LaShanda Henry aka SistaSense
Web Designer and Founder of 15+ Websites for People of Color

LaShanda Henry has been developing websites for over 10 years. She owns over 15 web properties and is most passionate about two things: creating positive websites for people of color and helping women entrepreneurs learn how to build successful businesses online.

Ms. Henry graduated Columbia University and received her bachelor’s degree in Computer Science in 2002.

“My life’s mission is to motivate.inform.inspire.connect. With my mother in mind, I do what I do for parents looking to better their children’s lives and for women striving to live their dreams. I love to share information and build communities online. It’s what I do and who I am.”

Some of LaShanda’s most popular websites include:
Multiple Shades of You Online (an African American Web Portal)
BBWO – Social Network for Women Entrepreneurs
SistaSense Money and Marketing blog
The Black Parenting Blog

As both a web designer and internet marketing coach, LaShanda has been featured in magazines such as Essence, Ebony, The Network Journal, and As a blogger she has worked with brands including Disney, General Mills, TNT, Walmart, and many others.

LaShanda is truly on a mission to use technology as a tool to affect positive change within the black community online and at home. She presently lives in North Carolina with her son and his loving father.

In a nutshell I am a work at home mom with a passion for building websites and helping other women like me make sense of making money online.

Working Girl to Work At Home Mom, this is my story….

Everybody wants to make money online, and so I am happy to share how I am doing just that! I decided to write this for those of you who are curious about how to make money online or are skeptical about how one can REALLY do it. Now I am not a six-figure sister YET, but by making the most of my skills and diversifying my streams of income I have been able to successfully work from home, pay my bills, and meet my family’s needs.

My story is a common one I think because like many web entrepreneurs, my online gig started off as a hobby turned into a side hustle and now a work at home business. I want to start off by saying that I am only one of many web entrepreneurs out there, so I can tell you that there are a million and one business ventures that you can tap into online. As for me, I’ve successfully made money online from the following:

First video from about 5 years ago…

More about me…. find how how I make money online and/or how I can help you build your best online business.

21 thoughts on “About LaShanda Henry

  1. ysumlin says:

    LaShanda, Thanks for creating this website for us. If we can help in anyway to get the word out we will. My husband and I just started our business 3 days ago and already we are #1 of millions of pages in our category. My husband I think is a marketing machine. We are processing more than 3000 sales a day so far. We cannot thank you enough without wanting to help with promoting others and you on this website. Thanks Again.

  2. Brown Betty says:

    Hi I’m stopping by from a new blogging network geared towards women of color. You have a great blog and it’s exactly what you we are looking for in our members. If you have a moment please stop by, check out our site, and sign up for the directory.

    Everything is FREE, and if you join before November 1 we are holding a contest for 1 of our member to receive 2 months of free advertising on our site. So please stop by we would love to have you.

  3. HBCUkidz says:

    LaShanda I loved hearing your story! Sounds so similar to my own..HEY I WAS INROADER OF THE YEAR for the Baltimore Affiliate in 1990! So happy U followed your passion so early in your life and are continuing to help others pursue their passions! U are AWESOME!

    Sisterly love,

    Joan E. Gosier

  4. Wendy (Give Love Create Happiness) says:

    Thank you so much for your how to on creating an email subscription link with FeedBurner. It was extremely helpful! I really apprecaite the help I got from your site and created a link to your page. I hope that is ok, just wanted to give credit where credit is due. Please let me know if you would prefer I did not and I can remove it. If you would like to see the post visit

    Thank you again for your help!

    Best Regards,

  5. Jeremy says:

    Hey LaShanda!
    I own a publishing company and would love to speak with you!
    See my deets below…
    Jeremy D Brown

  6. Jeremy says:

    Hey LaShanda!
    I own a publishing company and would love to speak with you!
    See my deets below…
    Jeremy D Brown

  7. bhouseofstyle says:

    Hello LaShanda. I have been folowing you for awhile now and I would just like to say that I really enjoy all of online endeavors. They are so informative and I find them to be very useful. Please keep up the GREAT work.

    2010 Let’s Begin

  8. Eric Kai-Lewis says:

    Hey LaShanda,

    Love the blog, it’s all about being fascinating and drowning out all of the noise we have in the online space, and you are doing that successfully. Look forward to reading more of your posts.

    Talent is God given. Be humble. Fame is man-given. Be grateful. Conceit is self-given. Be careful. :~John Wooden.


  9. NORRIS720 says:


  10. Lakeisa Arrington says:

    Thanks for caring enough to share. Girl Power Rocks and the gift God has given you is amazing. GOD blesses us so we may bless others and you my angel are a perfect example of Phil 2:4. I am new to the social-networking world and you
    have opened my eyes to a plethora of endless possibilities. May God continue to bless you and your love ones tremendously. Thanks again…smooches

    • LaShanda says:

      Thank you for the blessings Lakesia. I truly mean that. Support keeps me motivated to do what I do. All the best to you as well. Keep learning and doors will open.

  11. Kate Redwine says:

    Hey LaShanda!

    I love your story and everything else! I have purchased your Sistas Who Sell 7 day challenge, your Money and Power mag, your time mgmt audio, your video marketing audio, your Information sells audio, and so on! Love every bit of it! Hands down, pure quality and content! Blessing to you my sista!

    • theadmin says:

      Thank you Kate! I am always happy when sistas can use and find value in the info-products that I offer. We need to get you in the SistaSense Circle – I would love to talk to you more and start working with you on your business. -lh

  12. birdy27 says:

    so glad i found this site! i’ve got a number of things going, but need to do better making money with them. i learned how to build my own 1-page website (whew!), but i don’t have enough time to learn what i need to monetize it. and i desperately need my business–graphic designs and slogans/concepts for tees and other imprintables and cards, handknitted and handcrocheted fashion accessories, etc.–to take off. i do need help, so i’ll check out the site. thanks a lot!

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