C your way to success with clarity, confidence and powerful connections. I’m sure you are long overdue for a few quality conversations with qualified women passionate about your success. If you are a highly-driven woman, entrepreneur, creative, coach or service professional who is ready to jumpstart her vision let’s talk about how you can get the help you need and start making serious power moves without breaking the bank.


Speak what you seek, until you see what you said. Be heard, nurtured, understood and supported by women who know exactly what you need to grow because they’ve been where you are. Break away from overwhelm and burnout, so that you can finally breakthrough to your best you. It’s time to stop spinning your wheels and start really living your dream.

Let our power circle become yours. We are ready and waiting to love on you while showing you exactly how to activate your vision on your terms.


Start having the right conversations with the right women in the right circle. 47 Power Moves, your ultimate guide to your next best step, is divided into nine sections with 47 30-Minutes to 90-Minute videos that are going to help you change your life and how you do business online. 40+ hours of transformational videos and stories from game changing women are just a click away. Get your guide today and watch any videos you please, instantly, online and anytime.

Set Yourself Up for Success

Remind youreslf that your next move is your best move. Our power circle wants to help you actualize your vision with clarity, confidence and determination. Each expert lead video presentation has been carefully crafted so that you are better prepared to get up and take action. The key to power moves is movement, so let us help you prepare to make the right moves and move mountains.

5 Smart Ways to Create Your Own Opportunities and Fast Track Your Success
Presented by LaShanda Henry

Spiritpreneur! Spiritual Business Success Principles
Presented by Abiola Abrams

Create, Activate and Actualize a Vision For Your Success
Presented by Lucinda Cross

You are Good Enough
Presented by Renee Syler

Purpose Driven: Eliminating All Excuses in Your Life
Presented by Carla Cannon

Set up Your Wealth Building Masterplan
Let’s talk about the steps you need to take to make better financial decisions in your life while working towards creating wealth for you and your family. Each expert lead video presentation has been carefully crafted to help you identify your financial goals and discover practical solutions that will help you achieve those goals in life and in business.

The Seven Wealthy Habits of Successful Entrepreneurs
Presented by Deborah Owens

The Money Mogul Map
Presented by Dr. Venus Opal Reese

Live Richer
Presented by Tiffany Aliche aka the Budgetnista

The Millionaire Mindset: How to Acquire and Protect Your Wealth
Presented by Carol Sankar

Your Health Is Your Wealth
Presented by Lisa Marie Goodson

Setup Your Online Business Ideas List

Let’s talk about monetizing your magic and tapping into your profit potential. Each Power Circle expert has carefully crafted a session that will help you explore different ways you can make money online and take advantage of alternative revenue streams to supplement your income.

Smart Ways to Make Money Online
Presented by LaShanda Henry

Profit On Auto Pilot Subscription Box Programs
Presented by Tara Jefferson

5 Steps for Turning Your Old Ideas Into New Income
Presented by Akilah Richards

Using Information Videos to Build a Health & Wellness Businesses Online
Presented by Lisa Marie Goodson

How to Make a $1000/Month in Your Business
Presented by Rosetta Thurman

Get Paid to Teach
Presented by LaShanda Henry

Setup Your Social Media Marketing Campaigns

Let’s talk about SMART ways to build your brand and online tribe via the right social media channels. Each Power Circle expert has carefully crafted a session that gives you exclusive access to their best social media success secrets. No entrepreneur is an island. You will need the support of fans and followers online to help your business grow. Get it the know and start taking your social media efforts to the next level today.

5 Steps to Fire Up Your Social Media Marketing Campaigns
Presented by LaShanda Henry

Fire Up Your Facebook Marketing
Presented by Sharvette Mitchell

How to Build A Kick-Ass Tribe With Facebook Groups
Presented by Aprille Franks-Hunt

Social Media Power Tools For Your Business
Presented by Keisha Lewis

Using Social Media to Boost Your Business
Presented by Dawn Fitch

Supercharge Your Videos For Social Media
Presented by Tanya Smith

Setup Your Networking, Marketing and PR Exposure Efforts

Let’s talk about your business and brand visibility. Business cards and social media profiles are just the beginning. Each Power Circle expert has carefully crafted a session that explores how they were able to strategically network offline and use smart marketing online to gain the kind of PR exposure that helps build media buzz, credibility and takes you to key influencer status. Find out what media is looking for and how you can do more to land your next television, radio, or magazine interview or even a feature in one of the many online publications looking for talented people like you.

