5 Different Types of Blog Posts Every Entrepreneur Should Have

5 Different Types of Blog Posts Every Entrepreneur Should Have

99..9 % of my business comes from people who find me online, mainly via my blog content. As someone who actively blogs for business, I personally believe that all blog posts are not created equally. There are 5 different types that every web entrepreneur should have; each meant to enhance your business in completely different ways.

Credibility Content
I often tell my clients, before people will buy what you sell they have to buy what you say. One of the best ways to prove you are an expert in your field is to write Credibility Content; great blog posts that show off your experience and knowledge. I personally have a short list of topics including ‘Blogging for Business’, ‘Information Entrepreneurship’, and ‘Marketing and Sales’ that I write about all the time as a way to build my credibility among people searching for the kinds of products and services that I offer. Create your own short list of topics that you love to talk about and turn them into in-depth series you can share in the form of written blog posts, video blogs or even podcasts. Credibility Content helps you brand yourself in specific areas that you want to be known for and attract potential customers looking for people like you.

Continuity Content
If you really want to keep your existing customers coming back and drive a steady stream of regular traffic to your website, blogging once a month or every now and again simply won’t do. Continuity content can best be described as short pieces you can create quickly, even on a busy schedule that serve to engage your community on a consistent basis. From posting quick quotables and tips to sharing guest posts and great content you find online, you want to get into the habit of regularly adding information to your blog. Successful entrepreneurs do things differently. While average folks struggle to throw up a few posts when they can find the time, successful entrepreneurs with the biggest lists and best traffic, almost always have content-rich blogs that people love to share and browse through all the time. Continuity content helps you build relationships, brand loyalty and transform your business into digital media publication, which helps to take your brand visibility to a whole other level. Keep in mind that continuity content doesn’t always have to be long or perfectly polished. The key here is that you are adding value on a consistent basis, which is something people respect and will grow to expect from your brand. Creating a content-rich base is one of the best ways to become known as a key influencer in your field.

Click Through Content
While continuity content is great for consistent traffic back to your website, click through content is where you new traffic lies. For me click through content basically describes amazing blog posts that either you or your team write. In between posting short content for the sake of continuity, you also want to take the time to write amazing, detailed, well thought out articles that address major problems your potential clients need help with, trending topics in your industry and popular topics covered by your competitors. Essentially you want to write about the things your ideal clients, media publications and PR agents are actively searching for. You never know when your best posts might get noticed by a huge media platform online and provide you with more traffic than you ever imagined. At the time you want to get into the habit of researching the most popular content your competitors write about and rewrite those same articles in a way that’s even better. This is actually one of the best ways to add yourself to popular conversations being had by key influencers in your industry and take advantage of their best sources of blog specific traffic. These are the kind of great SEO posts that help to get you (10x) ten times more shares, comments major traffic, which in turn helps you generate spikes email list sign ups, social media new followers and sales.

Customer Attraction (CA) Content
Acquiring new traffic, new subscribers and new social followers via amazing click through content is wonderful, but it doesn’t exactly pay the bills or pad your bank account. In other words, if your blog is full of great helpful information, but you never sell anything, you’ll end up with a nice list of subscribers and no real customers. As you develop those great information packed posts, don’t forget that you are running a business, which means you should be proactively blogging for business by creating content that attracts customers. Customer Attraction Content is chock full of lead magnets (awesome free opt-in offers), compelling sales copy and clear calls to action that motivate people to try and ideally buy the items you offer. You should get into the habit of regularly posting seasonal promotions, exclusive deals for your subscribers, event invitations, webinar trainings, details about new and featured offers, customer reviews, product photos, client testimonials and sneak peaks of products and projects you are working on as a way to get people excited about working with you.

Cashflow Generating Content
Client attraction content best describes blog posts you create to sell your stuff, while cashflow generating content are blog posts that you monetize and directly generate money from. Over the years I’ve sold sponsored post and featured link opportunities to advertisers interested in my blog. And I’ve also divided the posts on my blog into freemium content that the public can see and premium content that my members pay for. By charging advertisers to post on your blog and offering private posts via a membership subscription program, you can directly monetize your blog content in addition to using your blog as a platform to market your business.

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After reading this piece, I have 5 questions that I want you to ask yourself:

  • Do you want to build your credibility online?
  • Do you want to build your relationship with readers via continuity?
  • Do you want to drive more traffic to your website by using amazing search engine optimized articles that media publications, pr agents and your ideal clients are searching for?
  • Do you want to build your client base by attracting new buyers with compelling offers that you share on your blog?
  • Do you want to want to increase your profit potential by monetizing your blog in addition to using it as a marketing tool?

If you answer yes to all of the above then I’m going to assume you now understand why I believe all blogs are not created equally and these are 5 types of essential posts every entrepreneur should have.

Happy Blogging! -LaShanda Henry.