7 Mistakes Women Entrepreneurs Make: #3 is Spot On!


You are an amazing woman with a passion to change the world. You have a strong entrepreneurial spirit and a desire to make things happen. But what are some internal issues, challenges or mental blocks that might be holding you back? If you are open to a real talk reality check let’s discuss what my Power Circle Experts had to say when asked the question, “What mistakes are women entrepreneurs making today?”

b2b-rosettathurmanRosetta Thurman, Power Circle Expert On
5 Steps to a Profitable Online Business
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Work from Anywhere in the World 

#1-  While women dominate many social networks online, we really don’t use the tools as much as we could to promote our businesses and engage with potential customers. This is one of the things that really frustrates me because there’s so much potential for our businesses on social media if we use it correctly! If you’re already on Twitter and Facebook, you probably tend to use it for personal use rather than as a marketing tool because you’re afraid people will unfollow or unfriend you. But social media offers an enormous opportunity for marketing your business for free or low-cost. And the sooner you take advantage of it, the more income you can bring in. Fun fact: most of my new clients and customers find me through my blog or Facebook! – Rosetta Thurman


Evita Robinson, Power Circle Expert On
3 Secrets to Crowdfunding: Get Money for Your Business

#2-  One mistake women entrepreneurs make is devaluing ourselves. -Evita Robinson

Rochelle Carter, Power Circle Expert On
Branding Your Expertise with a Book™ – Six Costly Mistakes Self-Publishers Make

#3-  One mistake women entrepreneurs make is waiting for the “right time” to get things done. Perfection is a dream killer! Get it done, get it out, get feedback, refine, repeat. – Rochelle Carter


Daphne D. Williams, Power Circle Expert On
How to Instagram Your Way to Sales In Minutes

#4-  One mistake women entrepreneurs make is trying to do too many things at once (having too many tabs open in their brain and desk top). Never taking the time to enjoy the process. Trying to be everything to everybody and Coaching in areas they know nothing about because instead of walking in who they’ve been called to be they attempt to try and do what the crowd is doing. Making a lot of noise but not strategic overs to align their business and brands. – Daphne D. Williams


Akilah S. Richards, Power Circle Expert On
Radical Repurposing: 5 Steps for Turning Your Old Ideas Into New Income

#5-  One mistake women entrepreneurs make is focusing outward instead of inward. I believe that our greatest work is found when we learn how to silence the noise and tune in to our own, unique divine paths. – Akilah S. Richards


Nubia Sutton, Power Circle Expert On
Using Information Videos to Build a Health & Wellness Businesses Online

#6-  One mistake women entrepreneurs make is trying to please all of the people all of the time. – Nubia Sutton

#7- One mistake women entrepreneurs often make is misunderstanding the word “No”. Consider the following two ways to look at this response. Have you ever sent out an email requesting something from some one and you never got a response back? I like to call this the “Mistaken Silent No.” Sometimes we mistake no response for the “answer no.” In actually most times people are so busy that perhaps they missed or never even saw that one email, so rather than stopping or being consumed by frustration, follow up when trying to connect with others.
The second type is one I like to call “Misunderstood Hard Nos’. Using the same example above, have you ever gotten an email that said, “I’d love to work with you, but No.” Sometimes we mistake this no for rejection, a reflection on the quality of our work or size of our operations, but most of the time all these false assumptions are in our heads. People say no for a million different reasons, so don’t always assume its all about you. Further more, realize that they aren’t saying no forever, just for right now. Think about other opportunities or offers you could post to them in the future. Give it some time and try a follow up periodically.

For both of these scenarios it is important to understand that a friendly follow Up can often times open up doors you thought were closed. Build up your confidence to work through those no’s because when you get a yes, it will change your world! – LaShanda Henry


Do you agree or disagree? Do you have another mistake that we can add to this list? Be sure to leave a comment below, so we can continue this conversation about mistakes women entrepreneurs are making today.


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  1. rahima123 says:

    One mistake women entrepreneurs make is trying to keep up with other people business. Focus on your own business by being Productive.

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