Do Business like a BOSS: How To Build and Leverage a Powerful Network
Presented by Cameka Smith

More Media More Money
Presented by Jai Stone

How to Go From Unknown to A-List and Launch Like a Superstar
Presented by Pam Perry

Content Branding Strategies to Boost Visibility
Presented by Tanya Smith

Socialize to Monetize
Presented by TaShan Parks Twyman

Setup Your Book Publishing and Promotion Projects

Let’s talk about the business of books. Each Power Circle expert has carefully crafted a session that helps you learn more about publishing and promoting your book online. Should you find a traditional publisher or try self-publishing? Should you focus on print or digital? Should you promote your book after it is finished or before? You’ll find answers to these questions and much more are inside the books, buzz, and business training sessions of our Back to Business Power Moves series.

Think Like a Bookpreneur
Tieshena Davis

Six Costly Mistakes Self-Publishers Make
Presented by Rochelle Carter

How to Get a Book Deal
Presented by Kimberly Seals Allers

Recognizing Your Purpose and Executing It:
How writers can launch a book and stand out from the rest
Presented by Tamika Newhouse

The Literary Entrepreneur’s Toolkit
5 Social Media Platforms Authors Should Explore
Presented by Tyora Moody

Setup Your Profitable Business Plan

Let’s talk about your business profit potential. Did you know that if your business doesn’t make a profit after the first three years, IRS will consider it a hobby and not a business? We want to make sure that all your passion projects are profitable. Each Power Circle expert has carefully crafted a session that will help you crunch the numbers and better understand what it takes to build a thriving, profitable business online.

5 Steps to a Profitable Online Business
Travel and Work from Anywhere in the World
Presented by Rosetta Thurman

Build a Million Dollar Business
Presented by Richelle Shaw

The Anatomy of a Six Figure Blog Business
Presented by Ronnie Tyler

Reaching the Six and Seven Figure Level
Presented by Dr. Venus Opal Reese

Becoming a Pricing and Profit Powerhouse
Presented by Katrina Harrell

Hobby to Profitable Business
Presented by Carla Cannon

Setup Your Get Back on Track Agenda

Let’s talk about overwhelm, fear, failure and the challenges of life. It’s important to never lose sight of your dreams, not matter how many obstacles life throws your way. Each Power Circle expert has carefully crafted a session that will help you navigate the struggles of today, so you can recharge your batteries and create “Next Step” agendas to get your personal and professional goals back on track.

Take Back Control of You Entrepreneurial Journey
Presented by LaShanda Henry

Get Unstuck, Be Unstoppable
Presented by Valorie Burton

5 Ways to Follow Your Own Personal GPS System
Towards a Life (and Biz) Filled with Gratitude, Passion and Success
Presented by Speaker Kim Coles

How to turn around ANY business in 100 Days or Less
Presented by Richelle Shaw

Reclaim Your Business: CEO Secrets
Presented by Quanisha Smith

Super Effective Secrets to Streamline Your Business
Presented by Tanya Smith

Setup Your Sponsorship and Investment Capital Initiatives

Let’s talk about business capital. Each Power Circle expert has carefully crafted a session that gives you exclusive access to the strategies they’ve used to attract sponsors and investors along with working capital loans. At some point you may need outside support to fund your business projects. Learn from these established business professionals who have successfully acquired the kind of funding that just might be perfect for you too.

Adding Sponsorships to Your Revenue Streams
Presented by Stacey Ferguson

Stop Hustling Start Investing
Presented by Carol Sankar

3 Secrets to Crowdfunding: Get Money for Your Business
Presented by Evita Robinson and Arielle Loren

Startup Capital Vs Working Capital
Presented by LaShanda Henry

Grab Your 47 Power Moves Now


The 47 Power Moves guide is the just the beginning. I want to make sure that you can also claim your seat inside our annual Back to Business Virtual Conferencein October, plus the session replays as well as 30-Days in the Fire Starter Circle Mastermind. You might want to grab these virtual goodies too for additional trainings, accountability and support.

Back to Business is the ultimate virtual series for serious sisters in need of real talk business training, mentorship and direction around money, marketing, and sales. My team of experts includes successful “Six and Seven Figure Sisters” who understand where you are coming from and can provide you with the right steps to get to where you want to be.

The 47 Power Moves guide includes forty-seven virtual training sessions. This video-based series features 36 SistaSense Power Circle Experts and we are all passionate about seeing you succeed. Our goal is to help you fast track your web business growth with clarity, connections and confidence. We want to give you the right tools to move beyond all things that might be holding you back, so you can power through to your best you. From building your business to your best self, using technology to smart marketing solutions, we are going to explore essential aspects of starting and maintaining successful businesses online and across the globe.

You are literally getting hundreds of dollars worth of our BEST personal and professional business training sessions and access to the BEST live virtual event for women entrepreneurs and one month of mastermind time for less than $100 bucks! This is priceless. An absolute must-grab now before early registration ends and this price goes up.

Grab Your 47 Power Moves Now

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