5 Basics to Boosting Your Business Online (audio)

What are some of the essential things you should be doing to build your web business buzz, visibility and sales?

The hardest part of my job is working with women who have great business ideas, wonderful products and services, but no buzz!

Your business can’t survive or even successfully thrive without people who not only want to purchase your offers but share them with the world.

Inside my latest Jumpstart Your Business Call I talked about:

The 5 Key Elements Your Website Should Have

The Importance of Creating a Community Around Your Business – You can’t sustain a business if you are the only person promoting your products and services.

The idea that “Givers Get Customers” you have to consistently and strategically give of our time, knowledge and resources as a way to build customer relationships and brand trust before people will buy from you and share your business with others.

Real Time Social Media Marketing Strategies are essential to communicating your brand relevance, visibility and customer interest on a regular basis. Its almost impossible to stay in business if people aren’t always aware that you are around.

Joining Niche Specific Online Marketplaces is also essential as it important for you to be where your customers are. Them finding you via search engines or you handing out your business card is just apart of the process. People need to be able to find your online business, similar to how they walk through a mall or local shopping plaza and find local businesses in the real world.

Listen to TeleClass Replay Below:

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