3 Best Kept Traffic and Sales Secrets (video)


Inspired by my latest Blog for Business 3 Hour Workshop, I decided to host this Google+ Community Hangout to share My #Truth: For the past 5+ years my blog – SistaSense.com – has been my #1 “Build My Business at Home” Marketing Tool. Your blog can absolutely work wonders for your business, but you have to know how to use it correctly.

Personal experience has taught me 3 truths about blogging:
-To get your ideal results You Don’t have to Blog Daily, but Strategically
-Effective Blog Marketing is all about Working Smarter NOT Harder
-You Don’t Need Thousands of readers to Generate Thousands of Dollars via your Blog

What ladies are saying about this training sessions:
Excellent tips and points. I think we all get caught up in “more” and then when we can’t reach it we feel defeated. Thanks for letting us all know its ok to be human and a one-woman show. Quality is the main key, remember that and my Sista YOU bring quality on a consistent basis. -Carol D

LaShanda, You are a real example of being a great mentor and taking a real personal interest in your followers. In the fall, I’m looking forward to working more closely with you. -Robin W

Click here to find out how you can get access to the Blog for Business 3 Hr Workshop replays.

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