Acts of God, Panic to Power and Smart Marketing Connections

Women Entrepreneurs Working Through Panic and Fear of Social Media and Technology and even creating Video to share their gifts with the world, help others and live in their purpose. Know that you can do this and become this kind of woman.


I have a few cool things share with you today.

First, did you see this pic? Now that made me laugh.

“It was gonna take an act of God for me to make videos. You are a miracle worker! I’m excited to make videos now. Thank you.” -Karla

During this week’s video marketing webinar Karla shared that message with me.

As I shared it with my friends on instagram this morning, Lynette posted this video. That made me smile.

I so heart my Lynette! This is one of 14 videos she knocked out yesterday as part of the challenge.

By the way I see you Regina, working your 90 videos too!

Listen even if you think you can’t do this. You can. I mean it.

Inside today’s Daily Direction message we talk about the power of “Connect. Connect. Connect.”

In today’s session, I share SMART new ways I connect my social media platforms. And I also talk about the powerful connections needed to move forward in life and in business.

Best of all… Seeing all the great things ladies are now inspired to do because of this month’s video challenge, I have decided we should maintain the momentum.

Next month we are doing a Canva Graphics Challenge to focus on digital content creation and engaging graphics for your social media platforms.

This challenge will be followed by a podcasting audio challenge in September.

Create more. Consume Less.

From video, to graphics, to audio … We are going to dig in and dig deep.

Are you in?

Follow the link below and select the 90 Day Experience to join us for the video challenge, plus the next two.

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