but I was able to discover some other phones like the new Blackberry Torch that might work better for you. Only you can make that decision though, so check out the video.

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