5 Ways to Build Your List Online and Generate More Traffic

To thrive online you have to understand what all the big fuss is about as far as creating a web business, blogging, social media, networking, etc. Understandably everybody wants to do this stuff, but half of the people don’t know why they want to! So they are half-assed trying to do a whole lot but not making anything happen. Here is the thing about web businesses, they are intriguing and imitating at the same time. The size of the internet and idea that all things are possible makes it so intriguing. But when you start to market yourself and work through the competition, it becomes very intimidating. The thing is most people THINK that because the internet is so big, the key to making money is promotional pitches and lots of advertising. Yes, that stuff works but not as much as everybody thinks. The secret to working the web is NOT reaching more people, but reaching the right people.

Here are the best 5 Ways to Reach the Right People Online :

1. Start with Your Base however small; learn how to cater to your existing customers to bring in return sales and referrals. I don’t advertise half as much as most because I get amazing referrals. Also remember that people can’t see you, so you’ve got to start with those who trust you. Focus on your base and do not neglect.

2. Analyze your base so you can create an effective niche marketing campaign to reach more people similar to the ones in your base. When I realized my base was black women, I learned how to build my own buzz by targeting this market. Analyzing the marketing strategies of competitors is a great way to figure out how they reach your target so that you can do the same.

3. Start to Build a Business Blog; it is a great place to start building a following and your list. What I love about blogging is this: People found me from my blog. Your blog is your free self-made newspaper. In your niche for blogs can help you generate: ad revenue, new marketing, and expert credibility. Blogs are syndicated like tv and radio, so people can find you from all over the world. I love that my blog markets me while I sleep and then when I write great articles they help to build my credibility. Remember, folks have to buy what you say before they will buy what you sell.

4. Take your blogging to level two with social media tools like twitter, feedburner, mybloglog, etc. Click here to learn more about blogging and social media marketing.

5. Work the Social Networking Scene. I build my list through social networking websites every day. It is truly free marketing at its best.

You have to build your list online. And your list by the way is your database or email list of customers, potential customers, and business associates. If you haven’t already done so, join BusinessWomenofColor.net so that you can listen to our List Building Audio Training Sessions and download my Report on the Top Lists you should have online AND offline.

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